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American Congress for Truth
Conservative   (contact info for all U.S. Congress members and state governors)
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  • The second anyone in the West talks about implementing Sharia, they are committing an act of sedition against their sovereign nation - Civilus Defendus
  • Liberal governments believe that Muslims can be appeased by paying tribute in the form of victory mosques, and allowing them to burn our flags, but all it does is make them disrespect us. They hate the hawks for being ready to war against them and they hate the doves for being so cowardly - Tom Hough

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Comment by Philip Smeeton on June 22, 2017 at 13:30

Sounds like racism and self-segregation to me. If Jefferson had been allowed to return all of the slaves to Africa, America would have had one less problem.

Blacks and whites are supposed to be integrating, but as far as I can see they are becoming more and more polarized.

No one learns from reality and history; the Mexicans retained their own culture and language and the Muslims will of course be far worse. With everyone hating the Whites that built America I do not think that it deserves to be called the "United" States anymore.

Comment by Philip Smeeton on June 20, 2017 at 16:02

"The Muslim heroes that return from the just war conducted against the infidel in defence of the noble and peaceful Religion of Islam".(Allahs blessings and peace be on them).

It is possible to take away their citizenship so that they cannot return, if our lawmakers had the balls to make laws that actually protect us. One law would be enough; Ban Islam, anyone practicing Islam and calling themselves Muslim to lose any right to live in the UK or US and be deported without right of appeal to a Muslim country of choice. Call it the Smeeton Law because it is the first law I would pass.

Comment by Antony on June 20, 2017 at 6:57

re the miserable specimens of womankind who fall for islamists such as the one below and the "White Widow" etc - they really ought to be prosecuted for bestiality.

Comment by Alan Lake on June 20, 2017 at 4:17

What is up with these crazy women, falling for ISIS fighters, emigrating to Syria, then coming grovelling back to the West saying they "made a mistake" and "its not as nice as I expected". Loonies.

An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance traveled to Syria in 2014 and married a key ISIS operative she had been assigned to investigate, CNN has learned.

The rogue employee, Daniela Greene, lied to the FBI about where she was going and warned her new husband he was under investigation, according to federal court records.
Comment by Philip Smeeton on June 19, 2017 at 11:39

Comment by Philip Smeeton on June 19, 2017 at 11:37

Deputies: Man Armed with ‘Assault Rifle’ Allegedly Threatens Ex-Girlfriend, She Kills Him

We have to put more guns into the hands of women, especially on our streets.

Comment by Philip Smeeton on June 19, 2017 at 11:32

NY Times Op-Ed: Deport Americans, Invite Migrants

I have to question whether it is my mentalit that is warped when I read stuff like this- deport Americans and replace them with Migrants (that are mostly Muslim). The Palestinian President called the killing of three Muslim terrorists (after they had attacked Israelis and murdered a female police officer) a war-crime. On thinking, I am absolutely certain that my powers of reason are intact and that the leftist liberals and Muslims are delusional and exist in an alternative reality. They make me feel normal and sane.

StraysAbound LuckyStrike8 hours ago

OK, folks.

I agree with the NYT.

Let's begin with deporting NYT lock, stock and barrel.

Next, we deport Hollywood.

Then, let's finish the job, by deporting ALL American LIBERALS, COMMUNISTS, RINOS, DEMOCRATS and SOCIALISTS.

Finally, after all that is done, seal the borders and ports.

After that America will be great again -- by default.

Comment by Philip Smeeton on June 19, 2017 at 10:07

Sooner or later the whites will have had enough and react, and we will win in a violent conflict. Meanwhile we still have a chance to save the situation by voting for the right people who will restrict immigration and increase deportations. This is a racial conflict, pure and simple. Ignoring this reality worsens the situation.

Comment by Antony on June 19, 2017 at 7:31

Oncoming racial doom - the oncoming clash of cultures ;

Comment by Philip Smeeton on June 15, 2017 at 16:37

Immigration and Islam is what destroyed our culture.


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Muslim Terrorism Count

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Mission Overview

Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

Islam, operating at the micro and macro levels, is unstoppable by individuals, hence: "It takes a nation to protect the nation". There is not enough time to fight all its attacks, nor to read them nor even to record them. So the members of 4F try to curate a representative subset of these events.

We need to capture this information before it is removed.  The site already contains sufficient information to cover most issues, but our members add further updates when possible.

We hope that free nations will wake up to stop the threat, and force the separation of (Islamic) Church and State. This will also allow moderate Muslims to escape from their totalitarian political system.

The 4 Freedoms

These 4 freedoms are designed to close 4 vulnerabilities in Secular Democracy, by making them SP or Self-Protecting (see Hobbes's first law of nature). But Democracy also requires - in addition to the standard divisions of Executive, Legislature & Judiciary - a fourth body, Protector of the Open Society (POS), to monitor all its vulnerabilities (see also Popper). 
1. SP Freedom of Speech
Any speech is allowed - except that advocating the end of these freedoms
2. SP Freedom of Election
Any party is allowed - except one advocating the end of these freedoms
3. SP Freedom of Movement
The government can import new voters - except where that changes the political demographics (i.e. electoral fraud by means of immigration)
4. SP Freedom from Over-spending
People should not be charged for government systems which they reject, and which give them no benefit. For example, the government cannot pass a debt burden across generations (25 years).
An additional Freedom from Religion is be deducible by equal application of law: "Religious and cultural activities are exempt from legal oversight - except where they intrude into the public sphere (Res Publica)"

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