Kuffarphobia via Food and Animals (halal)

For those concerned about Halal Meat, Dog Fighting, Blind Dogs, and Rejection of Dogs in Taxis & Police work.

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  • Antony

  • Philip Smeeton

    They allow hunting in the Norwegian national parks so there doesn't seem much point in having them. It is OK to kill animals for food, but it is not OK to kill animals for fun and recreation. I buy my meat in a supermarket so the deer and birds that pass by where I live pass in peace. There are an awful lot of hunters in Norway of every variety. There are also many that go out in the spectacular nature just to enjoy it- without a gun. Wolves have been exterminated in Norway so any that are reintroduced or wander in from Sweden or Russia and kill a sheep are hunted down. I mean if you let your sheep wander around unguarded in the forests and mountains you must expect some loss.

  • Antony

    Channel 4 News reports two thirds of raptor persecution crimes in 2022 linked to shooting estates ; https://raptorpersecutionuk.org/2023/11/23/channel-4-news-reports-t...