Kuffarphobia via Food and Animals (halal)

For those concerned about Halal Meat, Dog Fighting, Blind Dogs, and Rejection of Dogs in Taxis & Police work.

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  • Philip Smeeton

    The vegans say that killing any animal is murder and that animals are exploited, abused and denied rights. They should be more concerned with the slaughter and abuse of humans.

    I would ban the ritual slaughter of animals, the stungun is quick but the slaughterhouse still reeks of blood death and fear. I would kill an animal for food and enjoy meat.

    The lesson to be learned from this is that muslims should use a stungun on their victims before slicing off their heads with a butcher knife.

    In norway they used to drop the crabs and lobsters directly into boiling water, now the habit has become that the crustacean must be stabbed to death with a knife first. Prawns are still boiled alive -and thoroughly delicious.

    Most peolle are twats and idiots and always will be.

  • Antony

    Iranian pet owners kick back against proposed law ; https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2021/12/18/outraged-iranian-...

  • Antony

    Investigative journalists discover more evidence of alleged raptor persecution on Queen’s Sandringham Estate ; https://raptorpersecutionuk.org/2022/07/17/investigative-journalist...