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Date: 14 August 2015 at 15:40
Subject: NEW Facts from Hatune Foundation

Dear Alan,


During the summer we have continued the development of the Foundation. Today we also reveal some important facts concerning our results in the field.


  1. Since January 2014 the Hatune Foundation has freed 317 Christian and Yazidi girls from the hands of ISIS.


  1. Furthermore, the Foundation has been involved in 280 additional releases, together with partners.   


  1. 200 women and girls are now under professional care in Germany – but there are still thousands that need our help!


We have managed to make a short film about some of the girls from the Middle East who we have successfully brought to Germany, where they now live in a safe environment while they are trying to get back to life after their traumatic experiences as Islamic State captives.


To watch this heart breaking 4 minutes movie, click here


You can read the full story of Sister Hatune and the Foundation’s operations and activities in the Middle East and in Germany here:



Below is the latest letter from Sister Hatune written 8 of August 2015.



Dear Alan,


Here is the report from my last trip to the Middle East in July 2015:


But first of all, I want to thank all Hatune Foundation’s subscribers for their interests for our important work. I cannot thank you enough!


The trip began on  the 6th of July, but rather troublesome. At the Düsseldorf airport, I had to strip myself naked because of security concerns. Me, a little Sister 5 feet tall! As if this wasn’t enough, at the Istanbul Airport my bag did not pass the customs office, so I lost my computer, video camera and all other technical items. After that, I was glad to start dealing with the real issues – what I came for.


I stayed two days in Istanbul where my team and I was able to provide financial support to more than 400 people. I also managed to give some medical and psychologic support to 32 who really needed this.


After that, I went to east Turkey for a week, to Midyat, Batman, Diyarbakir and Mardin. We went to some Christian villages where we provided financial support, food, clothing and medicine. Many families asked me for psychological and spiritual help, which I am glad I was able to offer. Everything was very well prepared by our local NGO’s and other voluntary helpers.


After that, I went to the refugee camp Chanek in Iraq. 51.000 Yezidi families lives there, all together 500.000 people.


After I came there, many people with medical problems looked me up to see if I could help them. What I saw, however, exceeded my medical abilities. There was a woman with worms in her foot, that came out of large black holes. Children with black blisters in their faces, caused by flies. Flies, that infected the children, after they had spent several days with their dead relatives hiding from ISIS.


In short: the medical conditions there are catastrophic! What is needed there desperately, is a mobile clinic. You can read more about that here! Mobile clinic campaign.


After Chanek we went to the Sinjar Shingal mountains, the area, where, exactly one year ago, 80.000 Yezidis first were besieged by ISIS and then some few days later freed by Kurdish fighters.


13 Yezidi fighters covered me, as we went to the front lines. In 500 meters distance, three bombs exploded, but we all stayed unharmed. Right now, 30.000 Yezidi fighters are trying to stop the expansion of ISIS in this area. They live in 2000 tents, in open camps in the mountains. They get neither support from the West nor from the Kurds.


Then I went to two Yezidi villages at the Iraqi- Syrian border. More than 4000 houses are already destroyed there. I talked to a young Yezidi girl who was in the hands of ISIS for two months. Fourteen years old, she was raped five to ten times every day. She couldn't express what she had been through. "I was dead – killed – hundreds of times”, she said. She knew of many girls, that had jumped from a high rock to kill themselves, because they couldn’t live on with the shame they felt after all they had been exposed to.


This young girl and seven more are now safe in our custody. Some of them had been sold on the slave markets in  Mosul and Rakka, where many girls have been sold again and again. One of girls we now take responsibility for had been sold 11 times. Can you imagine?


My soul was shattered when I arrived Diyarbakir a couple of days later to fly back home to Germany on the 22nd of July. Dear friends, by the time you read this, I am already on my next trip, in the middle east.


In the meantime I was in Stuttgart with my Director and friend Hans Erling. Together with a German crew we interviewed some of the Yazidi girls that already are under treatment in Germany. We are now working on a housing project for the many girls to come. But more about that in a short while.   


Once more, thank you for your commitment and your support. Our many friends and volunteers are your guarantee, that your future donations are spent helping the most needy.


Without their engagement and without your support, I would be a bird without wings.


May Gods blessings be with you,



Yours Sincerely


Sister Hatune Dogan


Neuerweg 2
34414 Warburg

For all kind of questions or comments please contact:

Hans Erling Jensen

International Director
Hatune Foundation International


Byggmästaregatan 3
27575 Lövestad

Phone SE +46 707 85 57 50
Phone DK +45 31 51 20 46

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