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  • Kinana

    welcome to 4F. I look forward to your participation here.
  • Alan Lake

    Yes, that is a difficult situation.

    But he has no right to both have a stated opinion on a subject, and say he doesn't want to talk about it. That like saying you believe in slavery, but you can't be bothered to defend your position. Its is gross. Your brother can only reasonably say:
    "My off the cuff assessment would be to allow the 9/11 victory mosque, but I haven't time to investigate the issue properly so I could be wrong".

    I would advise him that, since he is supporting a fascist ideology and an organisation linked to some terrorist groups, he would be well advised to keep his mouth shut until he CAN go into the issue properly, and IS sufficiently well informed to defend his positiion.
    I would say that I do not feel that fascism and human rights are a trivial or laughing matter, so I personally do not take them so lightly. I would question that he is so easy going about being linked to fascists and racists who refuse to sign up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and are guilty of so many such acts world wide.