Kuffarphobia via Microaggression & False Flag Op

To protect the community from discrimination and subjugation by means of microaggressions and FFO (False Flag Ops). 

[The category FFO should ideally be grouped with the sub-category Lies and Deceit in the Free Speech room - but it is too late to re-organise these now].

Microaggression via demand for physical segregation from the haram (dirty) kuffar:

  • in prayer rooms
  • in swimming pools
  • in mortuaries
  • in cemeteries (and facing Mecca)
  • via Muslim only cinema days
  • via Muslim only theme park days

Microaggression by enforcing Islamic culture, via:

  • demand for halal food in schools, hospitals and prisons
  • refusal of handshake at official ceremonies
  • separation of male-female in schools, universities and public meetings
  • women only PTA meetings

Microaggression via display or control of public symbols:

  • offensive flags
  • offensive personal names (e.g. Jihad)
  • specifically Muslim dress codes and beards
  • face masking via burqa and niqab
  • broadcasts via mosque loudspeakers
  • demand removal of Xmas symbols
  • demand removal of pig symbols

Microaggressions In the workplace:

  • hairdressers that refuse to show their own hair
  • cooks that refuse to cook pork
  • cashiers that refuse to sell pork and alcohol
  • nurses that refuse to use handwash
  • Muslim only staff organisations
  • Muslimas on benefits specially allowed to refuse jobs

This process, as explained by Anders Gravers and by Edward Cline, has been going on for so long now that the media do not even challenge special treatment for Muslims (another example of the racism of low expectations).  

Our society has soft pedalled on all these issues, because they aren't illegal, and have been resolved by quiet acquiescence.  However, the progression of Islamification by a thousand cuts is clear, and ultimately legislation should be enacted to stop this process.

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  • Alan Lake

    Anyone who says "This is a Muslim area" should be immediately charged with hate speech.  This filthy apartheid segregation of our one country should be stamped out, and stamped out hard.  We don't want this thuggish racism here.

  • Joe

    I wanted to look at what were the best selling books in the category of "Multiculturalism".  To my astonishment, almost all the recent books listed by Amazon were by Muslims.  Having realised that "Religion of Peace" is now a harmful meme, it looks like the totalitarian, supremacist segregationists are now championing the meme of "multiculturalism".

    Here's 6 of the top 11 books on "multiculturalism" listed by Amazon. 

    Multiculturalism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by Ali Rattansi (22 Sep 2011)
    Multiculturalism by Tariq Modood (26 Mar 2013)
    Defending Multiculturalism by Hassan Mahamdallie (3 Oct 2011)
    Multiculturalism: Some Inconvenient Truths by Rumy Hasan (25 Mar 2010)
    Multiculturalism (Themes for the 21st Century Series) by Tariq Modood (21 May 2007)
    Multiculturalism and Its Discontents: Rethinking Diversity After 9/11 (Manifestos for the Twenty-first Century... by Kenan Malik (11 Sep 2013)

    One of these 11 books that is not by a muslim, is this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Crises-Multiculturalism-Alana-Lentin/dp...

    Which is actually about "the rise of islamophobia".

    Rumy Hasan's book, in contrast, is apparently an attack on multiculturalism and the falsity of "islamophobia".

  • Heather Gilbert

  • Joe

    An entire retail park is to be subjected to sharia law. It's in the Emirate of Kidderminster.


    The Emirate of Kidderminster has only 1 mosque, capable of holding "60 men" (note: no women). http://mosques.muslimsinbritain.org/show-browse.php?town=Kidderminster

  • Alan Lake

    Its debatable what were the original reasons for instituting Sharia commerce codes and Sharia dress codes. But its clear that now, one of their principal uses is to enforce gang domination and authority, in the same way that the Mafia would enforce its authority on US alcohol sales.
  • Joe

    Like most people, muslims think "my value system is the best".  And so they try to enforce it on others.  They think that a shopping centre in Kidderminster will thrive: it will draw more muslims to Kidderminster, and it will draw more non-muslims to islam.

    It's just the same as if the Nazis opened a shopping centre in Kidderminster.  They too would think that keeping out jews, blacks, etc. would draw more people to Kidderminster, and draw more people to Nazism.

  • Joe

    On Radio 4 yesterday I heard the most ironic story.

    A small village in Italy was actively recruiting to get illegal immigrants who arrive in Italy to go and live there.  The only two immigrants interviewed were a muslim man and a muslim woman (unrelated).  The story dwelt longest on her, "an asylum seeker".  The man appeared to just be an economic migrant "from Gaza".  Gaza is not poor - instead of smuggling clothes/food through their terrorist tunnels, they smuggle deconstructed BMWs, which are reconstructed inside Gaza.  Gaza's problems are islam and corruption (one and the same thing, really).

    The woman had fled Afghanistan, because under islamic law they were insisting that her daughter (now 12yo) be married.  The woman was employed to make jewellery for some shop in the town - but most of the money to support her came from welfare benefits to asylum seekers.

    From that story it was clear: the bulk of these wonderful immigrants to this village were muslims.  As the number of muslims increases, then the village will become the kind of place they wanted to flee in the first place.

    The village was run by a communist mayor.  The village was built 80 miles inland from the coast.  It was built there because 100s of years ago, it was not safe to live on the coast, because of raids by pirates.

    Of course, the BBC story did not supply the detail, that the pirates were muslims, taking people into the white slave trade.  So here we had a village where the history of islam in Europe was inscribed into the very geography of the place, being transformed into the very thing the people were fleeing 100s of years ago.  And the person doing the transformation: a communist.

    It was the story of the west, writ small.  Accompanied by the half-truths of the BBC, to promote a leftist agenda.  "The (muslim) immigrants are keeping this village alive."

  • Kinana

    Joe: 'As the number of muslims increases, then the village will become the kind of place they wanted to flee in the first place.'

    Well said Joe!

  • Joe

    Last week I was thinking to myself: since the "experts" have been so blinkered about the pro-Caliphate muslims in the west for the last 30 years, and so wrong about the Muslim Brotherhood, and now so wrong about the re-creation of the Caliphate in the Levant -- what would an expert who had taken these movements seriously be predicting.

    Considering that the Caliphate had two historical epi-centres -- Baghdad and Istanbul -- I mused that the next target after Iraq would be Turkey.

    Lo and behold, a week later I read...

    Caliphate in the Levant claims Turkey will be next to fall.


    When one takes the claims of muslims at face-value, one can actually predict history.  Those who refuse to consider these claims (despite their continued existence for 30 to 90 years) are those who are left being surprised.


  • Alan Lake

    Hmm, not sure about that Turkey prediction.  Turkey is different.  Turkey is already well down the Islamisation/Muslim-Brotherhood/Thugs-stranglehold-on-democracy route, so they are on the same plan as ISIS but using a different MO. 

    Then the difference is that Turkey is a fully fledged state, with all the organs of a state, and a fully trained and modern equipped military.  Unlike the West, they aren't afraid to use brutal means to wipe out their enemy, and that will include torturing terrorists and punishing the families of suicide bombers.  So Turkey will have a double weapon against terrorism: (1) its hands aren't tied by Western sensitivities (2) it can claim that it is a Halal, non-infidel government, acting in the name of Islam.

    I think if ISIS tries to take Turkey, it will get a bloody nose, or worse.

  • Joe

    In posting my previously unspoken prediction, I didn't mean that the pro-caliphate group would succeed as easily as they have in Syria/Iraq.  I just meant that they would attempt a move on destabilising/taking over Turkey.  These people are fanatics.  They are going to attempt things which most of us would think were out of reach.  After all, in 2005 after blowing up the tube/buses they almost got their anti-blasphemy law passed in Britain.  Who on earth would have thought that such a law would be passed, and as a response to religious terrorism?  They think that what they are doing is justified & commanded by the one and only god.

  • Alan Lake

    Well, I'm just saying I'm not so sure.  History seems to be designed to mislead us :-)

  • Alan Lake

    We have no way of knowing how much the media are suppressing reports of kuffarophobia - for example with this story:

    Deaf man fined for calling police officer ‘pig’ in sign language


    Both Linley and Hassan are Pakistani names:

    He looks Pakistani, if this is the right one:

    Maybe he has dropped the 'Mohammed' part of his name to make life easier, or maybe the press dropped it for the reporting, who knows?

  • Alan Lake

    The dumb infidel cows dare to meekly complain about kuffarphobic treatment by the master race:


  • Joe

    Read the comments after the article from The Freethinker. All hostile to islam.  No doubt that organisation & its followers are all police, politically-correct middle class people. Yet all universally hostile to islam.

  • Alan Lake

  • Philip Smeeton

    Muslims wonder why people don’t like them or trust them.


    The Taliban kills Muslims they disapprove of.
    If you see someone that is brown and looks like a muslim carrying a device that looks like a bomb do not react.
    Thousands pouring into Syria from all over the world to join ISIS.
    A Muslim’s only loyalty is to Islam.
    Thankfully most countries just do not want any more Muslims.
    And so on and so on, just another news day, and Muslims featuring everywhere.
  • Alan Lake

    Breaking Bad fan jailed over Dark Web ricin plot


    This judgement exhibits kuffarphobia, because the excuses given would never have been accepted if the perpetrator was a non-Muslim.  

  • Philip Smeeton


    IS defectors 'disillusioned with killing Muslims’

    But killing non-Muslims that’s OK.
  • Joe

    Last week a woman in Southampton had acid thrown in her face. In almost all the media reports of the men who did it, no mention was made of them being converts to islam (one even having chosen a muslim name ending in "muhajideen").

    It appears the killer in the Oregon college shooting was asking people what their religion was, and specifically targeted a jewish professor. This killer, whilst apparently not a muslim, had 1 friend on Facebook: a muslim who glorified the Islamic State Caliphate.  Again, the media were not mentioning this.

    When muslims are (supposedly) less than 5% of the population, there is something highly significant (statistically) when islam is so grossly over-represented in such brutal crimes.

  • Joe

    I remember growing up in a small Northern town in the 1970s.  There were serious newspapers (Times, Express), tabloids (The Sun), and then there were the trashy gossip magazines (Reveille is the one whose name I remember).  These were generally bought by housewives, but not something that you really talked about reading/buying.  (Sunday's The People and The News of the World were a kind of trashy gossip-cum-newspaper hybrid, peculiar to that day of the week).

    I see headlines like this at The Telegraph almost every day.  

    On a daily basis our "quality" newspapers are now of the curious NOTW/People sunday gossip/newspaper.

  • Philip Smeeton

  • Philip Smeeton

  • Alan Lake

    It looks like swimming pools will be part of the new front line, for more than one reason.
    German swimming pool closed to male refugees after assaults on women
  • Alan Lake

    Austrian swimming pool off-limits to ‘unaccompanied refugees’ amid child rape outrage

  • Alan Lake

    Bacon nutty: Muslim care workers refuse to serve pork to residents

    Staff at Wagtail Close ignored requests for bacon butties and pork pies

    MUSLIM staff at a council-run care home have been slammed for refusing to serve pork to residents.

    Requests for bacon butties and pork pies were ignored, inspectors revealed.

    The Care Quality Commission said staff at Wagtail Close in Bradford, West Yorks, restricted residents’ right to choice of meals.

    Their report said: “One person told us they liked to have a bacon sandwich for breakfast each day and to buy ham, sausages and pork pies when shopping.

    “They told us a number of staff would not support them to buy or cook these products due to their own cultural requirements or lifestyle preferences.”

    Wagtail Close has a respite care unit and is home to people with disabilities.
    A council spokesman said: “Staff have been reminded their own lifestyles and cultural preferences should never influence the person-centred support they provide.”


  • Alan Lake

    Wow, the more of these microaggressions get exposed, the more pissed off one feels about our leaders' capitulation and failure to protect us.
  • Alan Lake

    Muslim border inspector refuses to shake hands with female colleagues in Sweden
  • Alan Lake

    Female bartender beaten in France for serving alcohol during Ramadan
  • Alan Lake

    Naked & afraid: German nudist colony protests refugee shelter over safety concerns
  • Alan Lake

    German swimming pool bans 'burqini' for Muslim women
  • Alan Lake

    ‘Don’t fast for Ramadan’ advice brings heat on Spanish school headteacher
  • Alan Lake

    Women in hijabs kicked out of California cafe are accused of ‘civilizational jihad’
  • Alan Lake

    NYPD to review beard ban after Muslim officer sues
  • Kinana

    He said that his beard was required by his religious beliefs. 

    It would be a good opportunity for the NYPD to make an independent judgement on the teaching of Islam on this issue.  But would any Muslim accept the judgement of a bunch of kaffirs about their religion?! 

  • Alan Lake

    ‘RIP the Republic’: Row over postponing French Muslim students’ exams for religious holiday

    I had to take some of my A-levels later each day, because of a clash between 2 of my subjects. So they locked me in a room with food and stopped me speaking to anyone, to avoid cheating. But of course, we know that Muslims never lie, so its OK for them to take their exams a few days later. Or are they going to sit a different exam? Either way, its not a level playing field. The master race beats the dumb kuffar, yet again.
  • Alan Lake

    Minneapolis: Somali 'Refugees' Terrorize Neighborhood, Threaten to Kidnap & Rape Women


    More cultural enrichment to bless the guilty West.

  • Alan Lake

    ‘Direct discrimination’: EU court advocate backs Muslim woman fired for wearing headscarf
  • Alan Lake

    The jackals follow the usual procedure and call up their rent-a-mob when in trouble.  It didn't work this time only because of the two canine units in play.

  • Alan Lake

    US Muslim woman fired from work for wearing hijab - Business Standard
  • Philip Smeeton

    She got the job under false pretenses and then claimed discrimination. She is forcing on us the bigotted discrimination that Islam practices on women.

    Muslims behave badly and then claim discrimination when people react, if she had turned up topless to work because her religion demanded it, would she have lost her job. It's a fair comparison because Muslims are offended by naked female hair. The difference being that the covering of breasts does not symbolize the oppression of women.

  • Alan Lake

    Angry mourners confront Muslims who chant 'Allahu Akbar' at Munich shooting memorial

    MOURNERS trying to pay peaceful respects at the Munich shooting memorial were disrupted by a group of men who began shouting 'Allahu Akbar' at the site
  • Alan Lake

    Muslim Girl Refuses to Shake German President’s Hand
  • Alan Lake

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/police-intervene-in-battle-of-off... Police intervene in battle of `offensive' china pigs

  • Alan Lake

    Another non-Muslim FFO: Pakistani Student Lied About “Masked Racists”, Found Out Same Day | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform


  • Alan Lake

    A non-Muslim FFO, but worth recognising anyway.

    Hoax Discovery On Rural Campus Hasn’t Stopped Cries Of ‘Racism’


  • Alan Lake

    Another non-Muslim FFO, but worth capturing.

    Black St. Louis Man Arrested For Making Bomb Threats To Jewish Centers

    If you have been following the Lügenpresse, you have likely heard by now that anti-Semitism in America has ballooned into a national crisis following a wave of attacks on Jewish cemeteries and bomb threats to Jewish community centers, and that white supremacy and Trump’s election as president is to blame. It had become such a burning issue in The Narrative that President Trump was pressured into addressing the matter at the top of his Joint Address to Congress on Tuesday.

    After he addressed the issue two weeks ago, The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect blasted President Trump’s “pathetic asterisk of condescension” and roared that “the Antisemitism coming out of this Administration is the worst we have ever seen from any Administration.” Unfortunately for the Jewish agenda, the real culprit came to light this morning:


  • Alan Lake

    This isn't a Muslim FFO (False Flag Op), but I'm adding it here because it is so remarkable.  So the next time BLM types complain about some racist graffiti we should first suspect its a false flag op.

    On Tuesday, the university was shaken when police announced the suspect was Eddie Curlin, an African-American. A preliminary hearing is set for November 9.

    “To know that it was a person of color is hurtful,” Jaiquae Rodwell told the Eastern Echo, the university newspaper. “As a black student, to know that another black person is using the N-word in a negative way is embarrassing.”

    Curlin was arraigned on three counts of malicious destruction of property, four counts of identity theft, and one count of using a computer to commit a crime, all related to vandalism incidents that took place on the Eastern Michigan University campus in the fall of 2016.

    Once again, the one-sided sense of justice:

    “To know that it was a person of color is hurtful,” Jaiquae Rodwell told the Eastern Echo, the university newspaper. “As a black student, to know that another black person is using the N-word in a negative way is embarrassing.”

    Oh I see, poor thing.  But once that student can rouse himself from his self pity, perhaps he can reflect on how it feels for all those white conservatives that have been falsely accused of being complicit in that black crime?

  • Alan Lake

  • Philip Smeeton

    https://www.dagsavisen.no/rogalandsavis/muslimsk-rad-mener-deres-pr... Art installation in Stavanger Norway celebrating Nobel Peace Prize winners offends Muslims. The Muslim council believes their prophet Mohammad is being trampled on with this sign A bronze plate with the name of Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus should be removed from the ground in Stavanger city center, the Muslim Council in Rogaland. Because Yunus shares the first name with the Muslim prophet.