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Women Victims of Kuffarphobia


Women Victims of Kuffarphobia

To protect women and society from abuse which is ideologically authorised, i.e. Honor Killings, Forced Marriage, Bigamy, Legal Sub-status, and Face Covering

The idea of the inferiority of, and need to suppress women, is bound up in the Islamic concept of Purdah.

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Comment by Indoeuropean on August 22, 2011 at 14:04

Dearest Heather,


I think that religious Supremacists can/could be easily debunked (if they just didn't have/manage all that Money -> and -> Wealth ...), since they usually (and nowadays) claim special Rights for themselves and they fight against (alleged) Discrimination(s) against themselves, ... while they do deny (same) special Rights to Others and they do discriminate against Others!!! I do not think one (we) need(s) a Dictatorship to make them ... understand/see ... such an obvious Thing/Inconsistency (of theirs). Well, then they should be free to decide (and let them Others free to do the same ...):


special Rights (to themselves and to Others) and no Discrimination (against themselves and against Others), or no special Rights (to Others and to themselves) and Discrimination (against Others and against themselves)? Again: if they just did not have/manage all that Wealth <- and <- Money that they do have/manage .... Eventually I see it very clear(er) today: the only Thing that matters, ON THIS EARTH, among (this) Humanity (understandably) is right that, what they (religious Supremacists) have [Wealth <- and <- Money]. It is the only way and this is the only Means to ... survive and live [on this Planet, within this (and other) Civilization(s). Actually, it has been so since always!].


Same goes for any "Party" or "political Mouvement" that eventually establish [all of them do so! That's historically proved, and there is no Reason to think that "for a same Cause (human Greediness) there might be different Results] a "priviledged Class", which suffers of (self Sense of) Supremacism and (Instict of) discriminating (against Others).


I agree with you, the Chart of human Rights misses his/her (needed) twin Soul, which is, the/a Chart of human Duties [which must not be like the so called Trieste Chart created by the Council for human Duties, since this simply is a Reformulation of the Chart of human Rights, nothing added, nothing more evolved, nothing completed, nothing worked out],


where human Duties should be actively listed [such as: Adults have the Duty to protect Children and not to abuse and/or exploit them for their own Enjoyment and/or Pleasure], or passively listed by adding something to already existing Articles (of the Chart of human Rights) [such as: adding something about Soustainability to Art. 12, Art. 16, Art. 23, Art. 25; and adding something about the Liberty to free lancing Teaching to Art. 26 (*)]. I can't really give up the Hope (for a better World/Future for Everyone)


[though I (too often) feel like giving it up], because I can't ignore the next Generation (...): anyway I fully understand you and your Desponency [there are very few enlightened human Beings on this Planet, and notably they do not manage the (Humanity's) Wealth <- and <- Money. Worst of all, those who manage it aren't enlightened at all (despite what they say/think to be).] Disastrous Results are there/here to be observed/seen!].


Loveliest Regards to you :-)


NOTE: (*) I'm supposed to live in a Place where there are the best Schools ... of the World (Nothing less than that!) but do you know what, when it comes to (public) Schools there appearently is enough Money to pay (enough) Teachers, therefore Kids are left ... (litteraly) sleeping since the (existing) Teacher do not have Time to take Care of them (and notably to teach them).


Instead of teaching Kids as much as possible (Kids do learn without Efforts: it's Youngs and Adults who difficultly learn, because their Brains are no more flexible as they were), and (the State <- Tax Payers) investing on the Kids (= future Generation, Future of Humanity, Future of the World), (Society <- Rulers <- Budget Managers) teach(es) the Kids as least as possible, because they (practically) prefer to invest in their own Salary/-ies [Director, Sub director, Mega director, Substitute of the Director, Co director, Director to be, ...], instead of investing in the Teaching and in [GLOBAL (here Globalization would be an absolute plus!)] (human) Education (Formation/Developement).


Not enough, they ("the State") forbids (!) free Lancing and Education is submitted to several Permissions [which are very hard to obtain]. Funny, isn't it? [And of course, we (Westerners) are supposed to go to the III. World and bring there Civilization and Education! The III. World is here, not (only) there!]


So, do you see? In the Country where there are the best Schools of the World ... Kids and People are stupid like the Sheeps, they are put to sleep instead of getting taught, and Money -> Wealth is used to fill the Pokets of the fews (few Adults) who manage the Power (private and public "Directors"), and therefore, I ask myself (as you probably ask yourself):


what should we expect (of good/better) from this (present) World/Humanity? [Not that exterminating it would change anything: it's (dis)human Greediness that must be changed, and for that no other Revolution is needed than a so called "inner Revolution", which might be called a "humanist (inner) Revolution", whose Principles have been ALREADY very well exposed by intelligent People such as: Jiddu Krishnamurti, (Mikhael Omraam Aivanhov and Osho Rajineesh), Daisaku Ikeda. Just to mention few (famous) of them.]

Comment by Heather Gilbert on August 22, 2011 at 7:38
To achieve a ban Indo, at best we would need a benign dictatorship to enforce it. Can you imagine the resistance of the religious people who are the worst supremacists on the planet?  As you rightly observe, humans find thousands of justifications for their damaging behaviour. What you or I may see as greed, others would see as self preservation. Human rights laws were probably well intentioned, but we see a flagrant abuse of these laws on a daily basis, benefitting the most criminal and most selfish people. I wish I had a glimmer of hope for the future, but I don't think anything other than a worldwide disaster will bring about any real change. Even then, we have very convenient amnesia.
Comment by Indoeuropean on August 22, 2011 at 7:11
Sorry, I add an Explanation: I talked about (self) Justification, and I say that you'll be amazed in aknowledging how many times "Religion" is used as such. [In the case of a (so to call it) atheist Belief like Communism, "Communism" self is the/that Religion (used as - self - Justification).] To rephrase most famous Animal Farm's "every Animal is equal, but some Animals are more equal than Others", (as - leftist or rightist - self Justification) one might listen to (or use it) another Sentence "every Religion (or religious Person) is equal, but some Religions (religious People) are more equal than Others" [which means: "the more equal" deserve (?) are worthy of (?) a better Life, a more comfortable Life, a higher Quality of Life, (more priviledged Life/Existance), ....] Sorry for adding that. That's what I (in a very orwellian way indeed) observed. Have a most beautiful Day and Life.
Comment by Indoeuropean on August 22, 2011 at 6:49
Dearest Heather, I think the Problem is much greater than that. I think a Ban must be set for everyone, notably for those who think: "I have Kids, I deserve to be rich, richer, richest" [which for the Kids is okay, but for the social Sustainability is not okay at all]. In my Opinion, the Problem is a WORLDWIDE very bad Management of the Richness (intellectual and matterial Resources and Products), WHICH DEPENDS ON HUMAN FEELING OF GREEDINESS, and in the WORLDWIDE Irresponsibility when it comes to SUSTAINABLE THINKING/BEHAVIOUR(S), WHICH DEPENDS ON HUMAN FEELING OF SUPREMACISM, which drives to Discrimination(s) (= many Priviledges for the/a Minority, and few for the/a Majority). Humans find thousand (or more) Justifications to ... justify ... such greedy and insustainable Thinking/Behaviour(s): BE THEM POOR(EST), BE THEM RICH(EST) [I got to directly observe both of them, therefore I talk out of personal Experience, which is whether leftist, nor rightist.] Loveliest Regards.
Comment by Heather Gilbert on August 21, 2011 at 19:58
I don't hold much hope for so called liberals agreeing to your proposed ban Indo, but I certainly agree with you
Comment by Indoeuropean on August 20, 2011 at 6:10

Genital Mutilation(s) without medical Reason(s) must be banned, both for Females and Males. Activists for basic human Rights (and basic Freedoms) have to fight against them and in favour of genital Integrity for both. Many Woman (as Dr. Psychologist Phyllis Chesler pointed out) internalized the discriminating Mentality against Women/Females [a part of later, unconsciously, seeking a sort of Revenge against such a mysogynist masculine Supremacism (...)], and for instance, they exult as the Result of their Pregnancy/-ies "it's a Boy!" [meaning that this is better than a Girl]. How cruel can be ... Parents ... and Adults, toward/against Kids: and this is just the Beginning of (a) Life <- no Wonder that Suffering is (still) a common Condition on/in today's (discriminating) World. Loveliest Regards.

Comment by Antony on August 19, 2011 at 20:06
"Female Genital Mutilation Is An Obligation" one for the feminists .....
Comment by Indoeuropean on August 19, 2011 at 17:33
It's very painful to see a Mother crying for her Daughter. What a Life (?) have these People? What a Hell. And/but ... the latest interviewed Woman says she has 7 Children. I mean ... s e v e n Children. And the Husband, as he was still alive, got a daily Salary and they had an handicapped Daughter. Why do these People give Birth to so many Kids, when they Life Condition is already - so to say it - not good enough? I know, now the Kids are there and deserve to be helped. But please: control yourself! Control your Birth Rate! Overpopulation already is a Reality and a Tragedy, why not taking a bit of self/human Responsibility, and not trying to do something to limit it (while granting a better Life Quality to existing Children/Humans)?
Comment by Alan Lake on August 19, 2011 at 13:26
Baghdad - City of Widows
And the widows are caused by insurgents and Islamists, but the MSM will make out that they're caused by US forces.

Comment by Albert Case on August 3, 2011 at 6:13

An Islamic Critique of the Rape Laws of Pakistan 
from a Woman-Sensitive Perspective


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