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  • Kinana

    Lee, Welcome to 4Freedoms

  • Philip Smeeton

    I agree with you entirely Lee. The only way to deal with fanatics like the Muslims is by using extreme methods. Given the power I would round them all up and send them back to Muslim countries. Every single one of them! and all of the other criminals too. OUT.

  • Lee

    Hi everyone haven't been for a while well it's all happening Islam is managing to spread rapidly through Europe and the world seems to have gone even more ignorant
    The biggest refugee crisis since world war 3 they say well that tell me a pattern has emerged when we see massive amounts of refugees theirs a war behind them not long I think
    It's good to see the week people of the uks reaction to a picture of a dead child let them all in they say give them houses give them money build them a mosque do t offend them I wonder what these people will do when it's no longer pictures and it's reality and it's happening in front of them with their own children being killed sold enslaved sexually abused all in the name of the religion that they defended from us far right racist monsters well I will have the same comment for them as I had for the poor child washed up on the beach rather you than me rather your children than my children
    These very people who are ignorant to Islam are refugees in the making they won't fight They will be enslaved abused and try and escape leaving us and their own families behind They are cowards
    The Mediterranean is littered with bodies of children but you give one a name and this is what the majority do no wonder Islam sees us as weakness and pathetic it's because the overwhelming majority of us are I relax in the thought of I hope they are made to suffer at the hands of Islam for the ignorance that they have showed while the rest of us would settle for a quick death if so fortunate