Buddhist & Thai Victims of Kuffarphobia


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  • Philip Smeeton

    Sri Lanka.

    I heard a Buddhist monk a long time ago explain that being a Buddhist was not the same as a being a pacifist. There would have been no Buddhist countries if they had not defended themselves. They are not Hippies. In all cases Buddhist violence is a reply to Muslim aggression. (Any far-right violence in the West is a response to Muslim aggression and the betrayal of the West's leaders).
    "have used religion to justify violence" No they haven't they have defended themselves just like the Christians tried to in the Crusades. In Tibet it was the Buddhist monks that resisted and died fighting the Chinese invasion.
    "....Buddhism is somehow under threat," -this statement is a manipulating of the fact that Buddhism is really under threat, like us all, from the spread of Islam.
    "warped historical grievances have "collided with recent Islamophobia". -this is pure propaganda in defence of the "innocent" Muslims.
    Islam is invasive- "toppling ancient Buddhist empires in Malaysia and Indonesia and now threatening the same for modern Buddhist nations through jihad or high birth rates." -This is a typical strategy introduce historical facts and then dismiss them as irrelevant. Muslims have actually invaded lands and slaughtered opponents for centuries.
    There is no Muslim plot or conspiracy, the Muslims do actually want to destroy all other cultures and are quite open about their intentions.
    "ultra-nationalists" -now there's a badge to wear with honour.
    In this article you notice that any that oppose Islam are portrayed as villains. In Thailand it is the Muslims that are the troublemakers.
    "By labelling Muslims as adversaries to Buddhism, which historically has not been true,..." -this statement is a deliberate lie.

  • Alan Lake

    That Yahoo news article was so full of lying crap that I couldn't stand to read all of it.

  • Antony

    US-backed Proxy War Against China Rages in Myanmar ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaOd7UaJ5FY