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  • Paul Weston

    Thanks for supporting blog. V Depressing to write so always good to hear something positive!
  • Christ Lover

    Looking forward to being an integral part of putting the "Great" back in Britain. Thanks for having me.
  • Kinana

    Thanks for donate button, and all the work behind it!
  • Italian Defence League Casuals U

    Hi OldWar Dod!
    Nice to meet u.
    We are planning our first demo in June.
    Have u some good contacts in Italy?
    Take care.

    IDL Staff
  • Italian Defence League Casuals U

    Hi mate!
    We are planning our demo on 19 or 26 June. We need to get the authorization before let everybody know location and timetable.
    Anyway probably it will be in Florence 90% ( in different way Milan ).
    If u are interested to attend the demo I'll inform u about.
    Our lads 'll welcome all the other comrades travelling from different Countries and our staff will help u about accomodations etc....
    Take care.

    IDL Pino
  • Lisa S

    Thank you for the welcome, just glad to be on board. :)
  • PJ Heaton

    Cheers and Thanks for the welcome