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  • Alan Lake

    Hi Grenadier! You probably want to join the UK Room (its under the Europe tab).
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  • dean

    welcome to 4freedoms grenadier.
  • lee highdale

    Well I think its safe to say we are on the same page concerning this i am going to prepare something only I want to tell them to their face,I travelled down on a coach and it was fucking ridiculous drink,drink,drink by all means have 2 cans and drink on the way back it the sad truth Alan they looked like a gang of wankers and am not speaking for a gang of wankers the U.A.F are laughing at them Islam is laughing at them their not laughing at me,Alan L said their is going to be a secure site for x-military only its up to us to keep it secure i was sent a link last night but couldn't access it we have to keep this x-military I personally think theirs a majority of E.D.L supporters who think this is a game its gonna have to change and its the lads like us who know how to change it,it needs discipline before it can move forward