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  • casual green

    Just got back from Bradford and am very very tired( and drunk). I have only just found your message , its a pity as I would have liked to have met you and accopanied you to the demo....In hindsight it may be for the best that you did not go.....( unless you went on your own) there was a little bit of in fighting and some other ugly sceanes, so perhaps it was best you never made it....The numbers were good and it touched me greatly.......I will attempt to write something on it this week . I will message you in a few days when my mind has calmed down alittle....casual green
  • casual green

    Hello Ruhannah.
    I,ve calmed down a little now. I have not seen the film you speak of but I think I can understand what you meen. I find myself in a situation which seems to mirror the statement " I am nolonger one of you" Its the way I feel about the culture that I am surrounded by, it seems so alien. I dont meen the immergrant cultures but that of the indigenous people, my people. Its very,very much akin to the film " the body snatchers" since the advent of the tv they have changed completly, many have spent their entire lives haveing relashionships with people on the tv who dont exsit!!! its inpossible to hold an intelligent debate with them...still as long as we have good health we should always try to look on the bright side!!! Hope things brighten up for you soon.
    casual green
  • Joe

    You are not alone.  I think it is important to try to get people you know and respect to read about islam.  And the best way to do this, in my opinion, is to get them to read The Life of Mohammed.  It is a fundamental text of islam, and it is very readable.  I will send you the details in an email.