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United Kingdom

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  • Rabbi Nachum Shifren

    Hi Heather
    Hoping to be back in the UK soon...so much work to do! Looking forward to meeting you some day. Keep up the good work. Warmest regards
  • Philip Smeeton

    It's like a living nightmare Heather and very depressing. But we just don't have it in us to give up.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Heather, you may feel that you are not doing enough, but you are doing what you can. You are participating and contributing, which is more than many do. We are all doing our best here at 4freedoms, and becoming terrorists ourselves is not an option. I am a member of a political party and vote for them, and I may have contributed a little to their ideology. Called upon to do more I would, I was a soldier, (parachute regiment), once and always will be. I am older than you, but this has nothing to do with age. It is about survival.