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  • Kinana

    Injured Iraqi Girl
    “We tried to close the church door but the terrorists opened it with bombs. They came in looking for all the young men to kill them. No one tried to attack the terrorists. They began to kill children because their crying bothered them. They killed several crying children.” October 31, Syrian Catholic Cathedral of Baghdad
  • sarah

    Indeed, true freedom for the individual can only be guaranteed by upholding the essential sovereignity, character and tradition of the nation. Rajinder Singh once said "Look, I have an appeal to British people, now we are minorities in your care in a way, because we have come from our own homelands which were set on fire by Islam, and we came here for refuge and for safety. So please remember that the peace and prosperity of this country depends on the majority community which are you Anglo-Saxons and other British people, I repeat, peace and prosperity of this country depends on the majority community dominating this territory in a virile and manly manner. The moment the slightest sign of weakness you will create a power vacumn and you know what you will suck in, India knows what they sucked in, because of the power vacumn one third of India got blown off on one day 15th of August 1947 and people don't even have the guts now to nominate that day as the day of partition, they call it the day of independence to appease the Muslims. So British people should really take note of all that." Britain has all the elements to be a free society in which everyone accepts the tradition of the nation just as one would be expected to accept the tradition of any nation as a minority. Each can have their own culture and religion intact only if it is held in place by the lynch-pin of the changing and evolving ancient native tradition which served us well until Labour ripped the heart out of Britain:

  • Kinana

    Children were shot for crying.


    Beslan - Child rape, torture, enforced urophagia and Islamic ritual murder


  • casual green

    Hello Kinana,

                          I wonder if you can give me a little of your knowledge. I ordered three books , the Hadith by Bukari, the quran ,which seems to be differant, its by a man called M.A.S. Abdel Haleem. and is said to be a new translation, and A Manual of Hadith, by Maulana Muhammad Ali, can you explain these last two, they seem different to what I expected. Also I met a man from wellington near telford, who was very scholarly on the subject of Islam and Jihad. I wonder if its ok to put him forward to join  4freedoms, I think it would help him a lot and also myself as he is very near me and they ( the people of Telford ) are at the for front of the sexual Jihad being waged upon the children. They told me some quite disturbing things. 

  • Kinana

    Contrary to the Barbarians which confronted Rome, the followers of Muhammad are driven by an ideology which they want to impose on us. Geert Wilders


  • IQ al Rassooli

    Hi Kinana


    I am happy to have joined you and already I am sending a comment to that of Alan Lake


    Please read it



  • Joel Busher

    Hi Kinana,


    Thank you very much for sending the invitation to join you here!


    Best wishes



  • Philip Smeeton

    Thank you and thank you for your input. Philip.
  • Ruby Sunday

    Debate on Religious Intolerance in Pakistan 1
    Added on 10/02/2011

  • steven patrick

    kinana ! ive posted that thing in uk room ,sry for delay been very busy .Hope you like it ,let me know what you think !
  • Philip Smeeton

    Recently a fourteen year old girl in Norway committed suicide. Losing the will to live after having been raped by three immigrants.
  • Philip Smeeton

  • Kim Hamlin

    Thank you for the welcome message! Glad to be here.
  • Richard Edl-Nottingham

    Im not aware what other towns cities have planned but luckly here in Nottingham we have a full weekend of events around Nottingham's Market Square and Castle - as a division we are meeting on the sunday
  • Alan Lake

    Nice new quote!
  • Mary, Act 4 America Chptr Leader

    Hello Kinana,

    Perhaps you can give me some assistance.  I need to place a disclaimer on my page, but can not see how it is done.  Any help you can give me would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

  • kieron golding

    Cheers Kinana - Bless
  • Roger Andersen

    Thanks :)
  • Chris Wintle Cxf

    Kinana, Thank you for letting in, Hope some good debates
  • Karl Ray

    Ta for adding me.
  • Jack Rainbow

    Yes, thanks I saw your tiles and they are a useful document. I hope to have a draft leaflet up on the leaflets room by tomorrow afternoon: it will be up to individual members of 4 Freedoms to pount out errors or anything they disagree with, or to suggest better ways of saying something.
  • Eowyn.Maiden

    Thank you very much! :)
  • Kinana

    Islam is a lie and Mohammed is the father of the lie.  The Qur'an is the constitution of a slave and slave-making society.  The slave masters, i.e. the top slaves (who are slaves to Allah), are called Muslims and they make up the Umma, the nation of believers.  They are destined and called by Allah to rule over the lower slaves, i.e. non-Muslims, who are called dhimmis.  If the dhimmis do not accept the status designated by their masters then war and death is their fate.  It is time to turn back the Islamic tide before it is too late.  We need to stop all concessions granted to Islam and cleanse society of all Islamic influences which are not compatible with Western Civilisation. 

    Kinana Nadir

  • Kiril Romanov

    Thanks Kinana,

    So do I just post my blog article as a message via the envelope icon into the "Theology" room? and;
    Is it alright to do as I did: Make a partial post with link back to my blogsite?
    I do understand and agree to the need to catagorize subject matter. Thanks for your patience,
  • Valerie Aversa

    Thank you for your welcome to this site.  I am interested in the gradual infiltration of Islamists around the world especially in Europe and USA.  I live in Australia and of course things will be happening here in comparison and we have to be very aware and learn from the mistakes of being so accommodating due to "multiculturalism".

    Looking forward to receiving plenty of information.

  • tony dean

    Thank you for your welcome.

    I also have a rant about different things in the UK (and there is enough to rant about!), on my blog at:-

    Frequently you will see my rants about the stupidity of this EUSSR we have a political connection to, which I never voted for! When in 1973 I went out and voted in the referendum on joining the COMMON MARKET, I voted yes, for the trade with the Europeans is vital to our industries here.

    Since then it has morphed into an ogre of the kind we used to see in the old Soviet Union,; all pigs are equal except some pigs more equal than others.'

    My rants frequently go into emails to ALL members of parliament and I have been cut-off at one point for several weeks before I realised what was happening. If you use the same 'reply to:' email address someone in the cabinet office sends a 'runner' over to the system admin at the server and has your emails deleted and never reach the members of parliament.

    I take my right to lobby all the members of parliament about serious matters affecting this country very seriously. I now make an new email 'reply to:' before sending out to all m.p's,-  that cures the problem, for they don't know which 'reply to:' address I am going to use next!

    Sorry for the long rant but you see the shenanigans that are going on all the time in and around that cabinet office - and by the way - it was me who sent a mass of angry emails to every member to alert them to the forestry sell-off and posted on Greenpeace blog and sent emails to every media person on my list - the outrage of the members of parliament was total! The anger in their replies was palpable, they demanded a debate on this forestry sell-of and subsequently the sell-off got canned.

    So keep up chipping away and soon the nation knows about issues.

  • Ross McKay

    Thanks for the welcome, Kinana. I have already posted a comment elswhere, and was moved to search for outlets after Facebook shut down our expat blog access. They got upset about something, can't think why, but have a look at the blog and maybe you can figure it out!

  • Kinana

    Hey Ross, Face Book is showing it's true colours.  Ning is a different animal but if we keep things here within the law (i.e. USA law) we should be okay.  Google is also another dodgy media as i have found out by using Orkut.  Welcome again!


    Thank you. I just wish I could stop getting so damn angry with this insane brutal barbaric ideology!!!


    Robert Spencer has it right when he quotes muhamad. When in a debate with muslims if you quote all the barbaric acts committed by mohamad, the scholars cant dismiss them. Dont talk about the Bible, when discussing their war manual. The bible was written with love not hate like the war manual!!!

  • valhalla

    Hi Kinana thanks for the welcome ,hope I will be able to contribute to the community.

  • Kinana

    More chat: ‘Big Ben and Sharia Law’. To hear the radio program go here:

    The Redding, California, Tea Party people have put there an outline from my last interview in March 2011. I will update the text later this week.

  • Mrs. Rene O'Riordan

    Thanks Kinana - glad to be here. I'm not very techy savvey but will do my best to learn from all you guys - blessings - Rene

  • Thomas Koskela


  • Ian Bell

    Thanks Kinana - glad to be here

  • James

    Thank you for the welcome Kinana. I hope I will be able to learn something to fight the good fight.

  • Marianne Conley

    Thanks for your welcome, Kinana. Best wishes to all members

  • Stephen

    Thanks buddy. Much appreciated.
  • steve simmons

    Hi Kinana - thanks - glad to be back

  • Arthur

    Thanks, nice to be back.


  • Bridie Hall

    Thank you Kinana - lets work together, "united we stand".


    thanks, what a great site.. great information. great job

  • Lola

    Thanks, Kinana. Glad to be here.

  • teck ghee lim

    thanks Kinana; much obliged and glad to be in good company

  • Md. Mukammilur Rahman

    Thanks a lot. Nice to be here. 

  • Pastorius

    Thank you, Kinana. :)

  • Robert Hand

    Thanks, Kinana! Happy to be here!

  • sven von kohler

    Thank you ! I will write in the very near future about Swedish "freedom of speach today"

    and what it used to be like!

  • AJ Liberphile

    Thanks Kinana,

    This is an interesting and complex site. I will contribute what I can!

  • Almog

    Thank you for accepting me Kinana