Jewish Victims of Kuffarphobia

To protect Jews, whose 4 Freedoms are under particular attack

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  • Alan Lake

    Advice to the Israeli military from the Dreizin Report:

    (“GAZA SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR JEWS”, **NOT** A JOKE, FURTHER BELOW.) As I wrote on October 8th, bulk of Israeli ground force is not combat-capable, is lucky to be facing only Hamas for now, not Hezbollah. If you hadn’t already seen the Hamas drone video still from two days ago, of 15+ Israeli soldiers chilling in a shallow sandpit, today we have Hamas video of a fragmentation grenade air-dropped on group of 25+ soldiers all chilling idle, out in the open, bunched up within a ~4.5 meter radius; it appears that at least 3 were killed or crippled, probably more wounded less severely. VERY lucky that the grenade only hit the edge of the group. Also, last night overnight (Tues-Weds), we got news of an ASTOUNDING 13 Israeli casualties (9 dead, 4 wounded) in **ONE** armored vehicle (from the first-echelon Givati brigade) hit by an antitank missile or possibly a tandem-blast RPG. Per the Ukraine war, WHICH HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 20 MONTHS: In an environment saturated with precision standoff tools to destroy your vehicles, the absolute MAXIMUM acceptable bodies in or on one vehicle (including driver) is 8, but ideally and more commonly 4-6. 13 is a total AMATEUR CLUSTERF*CK. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, how bad the need to get on that vehicle, because it’s a deathtrap, it’s better they stayed put. In short… Disperse or die en masse. COMPLACENCY KILLS, just as it killed 1000+ southern Israel civilians who lived on the edge of a tiger pit, but didn’t believe in gun ownership because, hey, “We have an army.” I still CANNOT FATHOM THE SASS, PRIDE, CLUELESS ARROGANCE of a military that willfully refuses to learn ANYTHING from the one truly major, modern war of the last 40 years. (I CAN ONLY ASSUME THEY THINK RUSS/UKR ARE DUMB N*****S, WHILE THEY ARE THE MASTER RACE.) As I wrote on **OCTOBER 8TH**, this may work for Gaza but it will NOT work against Hezbollah. ISRAELIS TOOK ALMOST 3 WEEKS TO PREPARE FOR THEIR “BIG GROUND OP”… WHAT THE FOCK WAS THEIR INFANTRY DOING WITH THAT TIME???
  • Philip Smeeton
    Israel-Hamas War: Hamas’ DANGEROUS Ideology & Osama bin Laden’s DARK Letter Goes Viral | TBN Israel
    (Islam is the problem, and the islamic ideology that all Muslims believe in breeds terror and terrorists. As long as Islam exists we will have a problem with terrorism. The goal of Islam is to force through violence the whole world to become Muslim.)

  • Philip Smeeton
    Brigitte Gabriel's Epic and Brilliant Answer To "Most Muslims Are Peaceful..."
    (Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims).
    Who is the head of the muslim peace movement? LOL.