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  • Alan Lake

    This is Ruby's website:

  • Alan Lake

    A Statement from Ruby on England's middle east policy

    Ruby Akhtar supports Israel and the Land of Israel in Jewish hands in the entirety of it’s territory, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. Surrendering of the biblical territories of Judea and Samaria unto Muslim Arab hands, God forbid, would create a de-facto fundamentalist Muslim state akin to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, or Hezbola’s territory in Lebanon. 
    Aware of the greater implications of yet another Islamic state in the already radicalized Arab world, Ruby strongly cautions against pressing Israel into territorial concessions; and opposes any recognition of the PLO, Hamas and other terrorist organization that aim for the establishment of a "Palestinian" Arab state. 
    Ruby Akhtar will oppose the UK’s support for such nationalism.
    Furthermore, Ruby advocates for the persecuted Christian minorities in Muslim countries in the Middle and Far East. Ruby will not allow other interests to get in the way of protecting the victims of Muslim intolerance.
  • Kinana


    sorry to say that the link to your video you sent me does not work.  pls try again?