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And you think it is bad here in America. Take a look at what is happening to our European cousins. 
They have lost the freedom of speech. Geert Wilders, the leader of a political party in Holland and a member of Parliament has spent a lot of time in court because he told the truth. In telling the truth he has been attacked by his government for violating Hate Speech laws prohibiting anyone from criticizing Islam. You are allowed to criticize Christianity, Jews, Hindu, Buddhists...Not Islam. He also lives under a death threat from the peaceful religion of Islam. 

The English Defense League is composed of blacks, whites, Jews, even Sikhs and they are called far right racists, fascists, and Nazis. They march in protest of the Muslims taking over England and planning to turn Buckingham Palace into a Mosque. They are supported by the likes of Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Bridgette Gabriel, Rabbi Shiffren of Los Angeles and needless to 

We in America have problems; they have nightmares, and want us to learn from what is happening to them. The cause of all of Europe's problems are its Elite Leaders. We have developed our own strain of the Elitists and they have grown strong under Obama. 

The following videos will give you an idea of what lies ahead unless we wake America up. I have no doubt that the people that I am involved with on the internet are some of the finest people in America, England, France and Egypt. The last three countries I mentioned know the danger. It is time for America to learn it and people...It is our job to teach them. 

What will happen if Islam takes over England 

This video is from Belgium, the problem there is so bad that the police have their voices electronically modified out of fear of being identified 

Since the arrival of the European Union Brussels, Belgium is the Capitol of Europe. The end of this video speaks of what we have to learn from Europe. 

War Zone in Brussels, nothing quite like a bunch of Muslims with AK47s 

Silent Exodus...Jews leaving Sweden 

Remember the Watts riots...Such things are commonplace in Europe 

Europe versus Islam....About the first 30 or 40 seconds of this clip is European scenes, Then come the message. 

Sharia Law in the UK 

This is an article instead of a video. It is from the Canada Free Press and does an excellent job of comparing the Islam problem in Europe and the lack of the problem in America, with especially good points in the fourth paragraph. 

Islam rising 17 part video...This is a full movie broken into segments. I have gathered them into a group so that you may watch what you want at your convenience 

There is so much more. If anyone has any questions, I am always willing to help, and what I don't know, our Friends in England will be glad to tell you. They know it first hand...They are living it everyday. 

PS...This was supposed to be the end of this essay but an incident has just been reported from the UK that simply must be added. It is not an earth shaking event, nor is it a report on mob violence or the fall of a nation. This is simply the attack of Islam on one man...A teacher trying to teach and that it prohibited in their culture. This type of incident show why they are still third world nations. 
The reason that I have added the attack on one man...It is a personal attack on all civilized people. Take it as such!

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Comment by Danny Jeffrey on February 23, 2011 at 11:19

Steven, I have no doubt that we shall pay dearly in the coming days and years, but I remain convinced that they will fail.  There are powers that be who are engineering the coming battle. They want this thing to happen in their quest for power and that is why we are importing terror, but when the blood letting starts, things will change, for that is the time we must go after the corrupt leaders who have sold us out. Cut a snakes head off and it dies. Without the help of our elite leaders the forces we face lose because the bottom line is they have no technology and they have no abilities other than severing heads. They can't make guns, ammunition, medicine or food. When we stop selling to them they have no choice but to retreat back to the desert from which they come...As has always happened in the past when they tried to take Europe.

Have faith, my young friend. When our timid, do nothing neighbors no longer have electricity for their TV and when they see someone they love beheaded, they will react, I just wish they would have the courage to join us now.

Years ago I worked with an electrician from View Nam. When he was still in Nam and saw the war raging about him he wanted to become a doctor and save lives. When the communists cut off his brother's head he wanted to kill, and he wanted to kill a lot of them. He joined the Vietnamese Air Force who were flying our old propeller driven aircraft from WWll and Korea. Phong loved those machine guns on the wings of his aircraft.

We will win Steven, and when we get rid of our Muslim  in the White House, Americans will once again return to England to fight alongside our British cousins. Damn! We are good together!

Comment by steven patrick on February 23, 2011 at 10:21
Its nice to know alot of those clips involve my country.I cant help watching these and thinking europe is lost and that the posibility of us all walking silently into the night may happen.What a heart breaking way for a beautiful bunch of nations to meet there end ,swallowed by a evil horde off monsters hell bent on bringing sorrow and dispare to every coner of our planet.What a shame....
Comment by John Sobieski on February 23, 2011 at 9:03

Hi Danny - Great Post - on the last point - I did post this which you may find interesting and we would love your comments.

God Bless

John S.

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