Jewish Victims of Kuffarphobia

To protect Jews, whose 4 Freedoms are under particular attack

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  • Philip Smeeton

    JERUSALEM — A Palestinian terrorist broke into a Jewish family home on Friday and murdered three Israelis in a brutal stabbing attack while the family was eating Shabbat dinner.

    The terrorist was reportedly shot by an off-duty Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier who heard the family’s screams from a neighboring house.

    I am expecting attacks like this in Europe soon, only we will not be so fortunate in that we have an armed and trained neighbour to come to the rescue.

    Next time there is a war I hope the Israelis empty Gaza and the West-Bank and incorporate these areas fully into Israel.

  • Udi Shayat

    Muslim Palestinians start a "war" in response to installing terror preventing detectors;
    Please forward as Yahoo News did not mention a word about following Muslim bad activities in Jerusalem area (24 hours after the murder of 3-4 innocent people):

    A terrorist infiltrated a house near Jerusalem and stabbed its occupants who were having a Shabbat dinner; he murdered 3: a 70-year-old grandfather and his son and daughter, in their thirties; the grandmother, aged 68, was badly wounded; he was then neutralized.  = = = = =

    A week ago- Three ordinary Muslims murdered two Israeli police men with machine guns (now they are 3 dead terrorists) ---

    Israelis installed detecting equipment to prevent more terror attacks- in response to it Muslims and Abbas (head of Palestinians) starting a "war"- Looks like Muslim want to be free to do more terror attacks in future without the detectors:
    Data articles are on:
    AND -- -
    link shows pictures of three Muslim terrorists in action, with lot of details (from intelligent sources)
    - Jordan’s intelligent tags Hizballah for Temple Mt. terror- DEBKAfile Special Report July 20, 2017,

    * The Israeli police Thursday, July 20, released a video tape (see on above link by Debka) recording the movements of the terrorists heading for the murderous attack they committed on Temple Mount six days ago, when they shot dead two Israeli border guard police officers. Palestinian response is:

    * Hundreds of Muslim worshipers arrive at Temple Mount compound, clash with Israeli security forces as tensions flare over Israel's decision to install metal detectors at site •

    * Palestinian Authority president asks U.S. to "intervene urgently." And decided to stop all kind of relations with Israelis authorities.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Praise to the off duty IDF soldier that shot the murderer before he could kill the entire family of ten.

  • Philip Smeeton

    This is weird. I looked it up on the net because I could not see why the MEME was anti-Semitic.

    The first character is Soros, the second a reptilian alien, the third an illuminati and the others Jewish opponents of Netanyahu.

    It is news to me that Jews are supposed to be part reptile, but I did know that the Illuminati are supposed to be controlling the destruction of the world. (Not to mention the Zionist conspiracy).

    What I take from this is that Yair was trying to be clever, unwisely. And that most of humanity is indeed ignorant, superstitious, prejudiced, gullible and stupid.

    There are actually web-sites, too stupid to quote, to be found by searching: reptilian jew.

  • Kinana

    Today is Rabbi Shifren's Birthday.  This is what he wrote on FB.

    My 9-11 birthday

    Yes, it's been some years now since I was forced to celebrate my birthday with the sickening feeling of seeing those planes incinerate the Twin Towers.....

    Want the truth? I thank my Creator for giving me one more year...yet, besides paddling out and catching a wave, my soul is restless and in turmoil. I am watching the self-imposed disintegration of the country of my birth, the nation that gave me my inalienable rights, the opportunities to pursue my dream (a Dreamer?), to think independently and discern between true individual liberties and the madness and darkness of the majority of the world as we know it..

    I perceive the war we presently are engaged in, the battle for that which we knew, against the collectivism and tyranny that nips at our heels daily. I see the total lack of leadership, and communist traitors daily working for that goal that they've been dreaming of since they founded their diabolical movement in this country. As a teacher of 25 years in arguably the worst school system in America, I give testimony to their advances in brainwashing millions of America's on this birthday, I will raise a glass to Old Glory and continue to be an obstacle in the Left's march to turn us all into orwellian robots of group think. That's the best birthday wish a man could ever wish for....!

  • Philip Smeeton

    Happy birthday Shifren. If all Americans were patriots there would be less conflict in the country. I am sick and tired of the way that everything from advertising to beauty pageants has been polluted by the liberal socialist agenda. I was also, reluctantly, a teacher for a quarter of a century and witnessed how the textbooks were rewritten in order to celebrate diversity and the disintegration of norms. The normality that united us. I was part of a majority that was learning to be tolerant towards minorities. Now I find myself part of a discriminated majority. There was a sort of natural balance; majority versus minority rights. Then the socialist agenda triumphed with its principle of absolute equality, that sounds fine in theory but that in reality generates ethnic conflict.

    England can only exist if the majority is English. Israel can only exist for as long as the majority is Jewish. America will cease to exist when the majority is no longer European. That is my conclusion and though it sounds racist I believe it to be common sense realism. There is no racial hatred in my intent.

  • Philip Smeeton

    This video shows the history of the Middle East from the rise of the city-states in 2500 BCE to the fall of Egypt to Persia in 525 BCE. This covers such events as the conquests of Sargon of Akkad, Ur-Namu of Ur, and Hamurabi of Babylon, as well as the various Assyrian and Egyptian kingdoms, and other great powers, including the Hittites, Hurrian-Mitanni, and Israel.

  • Alan Lake

  • Philip Smeeton

    I have only questions and no answers, because Islam is not going away any time soon. A Muslim of course would never agree with me, because symptomatically they always blame others for their self-inflicted woes. And they believe that Islam is the only way to live. I believe that Islam is a disease.

    Islam was born out of a savage dark ages Arab culture, and the genius Mohammed made it the perfect instrument to control minds with.

    It is tempting to think that without Islam these people could have a wonderful life, and I think that may be true. Not that the West is perfect, but I would rather live here than there.  Muslims are the worst kind of immigrant in Western countries and do not integrate, Islam makes this impossible. 

    Part of the answer is also a question, why has Israel built a wall around Gaza. 

    Why are Muslims murdering us in the West? They say it is our fault, we attack them and kill Muslims.

    My answer is disengage from every Muslim conflict, and send Muslims in the West back to Muslim countries. Then stand back and see what happens.

  • Philip Smeeton

    You can take the Muslim out of Islam

    but you can’t take Islam out of the Muslim.

  • Philip Smeeton

    I put this video here, not because of its content but because of all of the anti-Jew comments below. I see this many places and it is a "wonder" to behold. 

    All of this Jew-Hate, where does it all come from?

    You can of course explain it historically, but I try to be as objective as I can in any subject that I touch, and can find no easy explanation for it. I look at history and the way that Jews have behaved and do behave, and can find no justification for this massive hate. I do not like Frenchmen, but I can see that that is a stupid cultural prejudice that I have inherited and that can also be traced historically. Mild prejudice is one thing, but virilent naked hatred is another. I hate Muslims because of Islam. Without Islam I would have been prejudiced against them only if they migrated to Britain in vast numbers.

    I guess what I am talking about is hatred, dislike and prejudice in general. However, hatred for the Jews stands alone in its malice and spite. If you want someone to blame, blame the jews or, its all part of a global zionist conspiracy.

    I do not claim to understand it, and I did grow up in an environment where negative comments about Jews were there. But, I want to understand things, and have thought about this often. I find it to be unjustified and unjust and wicked.

  • Alan Lake

    Yeah, I don't get it either. It took me a while to understand the comments like:
  • Philip Smeeton

    They have tiny brains, its like writing f--k or n----r. I am sure a computer program can be taught to see this. But then being opposed to censorship I think we should be allowed to use the right words in the right place and to express our hatred. Hate-crime and hate-speech are my pet hates right now because they are being grossly misused as a means of persecution. Let people express their hatred and tell them how pathetic you think they are or how much you agree with them. Just do not ban language and opinion in any form. (death threats excepted).

    You have to have a very good and well-considered reason to ban or punish anything at all. Banning child pornography and punishing the sexual exploitation or physical abuse of children is obviously right as certain things are. But insulting and hating is not so obviously wrong. Prosecuting someone for causing offence is very dodgy ground to stand on legally.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Fuck it all, pardon my anglo-saxon.

  • Philip Smeeton   

    Dershowitz mulls UC Berkeley lawsuit over possible 'content-based discrimination'

    We might have a problem at universities,the teaching might be biased, there might be a leftist liberal agenda, it might be difficult to graduate or get good grades if you disagree with the political beliefs of your tutor, you might endanger your personal safety on campus by voicing an honest opinion.

  • Philip Smeeton


    “….Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an agreement to deport 40,000 Africans who entered the country illegally.”

    “They include 27,494 Eritreans and 7,869 Sudanese, and their presence in south Tel Aviv has raised discontent among Israelis there and elsewhere.”

    "The infiltrators will have the option to be imprisoned or leave the country," the public security ministry said in a statement.”

    That’s the way to do it!

  • Kinana

    The song was first published in 1939, at a time when the Jews in Europe were coming under increased hostility. Their freedoms were being taken away, their identity being dragged through the dirt, and many of them were feeling isolated. They were trapped, unable to “fly”.

    The song is about hope, that the bad times will one day be over. It is this feeling of hope within the song that we can all relate to and it is hope that helped the Jewish people through the Holocaust.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Fortunately Israel exists now. It can defend itself against external enemies but has also to contend with internal enemies just like any other nation.

    Uninvited immigration destroys nations.

  • Antony

    What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander ;

  • Antony

  • Antony

  • Philip Smeeton

    I support Israel fully and had it been up to me I would have expelled all Muslims from Israel and incorporated Gaza and the West Bank into Israel proper. However the Arabs have considered "Palestine" to be theirs for 1200 years, and that claim is not going away. So any talk of a peaceful solution will always be nonsense.

    Conquered land remains the property of the invaders, unless it is retaken.

    "The Promised Land" is a religious fable but a reality to religious Jews and Christians.
    Timeline of the history of the region of Palestine.
    * 638 – the conquest of Jerusalem by the armies of the Rashidun Caliphate (Islamic Empire) under Caliph Umar Ibn el-Khatab. Jews are permitted to return to the city after 568 years of Roman and Byzantine rule.

  • Philip Smeeton
    -“Obama was almost as contemptuous of America as he was of Israel.”
    -Pence said, “We stand with Israel because we believe in right over wrong, in good over evil, and in liberty over tyranny.
    -Far from being regrettable but understandable byproducts of the Holocaust, as Obama alleged, Pence demonstrated that Zionism and the State of Israel are the natural consequences of the millennial attachment of the Jews to the land of their forefathers.

    Like our leftists, Jewish leftists are the enemy of their nation.

    A peaceful settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians is an impossibility.
    Because Muslims and their leaders lie as a matter of course:
    Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa called the Holocaust “an incident that shook humanity to the core and created an event whose horrors could not be denied or underrated by any fair-minded or peace-loving person.”. “True Islam,” he added, “is against these crimes.”

    I do not however believe that many Europeans went to America due to persecution, most went there to seek their fortune and succeeded through hard work, determination and better weaponry and organisation.

  • Antony

    Israeli rightist pranksters ; - we could do with some of this over here !

  • Philip Smeeton

    Leftists give out the adresses of rightwingers, and thugs go round and trash their homes and beat them up.

  • Philip Smeeton
    Arm Civilians.
    "In the event, a seminary student armed with a handgun, and an off duty infantry officer who lived in the neighborhood, heard the shots and ran to the seminary. The student, a young rabbi, was armed with a handgun; the officer was carrying his assault rifle. Both men ignored the police officers who told them not to go inside. They entered the building and killed the terrorist, ending the massacre. By the time they arrived, eight students, including five high school students, had been killed, while eight more were wounded"

  • Alan Lake

    From the Caroline Glick article below:

    • The second lesson from Israel’s experience that bravery is a vital social virtue.

      Like millions of Americans, Israelis are brave. Because they are brave, they stand up to terrorists. When they have guns, they stand up to terrorists with guns. When they lack guns, they stand up to terrorists with whatever they have.

      In February 2017, a group of citizens outside a sewing machine repair shop in Petah Tikva in central Israel stopped a terrorist who had been shooting and stabbing bus passengers by throwing sewing machines at him.

      In January 2016, a mom-and-pop grocery store owner in a small town in Judea blocked two knife-wielding terrorists from entering his store by pushing them out with a shopping cart.

      A society that values bravery can rely on its citizens to be brave more easily than a society that values victimhood.

  • Philip Smeeton
    -"Global protests grow after Israeli killing of Palestinian demonstrators."
    The left biased press is having a field day. No mention that these Palestinian heroes had been given orders to storm the border and let terrorists into Israeli settlements so that they can murder Jews.
    -The Shin Bet further said that Hamas is instructing its own members to stay away from the border until civilians breach the barrier. “There is a prohibition for Hamas operatives to approach the border from a fear that they will be killed or captured by IDF troops, unless the security fence falls and then they must enter, armed, into Israel under the cover of the masses and carry out terror attacks,” said the Shin Bet statement.

  • Alan Lake

    There was a big hoo haa this morning because a 9 month old baby died from tear gas. Of course, if the protest was the other way round, the press would lambast Jews for deliberately taking a baby to a violent riot. But in the present case, heaven forbid that anyone might question Palestinian stupidity.

  • Philip Smeeton

    It was not stupidity but an intentional act. The palestinians will murder their own children just to make a (perverted) point. The real criminals are the Western press that condemn Israel for defending its citizens. Recently a mother took her two young daughters on a suicide mission where the whole family died. This is the new fashion, family suicide missions.

    "...the father exploded a car bomb, two sons aged 18 and 16 used a motorcycle for their attack, and the mother was with her two young daughters for her attack. The woman and the two girls were all wearing explosives, "

  • Philip Smeeton

    Why Do People Hate Jews?
    So why do people hate Jews in paricular? There is no real answer to this other than that they are at the top of the list traditionally when a hateful person is looking for someone to hate and to blame, usually for things that they themselves are to blame for.
    Christians have also been persecuted, and recently white people are being persecuted just for being white, and are blamed as being the cause of other peoples misfortune.

  • Alan Lake


  • Kinana

    The leadership of Israel are not supporting their military.

    the most powerful military force in the region is chasing its tail without any end in sight, unable to prevent Arabs from literally torching southern Israel.

  • Philip Smeeton

    There is only one solution to Gaza and that is to take over there and run it, and give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks.

  • Alan Lake

    Yes. Israel hasnt received anything but pain and trouble, in exchange for gifting Muslims Gaza.

  • Kinana


    Nachum Shifren
    19-10-2018 Jews allowed, eh? The Brits need to think about their perverted priorities: ok to have millions of jihadists and lots of sabre rattling, raping white women, "grooming" young Christian girls, imposing sharia culture, establishing "no-go zones" (ever been to one of these cute events?). No wonder these shmucks felt a bond with the Fuhrer! Hear's a dirty little secret: it's a known fact that the Germans were number 2 on the anti Semite's list--behind the Brits. Here's another little-known fact: when I was invited to speak by the English Defense League, the liberal Jewish establishment was shoulder-to-should in boykotting me and slandering me. All the arrows were aimed at me, the great American "Islamophobe"! Crazy world. Truth be told? Were it not for the Jewish liberal establishment, there would be no jihadist threat in Britain. That's one bit of "news" the "Guardian" won't be reporting.....sorry, old boy!
  • Philip Smeeton

    Had I been a Jew I would move to Israel and fight for that homeland. There is no end to this unfounded prejudice against Jews. What it shows is how stupid the Left and liberals are in believing that Muslims are their friends and allies. Muslims hate westerners and anyone that is not the right sort of Muslim, and they are allowed to kill anyone that is not muslim, including every socialist and liberal. After they had killed every Jew they would kill or enslave every non-muslim. Our natural allies in the war against Islam are the Jews.

  • Antony

  • Alan Lake

    Police probe launched into anti-Semitism within Labour

  • Alan Lake

    Israel toughens prison conditions for Palestinians to 'fulfill moral duty to victims'

  • Philip Smeeton
    Israel strikes Hamas in Gaza after rocket attack injures British-Israeli family
    An eye for an eye is the only policy that works against Islam, though I would say take off the whole head.

  • Kinana

    Not sure where else to put this!


    National Security Adviser John Bolton called Palestine “the so-called state of Palestine” Wednesday at the White House, raising the ire of some reporters in the room.

    One reporter challenged Bolton’s classification, asking, “Is that language productive?”

    Bolton did not hesitate in his response, saying, “It’s accurate. It is not a state.”

    The reporter countered, asking, “Is using that sort of language productive in [Trump’s] goals?”

    Bolton made it clear he would not be backing down on the term.

    Of course, it’s not a state now. It does not meet the customary international test of statehood. It does not control defined boundaries. There’s a whole host of reasons why it’s not a state. It could become a state, as the president said, but that requires diplomatic negotiations with Israel and others. Calling it the so-called state of Palestine defines exactly what it has been, a position that  the United States government has pursued uniformly since 1988 when the Palestinian authority declared itself to be the state of Palestine. We don’t recognize it as the state of Palestine, we have consistently, through Democratic and Republican administrations, opposed the admission of Palestine to the United Nations as a state, because it’s not a state.

    Bolton used air quotes when he referred to “the so-called state” of Palestine in his comments.

    The Trump administration said has said they are interested in pursuing a “two-state solution” in Israel.

  • Philip Smeeton

    You put it in the right place Kinana, or else there would have to be a truth-speak section. Israel is the victim of Muslim aggression. With the amount of persecution that the Jews have suffered you would think the world would give them a break. These journalists fail to understand that the treatment being meted out to Israel by Islam is exactly the same treatment that Muslims are giving to the Western countries that they now partly occupy. There is never going to be a two state solution because it will lead to all out war against Israel once again. Every independent nation state has a right to raise an army and import arms and form military alliances, also to wage war. Which is exactly what the so-called Palestinians will do. They do not care if they die in large numbers as long as the infidel suffers greater losses.

  • Philip Smeeton
    "New Zealand Latest Country to Halt Funding to UN Palestinian Agency".
    "TEL AVIV – New Zealand is the latest country to suspend funding to the United Nations aid agency for Palestinian refugees after a leaked internal report alleged corruption, sexual misconduct, antisemitism, and mismanagement at the agency’s highest levels."
    United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA.
    A close examination of the UN will show misconduct and corruption everywhere within it.
    The United Nations aid agency for Palestinian refugees.
    I mean, really? Everything the Muslims touch has corruption,misconduct, anti-anything that is not islamic, and mismanagement at every level.
    We should not be funding anything that has to do with Islam. Or fund the United Nations.
    "For decades, the organization and its leadership have sold lies to perpetuate the Palestinians’ refugee status. "
    “There is nothing intrinsically different about Palestinian refugees that warrants their own UN agency..."
    "Billions of dollars in aid could be better spent helping real refugees, like the thousands of Christians fleeing the Middle East and Palestinian Authority because of Islamist persecution."
    The Palestinians are persecuting Christian refugees and conducting war against Israel.

  • Alan Lake

    “There is nothing intrinsically different about Palestinian refugees that warrants their own UN agency..."

    So, so true.

  • Philip Smeeton
    Report: Netanyahu ‘Shellshocked’ by Obama’s Radical Pro-Palestinian Stance in First Meeting.
    A Muslim will naturally always put the interests of Muslims before anything else.

  • Philip Smeeton
    A plan to dismantle the nation states of europe through massive immigration from outside.
    This spectre woman apparently wants to mix together and thereby eliminate every other culture, nation and race, except the jews that are supposed to unite in the nation of Israel.

    Jews are racists just like everyone else.
    This gobbledygook reminds me of why I hate religion and religious people with their messed up minds.

  • Philip Smeeton
    Jon Voight Endorses Netanyahu, Hails Trump’s ‘Responsible’ Peace Plan
    “It’s the first one that’s taken a responsible approach,” he told The Algemeiner.
    “Much truth has been spoken in it and we have to accept the truth before we can make amends, and much harm has been done to Israel over the years. Many lies have been put in place and attacks have taken their toll. Much blood has been spilled.”

  • Kinana

    Jew-hatred is now embedded in sign language and sets Jews apart.

    The University of Ghent uses "hooked nose" as sign language symbol for Jew

  • Philip Smeeton

    What's the sign language for trans?