Kiril Romanov

Eudora, KS

United States

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  • Kinana

    Kiril, welcome to 4F. You will probably want to first join the USA room. here:
  • Kinana


    To post in a room

    1. in a room, say the UK or USA or Theology room, see the box named

    Discussion Forum

    2. at the bottom of this box is

    + Start Discussion

    3. click there and another page opens

    4. put in title, fill in the body of the box with your text

    5. and for the tag add at least your name like this "[your name]"

    doing number 5 will allow you to gather all your postings in the UK room in the wink of an eye .  the search engine for ning is rubbish though.  use other tags of course if you want. 

    you will have to join the room to post in the room.

    let me know if i have missed something out in these instructions.

    go for it!