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UK Islamisation Timeline

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Comment by Alan Lake on July 26, 2013 at 3:25

Understanding the legend and event patterns

One of the values of this timeline is that it enables you to see patterns that would otherwise be missed. So, if you select a particular event type by clicking on it in the legend, you will sometimes notice how the similarity in wording reveals a progressive pattern.  For example, the Terrorism events show a gradual reduction in sensitivities to common decency, from murdering athletes, to disabled people, to totally unrelated commuters, to schoolchildren.  Also, the Islamic Territory events show how, over time, it is accepted that Sharia standards of 'offence' and conformity must be applied over parts of the UK.  It would be easy to believe that these stages of Islamisation were centrally planned. However, a more realist explanation would be that what we are seeing unfold, is what Noam Chomsky called a "conspiracy of self-interest".

Explanations of trends within each Legend type, are given by the links below.

CENSORSHIP:  Censorship proceeds by first of all silencing discussion of race, then of culture, by media pressure.  Later, the key speakers may be silenced by media vilification and job redundancy, or by being murdered.    Criminalisation of Blasphemy        Sharia Law on Blasphemy      Censorship Victims

CHILD SEX GROOMING:   Cover up     Grooming Gangs    Islamic Rape Theology

EXECUTIONS & BEATINGS:  Acts 17: Theology of Islamic executions

DEMOCRACY & LEGISLATURE:   Demographics Video    Demographics Stats

GAY ETHNIC CLEANSING:   Mapping Tower Hamlets

Comment by Alan Lake on July 7, 2013 at 4:51

Yo Joe

Looking at the list you will notice that muslims are very much involved in the following.

 Persecution of Hazara people   

This is very much a Sunni/Shite thing dates back to the 16th century, with Babur from Kabulistan. It is reported that during the reign of Emir Abdur Rahman, thousands of Hazaras were killed, expelled and enslaved.

What is dangerous here, by terming the Hazara situation as ethnic violence enables them to play the victim card, and gain entry into the west as refugees, much the same as the Rohingya

 Oldham RiotsUnited Kingdom

 Bradford RiotsUnited Kingdom

 Death AngelsUnited States 

If you open the link there is no mention of islam until there is mention of   the Self-Help Moving and Storage company, which was owned by the The Nation of Islam

 Cronulla Race Riots in Sydney, 2005

 This was the reaction to  a group of volunteer surf lifesavers were assaulted by a group of young men of Middle Eastern appearance (Lebanese) and the gang raping of Aussie women by lebanese gangs

 Riots in KondopogaKareliaRussia 

2006   On the night of August 29–30, two ethnic Russians were killed and several others badly injured by Chechens in the Chayka («Чайка») restaurant. A group of Russian men were eating at the Azeri-owned restaurant, when allegedly, they noticed that the expensive, premium brand vodka bottle the waiter was pouring their drinks from was actually filled with a cheap, low quality spirit. An argument and brief scuffle ensued.

The ethnic Russians then left the bar. The barman then called a 'rescue team' of 15 Chechens. This team of hired 'protectors' actually arrived an hour after the Russians involved in the initial fracas had exited, but on arrival, randomly attacked ethnic Russian diners in the restaurant, who hadn't been involved in the original vodka dispute. Armed with baseball bats and knives, they set on the clientele shouting 'allahu akbar!', and in a brutal melee, 
2 Russians were killed, 8 seriously injured and 15 mutilated, the injuries ranging from cuts to gouged out eyes.

 Armenian Genocide

This is digusting to even consider this as Ethnic violence, it had Nothing to do with ethnic hatred and ethnic conflict, but everything to do with Islamic Jihad


Comment by Alan Lake on July 7, 2013 at 4:51
This is from the Wikipedia entry for the 2001 Oldham riots.

"the worst ethnically-motivated riots in the United Kingdom since 1985"

They don't mention where these 1985 riots were.  I'm assuming it means Brixton (Brixton had "race riots" in 1981 and 1985).

Have any of the riots in England since 1981 been "white riots"?


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