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Female Genital Mutilation in the UK - a hidden world


About 20,000 children in the UK are "at risk" from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) every year.

The practise has been illegal for many years, but unlike in France there has never been a single prosecution of those who continue to practice it.

In an interview for BBC Newsnight, Commander Simon Foy from the Metropolitan Police's Child Abuse Investigation Command, said he was "not sure that the availability of a stronger sense of the likelihood of being prosecuted will necessarily change it for the better."

Sue Lloyd Roberts's film contains disturbing images and graphic descriptions about female genital mutilation.

Watch Sue Lloyd Roberts's second report about FGM on Newsnight on Tuesday 24 July 2012 at 2230 BST on BBC Two. Or catch up afterwards on BBC iPlayer or the Newsnightwebsite.

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They are starting to discuss it - albeit with a lot of dodging and fudging of the issue.

They try to say that its an African thing, and try not to mention Islam.

They let the men and women dodge responsibility by saying its up to the other side - so in the end it seems like nobody is actually responsible for this crime, or even wants it.  Yet the young girls still get cut somehow.  Strange that, isn't it?

Last week on Radio 4 the head of the CPS in England and Wales said he was concerned about this issue and will be looking into it.  However, prosecutions and convictions for domestic violence have improved in the last five years. 

Yes its nice to know that FGM is so far up the CPS's  arse list of prioritys. In the past 10 yrs theres been over 20,000 prosecutions for motoring offences. Yet not a single court appearence for someone who has illegaly proformed FGM. That has got to be a crime in itself.

This is the true price we pay for muti-culturalism. We have a group of immigrants and their offspring living as though they are still in their ancestrial home.  By not making any arrests our legal people have been failing to do their jobs. Our govenment are also to blame. The whole legal and parlimentary system is failing, it has become spineless as well as rudderless, the people of this country believed they deserved better.

Britian is being engineered for the future. A future none of us were given a chance to talk about, vote for, or even prepare for. Dispite all the talk about europe talking control of this country and imposing its will, not a single leader has done a thing to stop it. We have for over 30 yrs been falling into the abyss that is the socialist state of europe.

We were told not to have children, while the 3rd world produced ever increasing numbers of children, which are now  struggling to find food water or work. They see we have plenty, what did we think they'd do?

This country will change over the next 30yrs, and it will not be for the better. We never asked, or insisted that those that come to these shores tried to improve things, we just opened the doors and said come in. Our stupid leaders thought the immigrants would just become british in some magical catipillar to butterfly  transformation as they entered Britian.

In 30 yrs time the british population will be old, defencless and defeated. You can see the adverts on TV can't you.

Who will give £3 a month to save this poor old british git, Who was to stupid to take care of his future when he had the chance.

FGM should be stopped NOW. Those who do it should be sent back to their country of origin, if they go abroad to have it done don't let them back. Blah Blah Blah. Why do i bother even getting upset by it. The law is now crippled by political correctness, its not going to change, we have become a pathetic week country, limping along slowley to our demise. 

Eighty years on and still no justice for British girls subjected to female genital mutilation

By Julia Manning


As long ago as 1932, the MP Colonel Wedgwood (direct descendent of the famous potter) spoke in parliament on the 'horrible practice of female circumcision' that he had seen in Kenya and questioned any acceptance of 'their customs...their cruelties'. It’s a practice that involves the partial to complete removal of a girl’s external genitals which inevitably has a severely damaging impact on her physical, sexual and mental health.

Eighty years later what have we got? Two laws banning female circumcision – more commonly known as female genital mutilation (FGM) – but no prosecutions despite significant evidence that thousands of girls every year in the UK are at risk of this abusive practice. 

Progress? There are now two laws banning female circumcision, otherwise known as female genital mutilation

Progress? There are now two laws banning female circumcision, otherwise known as female genital mutilation

Newsnight have featured two excellent programmes over the past two evenings on the abhorrent practice of FGM. Last night they had a group of teenagers in the studio who boldly and rightly asked Minister Lynne Featherstone why FGM is not seen in the same light as child abuse. They were right to ask. If parents were having their daughter’s ears cut off I can’t believe the Prime Minister himself wouldn’t be denouncing it from the dispatch box and ordering a judicial enquiry.

Standard procedure: In France, all girls have an annual health check which includes a quick look at their genitals by a medical professional

The Newsnight programme detailed the approach in France, where apparently there have been over 100 prosecutions for FGM. There, all girls have an annual health check which includes a quick look at their genitals by a medical professional. This approach was ruled out immediately by Lynne Featherstone, but as one of the teenagers put it, all women have smear tests which are a much more invasive check, so what would be the problem with a quick visual inspection on younger girls by a nurse?

More worryingly, when the discussion turned to girls being brought to England for FGM from other European countries, the Minister said that this was the first she had heard of it. Hasn’t she or her officials been reading the papers this year?

It seems quite clear to me that we need cultural change. The government need to get their act together, declare afresh that FGM is child abuse that will be prosecuted and direct some resources into investigation and prosecution. Any reports by health professionals or teachers of their concerns should be acted upon immediately. At the same time, community leaders in the UK need to establish new rites of passage for girls that don’t involve FGM but still initiate them into their culture and womanhood.  

These new rituals were reported on in The Lancet as long ago as 1998 and when in Kenya last month I came across several examples of faith-based rites-of-passage for girls that had replaced FGM.

The summer holidays are a prime time for FGM. Tory MP Jane Ellison initiated an excellent parliamentary debate on the subject just two weeks ago - it was a shame she wasn't on Newsnight. Girls, mostly from ethnic minorities, growing up in the UK are being betrayed if the government thinks that another discussion with officials in October is enough, which is what the Minister said she was going to do. Developing countries look to the UK and hear our talk of gender equality and intolerance of child abuse.

It will remain empty rhetoric and incredibly ironic if we are left wringing our hands over this barbaric practice while they replace it with humane, gender-affirming ceremonies for girls.

Usually the comments section at the Daily mail is open, but for this article it is closed.

80 yrs and still no end in sight to the problem. I'm not supprised that the dailymail turned off the comments section, because whenever this subject makes it to the news, the overwhelming response is one off outrage that this is allowed to continue, and that our govenment are so pathetic in their reaction. They do Nothing!!! its not that women HAVE to undergo FGM, its more a case of it cements our Dhimmi status in the Islamic world, and if we try to stop it and rise above our station, there will be outrage, there will be riots, there will be threats made and people killed.

We must not interfere with the islamic religion. We must continue to put up with it, or the fu**wits will smash our pathetic towns and citys to pieces.The religion of dribblling murderers must be allowed to brutalise  its followers, it must be allowed to throw acid in its daughters faces, it must be allowed to throw bone splintering rocks at womens heads, gays must have their necks streched in public for all to see. Public thrashings should be common place  in ever town and village as soon as is prudent. The govenment has to prove that multi- culturism is working, and is moving forward. Or the screeming  i slams will be calling everone an islamophobic racist.

the girls are getting groomed, halal is on the menue, the Mosques are getting built. The govenment is doing nothing. The law is doing the bare minimum to appease the public, but theres no stopping the move to the utopian ceespit that is the caliphate, because despite the evidence that is screeming in the face of this country, the people have given up. Too few people can see the cliff edge approaching.

This subject has been around for years and yet the Politicians  act like its a new thing. Give your kid a slap round the ear in sainsbury's. You'll soon find out theres laws out there to protect children. Cut their sex organs off not a peep out of the child protection nazis. What sort of message does that give out. Is it just a matter of severity. You can't slap a childs leg, but its ok to cut cliterous of. What about a tit? is that ok. This subject just drones on and on, year after year. just shows you how weak and feeble our laws are. And how prepared to beat their own people the govenment is, while leaving another whole section of society full reign to do as it likes, and commit crimes that the rest of us would go to prison for.


Of course, the BBC provides a list of "African countries" where FGM is performed.  No mention of how islamised those countries have been over the last 1000 years. See my additional data below this.

Female genital mutilation victim was 'aged just seven'

A girl of seven was the youngest victim of female genital mutilation (FGM) treated by the NHS in the past two years, according to new data.

Some 1,700 women and girls were treated by specialist FGM clinics but this masks a bigger problem says the NSPCC.

A UK-wide helpline to protect girls at risk of ritual cutting, practised by some African, Middle Eastern and Asian communities, goes live on Monday.

The victims "are hidden behind a wall of silence", said Lisa Harker of NSPCC.

The helpline is run by NSPCC child protection experts who have had training and advice from experts who work with women and girls who have undergone this form of ritual mutilation.

Extreme pain

The charity describes the practice as "illegal and life-threatening" and says that it results in extreme pain as well as physical and psychological problems that can continue into adulthood.

Female genital mutilation, sometimes known as female circumcision has been illegal in the UK since 1985 - but still continues in secret, often carried out without anaesthetic.

Some communities from parts of Africa and the Middle East, from both Muslim and Christian traditions, believe it is a necessary part of becoming a woman, that it reduces female sex drive and therefore the chances of sex outside marriage.

Sometimes girls are sent abroad to have it done. Sometimes it is done in the UK.

It involves the partial or total removal of the female genital organs, sometimes only leaving a small hole for urination or menstruation. The NSPCC says that victims are usually aged between four and 10 but some are younger.

Comfort Momoh, a midwife at Guys and St Thomas's Hospital in London, collated the figures from the specialist clinics.

She told BBC news that many women are not identified until they become pregnant and are examined by medical staff.

Others suffer recurrent urinary tract infections and abdominal pain.

"Many people are not aware they have had it done as it was carried out when they were babies."


The NSPCC says the free 24-hour helpline is aimed at anyone concerned that a child's welfare is at risk because of female genital mutilation, particularly teachers and medical staff, but they are also hoping that relatives will come forward.

They stress that callers can remain anonymous but information on children at risk will be passed to police and social services.

Ms Harker said: "There is also a huge pressure within these communities to keep quiet about female genital mutilation, with some people even being threatened with violence if they speak out.

"We want this helpline to be a safe space for families who are against their daughter having female genital mutilation but feel powerless to stop it. Anyone from these communities can speak to us to get advice and help about female genital mutilation without fear of reprisal."

Some 20,000 girls in England and Wales are thought to be at risk, according to government estimates, but there is a lack of accurate figures.

Ms Momoh hopes that another benefit of the helpline will be to "generate more robust information and data".

Crime prevention minister Jeremy Browne described the helpline as "a vital step towards eradicating this horrendous crime".

"It builds on the work we have already undertaken through our violence against women and girls action plan to raise awareness, identify potential victims and prevent this form of child abuse."

Det Ch Supt Keith Niven of the Metropolitan Police Service added: "This practice cannot be disguised as being part of any culture, it is child abuse and offenders will be relentlessly pursued."

Countries where FGM is most common

Name of country
Prevalence, 35-39 years
Prevalence, 15-19 years




















Sierra Leone






The above table is concludes the BBC's article.

The BBC are experts in misdirection and stating partial truths.  Here's the proportion of muslims in those countries.  They are almost all nearly entirely muslim. Eritrea is the only country listed which is minority muslim (39%) yet has pervasive FGM.  As we know from Tower Hamlets, a muslim population of 35% is enough to take over and thoroughly islamise an area.

Djibouti: 90%

Egypt: 93%

Eritrea: 39%

Gambia: 87%

Guinea: 69%

Mali: 93%

Sierra Leone: 50%

From that BBC article it turns out there are 1700 girls/women who were treated in "specialist" FGM clinics in Britain.

So, there are "confidential" FGM clinics all over the UK. It's not clear from the report below if enough details are ever provided to the police so that the parents can be prosecuted.

Ms Harker said: "There is also a huge pressure within these communities to keep quiet about female genital mutilation, with some people even being threatened with violence if they speak out.

And of course the Guardian reading Ansar scum will attack anyone who tries to raise these issues and defend these girls, to save their own pathetic necks.  They are all for Free Speech, except of course, when it may "offend" some cultural or ideological group.  Then any violence is fully warranted.  As on the BBC when the whole audience of chearp neo-fascists applauded the idea of Tommy's murder.

Information on FGM is continued in this forum:


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