Christian Victims of Kuffarphobia

Christians are under worldwide persecution, mostly from Islam, ranging from forced FGM in Philippines, to beheading in Indonesia, to burning alive in Sudan - all ignored by the MSM and the Left.

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  • Antony

    Slow Genocide Of 120,000 Armenian Christians Happening Under Azerbaijan Occupation: Report ;

  • Alan Lake

    I'm beginning to doubt if Christians should be one of the victim groups, since so many of the Christian leaders are part of the enemy. 

    The German Catholic Church is against Christ, says Hungarian archbishop
  • Philip Smeeton

    “In a multicultural, mixed society, the individual loses his own identity, sense of identity, culture, faith, language, practically everything,”
    True, but it is not a conspiracy, it is a flood of well-meaning ideas that get implemented. An undefined cloud of ideas that seem reasonable (but do harm) that people attach themselves to, because they want to be on the side of good. Such as, do not say or do anything that might offend someone else in even the slightest way (unless they are normal and white). Much of what they defend offends me greatly. Looked at distanced and objective Europe is commiting suicide. The causes of Europe's distruction are vey obvious to an outside observer that can think logically and sort lie from truth, reality from misguided wishful thinking. The problems are obvious, such as boatloads of Africans entering Europe daily.
    Hungarian Archbishop yula Márfi sees everything from a religious perspective, which is only a part of the total social, ethnic, psychological and cultural disaster.
    Closed borders and mass-deportations is the only answer.