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  • multikultur

    I don't know any of their members in person, also I'm no expert on the political system of Norway. What I know: the "Fremskrittspartiet" (Progress Party) is a Norwegian right wing party which has become second largest party in the last two elections (22 and 23%). They stand for free market economy, lower taxes, closer ties to Israel and the US, limitation of immigration and deportation of criminal immigrants. Although not mentioned in their Wikipedia article, their position on Islam and Sharia Law should be clear. Great party - would have my vote. Where are the guys from Norway to give us some more intel on that?
  • English Defence League

    The UAF have tried pissing on it and haven't succeded! :)
  • kim Israela

    you are welcome, pleased you like it.
  • Seaangel

    Thanks Kinana, It`s a pleasure to be here!!!!!!!!!! Take care and talk later!!!!!!!!!! Come and check out our site The International Alliance!!!! Would be great to have Ya there!!!!!!!!!
  • Herman Van Keer

    I will see what I can do.. having only 24hr/day, inclusive work and sleep ;-)
  • Herman Van Keer

    Hi Kinana,

    As I said... I usually do leave a link for further browsing.
    I just figured out what my problem was with the software here.

    When posting, one has the possibility to add a link, (the 5th button from the left).
    That's what I did, but unfortunately, if one doesn't add comment to the link, the link completely disappears as a blank link, still there but not viewable.

    I updated my 5 posts. They all should have links now....
    Thanks for following up
  • Sansterre

    The avatar is a thunderbird. (American Indian symbol) It's kind of like a giant eagle with an
  • Francis Xavier

    I dont feel equal where i live kinana because over the last twelve years or so the islamic community have been favoured by the police,its well known with in the non islamic community,i have been racialy abused on several occasions along with my children and wife,no one to complain to the police seem worthless on this issue,my friend was murdered in front of his child by eight moslems whilst buying a take away,that wasnt racist either,always living in fear with the fact that if i were to have an altercation with a muslim wether it were to be my fault or not the law would come down on me,i could go on and on ,but would start to bore people i guess.
  • craig walden

    kinana, thankyou for reading my blog and thankyou for inviting me to be your friend,i am very happy to accept.I have been a bit of a technophobe in the past but felt i must learn to use computers as they are such a powerful tool,Anyhow please excuse me if i make mistakes as i am still learning. Happy new year
  • Christ Lover

    I intend to work on the "nigerian" site asap this week.
  • Tom Hough

    Good to have you as a friend.
  • Heathen

    Thank's Kinana. Looking forward to participate here.

    I had to install IE Tab to my Firefox browser to be able to write anything in here, therefore the long Silence! ;)

  • Heathen

    Yeah! :)
    It's working, but only with the IE-Tab plugin.
    The problem might lie with cookie management! or the version! i'm using; Firefox/3.6.3
  • Heathen

    Aw...Heck!! You must have had a bad cookie too then! :D
    Try some good ale to remedy this menace!
  • Village

    Hi, how are you? Just passing through and it would have been rude of me not to say hello. Keep up the good fight against the forces of darkness.
    All the best.
  • casual green

    thank you for responding, its hard for this old dog to learn new tricks. i left a message on the email address you gave me. I want to create a blog or something that can promote the little bit that i can contibute to the whole movement within the british isle. I keep finding myself stranded on my inability to use the media,its beginning to stress me. But it feels very good to try and then recieve some feed back. we have to all do our little bit ,and not ever let things grind us down. Now i feel that help is close at hand, or more to the point , its at the end of our fingertips. If you could help me navigate a little around this new place i would be very ,very thankful. regards ,casual green.
  • casual green

    Kinana, i have just read the emails from you. thanks . I think I might be able to navigate myself , not sure but i,ve had a little peek about and i at least can try. There seems to be a lot of eyes opening all around the land after dudley. So the young in this City should at the least be more attentive to this old dog and aid him in his needs. If I need aid I will post to you. you are correct about my name, was not sure if i should have put it down when i signed. regards casual green
  • linda jamshidi

    what happened at the CAIR meeting....the same thing that happened before. We who dared to question CAIR were shouted down by our fellow Americans which was so heartbreaking. Unfortunately, people are easily swayed by what the Media or idiot Muslims.say. They are scared to death that they will be called Racist. Me, I don't care. Call me a racist. The leftist imperialists can't argue or debate so they have to scream and intimidate. My belief -Americans will wake up when a truly horrific event takes place. Going to the ACT meeting this tuesday to hear Ms. Sultan speak. I'll let everyone know how it went.
  • casual green

    I meant to leave a comment for you but i posted it to myself by mistake! I was not sure if there are two many photos but its how i intended to publish them if i created a blog or webpage. Let the images speak for themselves .There are a few more which show the direction the green division intends move. The images are back to front, the end should be the begining and the begining the end!! Is it possible to correct this?
  • linda jamshidi

    I always love a good fight, but only if I'm allowed to fight. The problem was the useful idiots were alllowed to run their mouths but I couldn't respond like I wanted to. It really upset me that I could not engage in an open debate which I would love because I know I would win.
  • TassieTracy

    Thanks Kinana
    Very big greetings from Australia
  • TassieTracy

    Hi Kinana
    Still finding my way here, getting used to things, finding things :-)
    Very shortly will try do get a lil info gathered for you on what the ADL has been up to since early '09
    Must run for now
  • Mary, Act 4 America Chptr Leader

    Dear Kinana,

    Thank you for your kind and warm welcome. I'm still lagging in my computer usage, but I'm trying to catch up. I'm having cataract surgery June 1 and the remainder of the calendar month is filling up fast. I'll be in Washington D.C. June 26-30 at Act for American's annual national conference and legislative briefing. I'm looking forward to a revitalization of energy and ammunition to fight the insidious Islamization of the U.S.A. with the help of the dispicable leftist useful idiots who are growing more and more violent. At the last event I atteneded in San Francico a young commie bitch and her two male friends attacked three people who were walking to the train. The attackers used brass knuckles and were charged with several felonies. However, the defense tried to blame the victims! For futher details and video go to
  • Mary, Act 4 America Chptr Leader

    No, I haven't yet joined the U.S. room, but I will. I just found this place a few days ago.
  • Mary, Act 4 America Chptr Leader

    Thanks, K, but I though I'd just pick your brain! *lol* teasing...............
  • Bharat Panthi

    This is Food Jihad and can not be detected so easily, as Love Jihad was detected by Agencies with difficulties. Jihadis are fooling Muslims and making them un-understanding creatures. Communal and Commercial combine has Jihadis backing in meat Industry. Jihadis every movement, thought and action is Jihad oriented, anti-humane, anti-fredom &anti-happiness. And jihadis are getting control of Meat Industry; and that is Jihad. .
  • Bharat Panthi

    Continued-Muslims Dominating Islam enjoy everything and everything that is cruel. There are Fatwas against laughing, women sitting in car with unrelated male, driving car, seeing each others bare body while having sex even if they are husband wife. Friends of Islam say they are Minor Muftis and teach us to ignore them. Well they may be Minor Muftis ignorable, but their source of inspiration is Koran and its teaching and that can not be ignored. Why not teach Muftis not to ignore real world, not to ignore happiness. If they ate misinterpreting then Muslim Intellectual should set the things right, Issue fatwas against them strip them of their responsibility and punish them accordingly.But that simply happening. This Jihadi brand of Muslims want to besiege whole world including innocent or humane Muslims. As policy they torture everyone including animal. According to them Muslim has to be torture lover, and to make anyone Muslim sadist instinct must be indoctrinated. As policy where they can not directly force to put their kind of meat in others mouth they use tactics from seeking favors to bullying to get place where they can sell torturous Halal. capturing market smartly. Ignorant Hindus, who are never trained back home these tricks fall prey. As smart criminals they try to cover up and are able to cover up their covert operation. Visit any Meat Market in India with neutral mind you can know it yourself with in hours if not minutes. Even if half of Non-Muslims eat meat their number is much higher than Muslims, but JHATKA or less painful slaughtered meat market is getting shrunk, as Hindus and others don't insist for Jhatka, where as Muslim can kill for Halal. Jhatka market is getting Shrunk, even government try to promote Halal.
  • Bharat Panthi

    cont -2In Britain Christians are losing to halal Step by Step and still refuse to understand it as defeat. This is Passive Jihad. Off-course in Muslim countries its not Passive Jihad, you simply don't have choice. Where Muslims get choice they manipulate others' innocence and liberty to reach their end Goal i.e. force your every thing by any means.
  • Ross Crispin

    Thank you, Kinana :)
  • Kinana

    What is the difference between the England football team and a tea bag?
    A tea bag stays in the cup longer.
  • casual green

    hello kinana,
    I have just read my e mails and found the message from you concearning the disscusion on the 30 sept. i am really sorry I did not attend but more for not replying to your message. The truth is I am really,really thick were computers are concearned. I hardly use them as I find it hard work and most of the time I just give up and turn the thing off! I am also finding the exspence of my constant running about to be a burdon and i am haveing to ration my exscapades so I can afford them. Hopefully I will see you in Leicester. regards casual green
  • casual green

    hello Kinana,
    I have written something on the reclaiming of speakers corner and it has been well received on the EDL forum. They have also posted it on the main EDL site... If you want and they agree you can post it on 4 freedoms. We are thinking of making the corner a regular event....
    casual green
  • casual green

    i have just tried to copy the post for you but I can not as I just dont know how....I find it hard to write as I lose alot because of my inability to use the PC....its very demoralizing.
    Its on casuals united as well..perhaps you could get joe to do it ...If he cant I will ask someone later to do it for us.
  • casual green

    I have managed to copy my post from the forum.I have it in my bloggs.If you want to post it on here feel free...or is it all ready on here if its in my blogg? If you need it its there.
  • casual green

    glad you like the post.....We will meet soon.......I had my flight booked for the dam...but was let down on accommodation and could not find any alternative in time ,lack of funds....lost the ticket and all money that I paid for it...We all have to start to think about the expense to each and everyone of us........We must organize on these issues .....i am seeking alternative action for the cause tomorrow......( if i get up in time......)
  • casual green

    There is far more interest for this then you could imagine......I will be speaking on this subject tomorrow......( if i am up late ..I will still make the meet...)...........This is a good call............ I see the EDL shirts reading......." Speakers Corner Reclamation Division".........
  • Kinana

    [President Reagan] wasn't a genius, but he did have the ability to see thru to the root of a problem, and he wasn't at all afraid to go out on a limb. When asked what was the most important thing he'd done in his life, he said it was saving a drowning man, on 3 different occasions, when he worked as a lifeguard. That's a good perspective to start from!

    hat tip to Alan Lake
  • Danny Jeffrey

    It is an honor Sir!