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  • Alan Lake

    Yes, things are looking very grim. And Cameron is too busy changing his nappy, to protect us.
  • Lee

    Am to point of giving up mate £900 million in aid and let thousands in lol what do yeh say to that like and all these leftist dogooders I hate them more than Islam mate these are the people that have /are allowing Islam to grow and take over traitors and refugees themselves
    In civil war fit young men running away I would have no hesitation in having them shot refugees are nothing but cowards who are not prepared to fight wonen fight for the peshmurga and look at these fleeing makes me Fuckin sick
  • Lee

    Well it been just shy of to years.
    Am sorry but Islam is wiping the floor with us at this rate am surprised were still here and the UK is an entire Islamic state
    Muslim's social and political standings are higher than ever.
    It's actually cool to be Muslim
    Islamic violence is more regular and met with solidarity and install the signs are there of Islam slowly taken over
    People are in the mindset of there's only a handful of Islamic extremists there's no possibility of them succeeding in their struggle.
    When infact there's every chance infact we are making it easier for them as we are not offering any resistance what so ever
    Let's face all anti Islamic movements are pathetic
    In hindsight the only possible chance we had was the EDL back in the day and if I knew then what I know now I would have taken a hole different approach
    There's two things that we can do 1)give up and bow to Islam and accept it
    2)form a militia
    There no middle ground no grey area no other way
    By not doing option 2 we are infact bowing to Islam we may aswell just think fuck it what's the point and start praying to Allah because showing no resistance is just offering assistance