Kuffarphobia via Microaggression & False Flag Op

To protect the community from discrimination and subjugation by means of microaggressions and FFO (False Flag Ops). 

[The category FFO should ideally be grouped with the sub-category Lies and Deceit in the Free Speech room - but it is too late to re-organise these now].

Microaggression via demand for physical segregation from the haram (dirty) kuffar:

  • in prayer rooms
  • in swimming pools
  • in mortuaries
  • in cemeteries (and facing Mecca)
  • via Muslim only cinema days
  • via Muslim only theme park days

Microaggression by enforcing Islamic culture, via:

  • demand for halal food in schools, hospitals and prisons
  • refusal of handshake at official ceremonies
  • separation of male-female in schools, universities and public meetings
  • women only PTA meetings

Microaggression via display or control of public symbols:

  • offensive flags
  • offensive personal names (e.g. Jihad)
  • specifically Muslim dress codes and beards
  • face masking via burqa and niqab
  • broadcasts via mosque loudspeakers
  • demand removal of Xmas symbols
  • demand removal of pig symbols

Microaggressions In the workplace:

  • hairdressers that refuse to show their own hair
  • cooks that refuse to cook pork
  • cashiers that refuse to sell pork and alcohol
  • nurses that refuse to use handwash
  • Muslim only staff organisations
  • Muslimas on benefits specially allowed to refuse jobs

This process, as explained by Anders Gravers and by Edward Cline, has been going on for so long now that the media do not even challenge special treatment for Muslims (another example of the racism of low expectations).  

Our society has soft pedalled on all these issues, because they aren't illegal, and have been resolved by quiet acquiescence.  However, the progression of Islamification by a thousand cuts is clear, and ultimately legislation should be enacted to stop this process.

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  • Philip Smeeton

  • Kinana

    This is a tough call Philip.  Do you put this here or in the humour room?!

  • Philip Smeeton

    In the tragedy room I think. The socialists have noticed that most immigrants do not integrate and that multiculturalism does not work, and that most of the crime is done by immigrants, but there the thinking stops, and they continue to agitate for open borders and more help for migrants.

    "Never admit that you are wrong and never apologise". is their motto. They just cannot understand that they are wasting other peoples money and lives with their principles. A classic example is this James O'Brien character he is completely convinced of his own infallibility, after all his fans worship him so how could he possibly be wrong. He browbeats "bigots" out from a position of assumed moral superiority. His buzz is humiliating people.