Apostate & Reformer Victims of Kuffarphobia

This room is for Muslims who try to moderate Islam, i.e. reform it, resist the drift to fundamentalism, or leave it. It also includes threatened sects like the Ahmadiyyas.

Anyone curious as to why Islamic Moderates are not more evident need only look at this room for an explanation - the Moderates get murdered very quickly.

  • Alan Lake

    Indonesian Muslim militia defends liberal and reformist Muslim author


    Members of Banser militia, of the Indonesian Shi'ite Islamist organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), recently defended Canadian-American author and Muslim reformist Irshad Manji from attack. The organization has said that Muslim leaders need to "practice" the "spirit of tolerance," rather than just talking about it.
    The NU has a complicated history. It was founded, in 1926, partly in response to the abolition of the Caliphate by Ataturk, and partly to unite Muslims against nationalism and communism. 

    Wahid described the NU as being "like Shiite minus Imamah [the belief that certain imams should interpret the Islamic tradition and guide the community]; similarly Shiite is NU plus Imamah.” 
    Indonesia is predominantly Sunni. As such, the NU represented a minority faith; and in recent years appears to have embraced the nation's minority faiths more broadly. 
    AsiaNews.it reports that events spaces and attendees of Manji's talks were regularly attacked. "Only during a speech at the headquarters of the Free Journalist Alliance in South Jakarta, were there no assaults, thanks," Asianews.it says, "to the intervention of members of Banser, the paramilitary group of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the Shiite Muslim movement that defends the country's ethnic and religious minorities."

    AsiaNews.it reports Aan Anshori, a member of the NU, as saying that the problem in Indonesia is that "the government is afraid of losing the support of Muslim fundamentalist groups," and, consequently, will not take steps against radical groups.  
    "If we look at the attacks on Irshad Manji," he says, "they were radical Islamists. In the book [s]he speaks of freedom [Hurriyah], Justice [Adalah] and social equality [musawwa]. Ideas that these groups do not adhere to."

    Kiai Hajj Husein Nuril Arifin, a Muslim leader of Semarang (Central Java province), also told AsiaNews.it, "True Islam supports the spirit of tolerance and love among human beings. With Christians, we believe in the same God The differences are in how we practice our faith: there is no reason to worry about those who exercise a faith different from ours. Muslim leaders should practice this spirit of tolerance, rather than just talk at seminars and conferences."
  • Joe

    The hate campaign in Pakistan against the Ahmadis reaches new heights - including attacks on children.


  • Joe

    Muslim politician revealed at his funeral that he had previously converted to christianity.  Why hide this?  Because of the repression/violence he would have endured had he told people earlier.


  • Joe

    Shiva noted this atheist being punished in Indonesia.


  • Alan Lake

    Just look at the figures.  The new forums above record 10 murders of moderate peace loving imams in Dagestan in the past year alone.  The total figure is, of course, much higher.  

    Is this the mythical protection of a 'Moderate Islam', that the Leftards gamble the future of this country, and the safety of its people, on?

  • Alan Lake

    Over one hundred people joined the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s hugely successful 5th anniversary celebration luncheon in London on 23 June 2012.

    Guests heard from philosopher AC Grayling, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, comedian Kate Smurthwaite, writer Gita Sahgal, singer/songwriter Shelley Segal, dancer Maryam Freeflower, DV8 Physical Theatre Director Lloyd Newson, and poet Lilith. Magician Neil Edwards also performed whilst CEMB founder Maryam Namazie gave the closing address.

    In his keynote address, AC Grayling said: '...The history of the world and not just the western world but of the world in the last 3-4 centuries has turned on the very crucial fact – the fact that there were people who had the courage to think for themselves...'

    Lawrence Krauss said: '...We are all ex-Muslims... it’s true in the sense that all of us are fighting ignorance and superstition and a world where policies are made and people are oppressed on the basis of these things...'

    Writer Gita Sahgal said: '...Council of Ex-Muslims is particularly important because it is dangerous to declare yourself having lost faith even in Britain and in fact in some places it is getting more dangerous. One of the reasons it is getting more dangerous is because ...there is virtually no support from any public source for people who have actually left their religion.'

    Photos of the event can be found here.

    The CEMB also received many wonderful messages of support and solidarity to mark its fifth anniversary, including from Richard Dawkins, Taslima Nasrin and Mina Ahadi.

    In her closing address, Maryam Namazie said: Whilst CEMB is many things to many people... it is first and foremost a challenge to political Islam. It is meant to shock and provoke. Throughout history that is how barbarity has been pushed back – not by tiptoeing around it, accommodating it, appeasing it, tolerating it but by facing it head on.' She went on to say: 'Pragmatism never changed the world but we intend to.' You can read her full speech here.

  • Antony

    Ayatollah sanctioned 20 000 murders ; http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/irans-srebrenic... - and the leftists,"anarchists" & Eurocrats still have'nt learned the lesson of how the islamists treat their allies once their useful idiots have ceased being useful.

  • Joe



  • Joe

    Pakistan's Ambassador to US threatened with blasphemy because she opposes blasphemy laws!  She could be executed if found guilty.  It's like something from Life of Brian (but without the humour).


  • Antony

    Humiliation of Palestinian refugees by their Muslim Arab brothers ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qJ31DyFH2E&list=FLWOkEnBl5TO4SC...

  • Antony

  • Joe

    In a profoundly symbolic gesture (hat tip Tundra Tabloids), which epitomizes the Catholic Church’s abject dhimmitude, high-profile Muslim convert to Christianity Magdi Christiano Allam, has renounced his Catholicism because of what he terms the Church’s weakness toward, and legitimation of, Islam.

    Allam, who will remain a Christian, reiterated his belief that Islam is inherently violent, to both its own votaries, and non-Muslims, and criticized The Church for lacking “the vision and courage to denounce the incompatibility of Islam with our [Western] civilization and fundamental rights of the person.”

    When Benedict XVI himself oversaw Magdi Allam’s public Easter 2008 conversion from Islam to Christianity, in St. Peter’s Basilica, the intrepid Mr. Allam clearly enunciated Islam’s defining bellicose intolerance, while extolling the Pope’s moral courage.


  • Antony

    Indonesian teens charged with blasphemy for dancing ; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/24/indonesia-teens-blasphemy-...

  • Joe

    10 Bangladeshi atheist/secular activists in London found on muslim murder hit-list. 


  • Joe

  • Antony

  • Antony

  • Antony

    Brunei makes propagation of non islamic religions illegal ; http://www.richarddawkins.net/news_articles/2014/2/14/-propagating-...

  • Joe

    At university, I had a boyfriend from Brunei.  He told me his entire family had converted to islam to escape the systematic discrimination which non-muslims endure there.  Once they'd converted to islam, his father was given a government job, and the government paid for my boyfriend to spend 7 years studying abroad.

    Making other religions illegal is probably a sign that they have managed to coerce most people into islam by now.

  • Kinana

    Iraq: Muslim cleric who stood against terrorism is gunned down


    Here yet again we see why there are not more genuine Muslim reformers. Sheikh Abdullah al-Hassan was murdered in Mosul; similarly, last year in Morocco SheikhAhmed Assid said: “To call [upon people] to follow Islam by the use of violence and constraint is an act of terrorism.” For that, he has been condemned, declared a non-Muslim, and threatened with death.

  • Philip Smeeton

  • Alan Lake

  • Philip Smeeton

    Memri is headquartered in Washington, otherwise they would all have certainly been killed. They have restored my belief that Arabs(Muslims) given freedom are just as capable and intelligent as anyone.

    They here give a fantastically precise description of Muslim behaviour and culture. Poor bastards those Muslims living in Muslim countries that have their minds open to reality.

    I am very thankful to these people because being white and saying the same I am simply dismissed as racist. 

    The message and the factual truth is that the cause of most of the woes of the Arabs and other Muslim peoples is ISLAM.

    and that the greatest problem that we have in the West is Muslim immigration.

    The solution reject Islam, oppose Islam, destroy Islam, make Islam impotent by, like these people, simply stating what Islam in fact is.

  • Philip Smeeton

  • Joe

    Firasat moved to Norway, but is being expelled back to Spain (where he faces deportation to Pakistan, and then execution).


    I wonder: was his recent/imminent arrival in Norway the reason why they were on a high-alert for terrorism and closed the airspace round Bergen?  Could it really be the case that this man is so dangerous to islam, that the Norwegian Quislings would respond like that?

  • Philip Smeeton

    Firasat is genuine, but there is a problem with false converts to Christianity, and Muslims will lie about just about anything.

  • Kinana

    'there is a problem with false converts to Christianity'

    The Spanish Inquisition was set up partly to address that problem.  

  • Joe

    Turkish ex-mufti.

    his main estrangement from Islam happened when he compared the Quran with other ‎religious books. ‎

    ‎”Then I realized how Muhammad transferred some of the writings of the Torah and Bible to ‎the Quran. I was so frustrated and angry. I could not live my childhood and youth properly ‎because of him. So many people can’t live properly because of him. So many people are ‎sufferers of his disasters."


    He was murdered by muslims who killed critics of islam, just as they were when  commanded by Mohammed in the 7th century.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Don't these twits know that Mohammed  cribbed from the Torah and Bible?

    They really do believe that the angel of Allah dictated a completely new scripture to Mohammed? It explains why Muslims are liars, telling the truth will get you killed. Of course Mohammed told them to lie anyway. I think they just choose to be offended because it gives them licence to be sadists.

  • Philip Smeeton

  • Philip Smeeton

    As far as I can ascertain from the internet, there are two sorts of Islam reformers; the ones that want a more moderate enlightened Islam, and the reformers that want a stricter version of Islam. And the ones that want a stricter purer form of Islam far outnumber the moderates. How do we educate 1.7 billion Muslims up to a level where they are willing to understand our version of the terms liberty and equality? They have their own interpretation of these two words. Surrender to the will of Allah and Muslim brotherhood.

    Mohammed specifically forbids reform:

    Quran 2:85: Do you, then, believe in some parts of the divine writ and deny the truth of other parts? What, then, could be the reward of those among you who do such things but ignominy in the life of this world and, on the Day of Resurrection; they will be consigned to most grievous suffering? For God is not unmindful of what you do.

  • Alan Lake

    Thanks Philip!  I've been looking for that proving Quran quote for a while :-)

  • Philip Smeeton

    Take a look at chapter two, the cow, and see what you can make of it.

    I know there is another passage somewhere that says that Muslims are not supposed to misinterpret his words, but I can't find it.

    2:78 And among them are unlettered ones who do not know the Scripture except in wishful thinking, but they are only assuming.

    2.99 And We have certainly revealed to you verses [which are] clear proofs, and no one would deny them except the defiantly disobedient.

    2:106 We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that We bring forth [one] better than it or similar to it. Do you not know that Allah is over all things competent?  (He seems to be contradicting himself here).

    The art of being a prophet is to make the message mystical and to give nonsense the appearance of meaning.

  • Philip Smeeton

    An example of Muslim reasoning and skill at playing the role of victim:


    Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth , (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” S. 9:29 Y. Ali

    This verse doesn’t ask the Muslims to do mindless slaughter as the media portrays or deceives.  It gives the Muslims the permission to fight only thosenon-Muslims who do not pay jizya – the state tax. And we all know that jizya is applicable only in an Islamic state. Neither India, nor US or Britain are Islamic states.  So to put this verse as an excuse for what happened there only shows how biased, unknowledgable and unfair the media is and it hurts us deeply.


    Coming back to the verse, now people might say isn’t it unfair that they have to pay the jizya tax? Not really. Since when is punishment for refusal to pay lawful taxes considered as terrorism? Also, the jizya tax is very cheap and affordable, and it grants the non-Muslim’s many benefits, benefits which even the Muslims don’t get! For instance, the non-Muslims who are paying jizya in an Islamic state are not obliged to take part in any battle or war, unless they themselves choose tothe Muslims do not have this choice. Muslims have to actually burn their asses out to protect both Muslims and non-Muslims living in their lands. Also if the Islamic state cannot grant protection to the non-Muslims then the non-Muslims are not obliged to pay the jizya tax, since Muslims themselves must meet expectations for the jizya tax to be implemented.  Also, Society today has no problem in paying taxes to the government, so therefore they should have no problem in paying a tax in an Islamic state either.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Shiites. Also on the Sunni death list.

    "As long as they have support, as long as they have funding, as long as the idea is there, how can you stop them?"


    The Islamists cannot be stopped, only isolated or executed. Like all other sadistic, psychopathic, homicidal maniacs.

  • Lee

    Is anyone in this group Muslim????
  • Alan Lake

    Probably not, but that's not a problem.  This room is for the protection of Muslims who are victims of Islam, because they try to leave it or reform it, just like all the other victim rooms.  It makes the point that its the ideology which is the problem, not the person.  So if someone abandons the fascist and discriminatory ideology of Islam, we welcome them back into the fold of humanity that supports equal human rights, and promote their protection.

  • Lee

    This is my problem I can't differentiate the person from the ideology
    I was actually talking to a guy about politics issues to do with the nhs to be exact
    I was in the sauna there were some foreigners their middle eastern possibly Muslim
    I referred to myself as ethnic English a few older guys eyebrows raised but they agreed
    we are know outnumbered its only a matter of time
    If any muslim person has/is being/been oppressed or subjected to violonce by his Faith why still consider yourself a part of that Faith
    I will never trust any of them Alan the time for sympathy and mercy is over they night the hand that feeds them they need to pick a side all this I want to reform unless their fighting along the peshmurga a don't believe them mate if their prepared to follow their faith after what Isis are doing in the name of it then they should defend it
  • Joe

    If christians across the west had been doing the kinds of things muslims have been doing these past 30 years, the vast majority would have abandoned christianity in shame - in fact, they'd be calling for it to be banned. But with muslims we see none of this.  There are so few ex-muslims, and the few there are mostly remain hidden, that we can disregard them.

    Like Lee, I think muslims are only separable from islam conceptually. In practice, it is they who implement islam (to a greater or lesser extent).

    There are so few "muslim reformers" that they are no more than what is known as "noise" in statistics i.e. they are found in such small numbers that they should be considered a sampling error.

    Even though Al Banna & Mawdudi & Khomeini were calling for jihad between 1920 and 1980, we saw no muslim jihad in the west then because they were so few in number.  Now that the UK is (officially) 5% muslim, we have approx 500 of them convicted of terrorism. Indeed, there are far more muslims convicted of terrorism than ex-muslims & muslim reformers combined.

  • Lee

    Exactly that Joe I for one would step away from Christianity if people were co.muting atrocities in it name in this day and age i wouldn't try and defend it in the least peace loving religion what love has it shown anyone its a joke if you call yourself a Muslim and follow Islam you are accountable by proxy raping women selling slaves wtf I just watched escaping Isis am so angry would have no problem executing members of Isis myself
    our government worries about people from England who go to Isis once you go to Isis you are the enemy you are a war criminal end of how many times have we heard war criminals say I was just following orders it's not a defence if it was we wouldn't have ever found one single Nazi guilty of war crimes
    these people are going Isis then wanting to come back because they don't like
    but while they were their they killed raped tortured and beaten innocent people in the name of Allah and Islam but they still continue to practice being muslim surely after witnessing what they say they have they would surely renounce their faith
    smells to me my advice be weary of every single last o e of em
    poor yazidis speechless
  • Joe

    Lee, you might also be interested to know, I've been in conversations together with Alan and with people who know all the "muslim reformers" in the UK intimately.  That person told us that not one of these reformers was a muslim - they are all ex-muslims. Yet they pretend to be muslims because

    1. they will be killed if they are honest 
    2. they are getting paid to pretend to be muslims
    3. no other muslims will listen to them if they are known to have left islam

    All of this will be revealed in the next 12 months or so.

  • Kinana

    Lee, i understand your position.  Muslims are taught by Islam to have a mind-set and to behave in ways that we would disagree with and even fight.  However, i know it is possible for individual Muslims to be ignorant of the teachings of the faith they claim to believe in.  For me the distinction between the teachings of Islam and individual Muslims is important.  The individual can change, but Islam cannot.

  • Lee

    Individuals can change yes i agree I watched a women last night who was being interviewed she was Isis police she admitted to beating and tortureing innocent people let's have it right she more than likely killed people but hasn't mentioned that oh but she changed know she seen the error of her ways tell you what love their s 50,000 a year in benefits and don't worry about it
    like a said if this is the way we deal with war criminals then Winston Churchill was a Cunt and all the Nazis that were jailed and executes after the war well we owe them some compensation and an apologie
    I agree with Joe Christians would not stand by Christianity this day n age if we behaved that way it's fucking diabolical as soon as something bad happens it's oh that's not Islam if a man punches some one in a football stadium he's a football hooligan ie he is representing football
    thesa pricks kill in the name of Islam and sharia law so their representing Islam end of
    Let me put it like this the German population stood by and watched the Nazis murder 6 million Jews only a small percentage .0001 probably actually helped the Jews
    these good Muslims if that s what we call them would act in the same way as the German population ww2 standing buy and watching atrocities happen your just as bad why coz you were scared so they didn't tell Nazis were Jew were hiding
    the French resistance wernt scared
    sorry mate you ask a yazidi would they trust a Muslim ?????? They all scum and their everywhere if a sound like a preaching hate am sorry but what am I expected to say after all this shit of them
    at least am honest and admit a preaching hate unlike them luring manipulative snakes in the grass murdering rapist child molestering fucking roaches
  • Joe

    "The individual can change, but Islam cannot."

    There is no islam without muslims. They are the hosts which carry this virus. In the UK they are free to leave islam. Every one of them who does not actively oppose islam helps to passively impose islam on the others.  And on us.

  • Lee

    A lot of influential people have said let these muslims go who want to live in the Islamic state and I agree in fact I go a step further forcefully send them if they don't convert to Christianity
    Isis at the end of the day govern Islam by sharia this is what Muslims want so send them to their utopia it's a logical answer that will stop ethnic Cleansing
    we just have to tighten our borders and make sure that no one from the Islamic state ever get back into the UK as they are extremely dangerous
    It's extreme I know but their is only one other solution ????????reform or go that's it
  • Tony Ashworth

    If great numbers of them started to reform then that would be a cloak for the ones who didn't. They would use it as a guise and still commit atrocities. If Islam wasn't an ideology of lies and deceit then I'd go with that idea myself Lee but bollocks to them all, it's not safe enough. The war has started, we need to finish it. I'm not waiting for thousands up on thousands of untrustworthy Islamics to start telling us they've changed their mind. Sod that.