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He is not just selling the Unites States out...He is actually selling the United States.

For those who are unfamiliar with the FTZ issue this will bring you  up to speed

Evil but brilliant and it will get Obama reelected because he is going to Create millions of jobs.


State is obvious


FTZ No. 82 Mobile
Grantee: City of Mobile
Operator: Mobile Airport Authority
2062 Old Shell Road, Mobile, AL 36607
Greg Jones (251) 471-6725
Fax (251) 471-6727

The City of Mobile Alabama is the Grantee. It is through their Grant that this become an FTZ with the Mobile airport authority in charge.

Sub Zones

82A Atlantic Marine Alabama, LLC
82B Evonik Degussa Corp.
82D Sony Electronics Inc.
82E Syngenta Crop Protection
82F Trigeant EP, Ltd.
82G Shell Chemical LP
82H Austal
82I ThyssenKrupp Steel & Stainless USA

Some of these are companies that our unions chased away with their demands, others are foreign companies that will come here for cheap labor. Americans got greedy and many of our companies left for cheaper labor in China and now they are going to come back for to the USA for ... cheaper labor.
Some where along the way these companies, China, and the USA got together and figured the manufacturing cost of an item in China, including material, labor and so forth. They then added the cost of transport across the Pacific, dock fees in Long Beach or Frisco, shipping across the USA. 
Now they have figured out how to manufacture the same item for less here. Eliminate all of those shipping fees, dock fees, transport fees and such. and they now have more money to pay Americans, but nowhere near what Americans used to get.

15,000,000 Americans are out of work and will tolerate anything to go back to work, including working for less than minimum wage. That is why these locations become Chinese territory. If an American is working in a Chinese zone they do not have to be paid the minimum wage for that state and they will pay their income tax to China, and probably work with no benefits. On Chinese territory unions could not force their way in as they would have to observe the laws of China. Another benefit is that China will not have to observe the EPA regulations that chased many of our companies out of the country. Our existing companies still here will still be subject to the EPA and other government nonsense, including state and federal tax. Companies on Chinese territory will simply pay a lease fee to operate and probably a percentage of their gross income.

Just looking at the one state of Alabama, situated on the Gulf Coast. The next step is our government will lease rights to China to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico where Americans face a morotorium. Look at the Sub Zones and you will find Shell Oil. They will explore, find oil, refine it in Chinese controlled zones and pay lease money to China for the right to make money in America. America's take...Zero! We have been sold out.

I am sure that I could go through the whole plan and find a thousand of items like this but this is the key. The fact that this will be happening in all 50 states is for the purpose of reducing transport costs. I will stay with this and write an essay about what is coming at us but one of the worst is Obama will have bragging rights that he Created all of those jobs. 

This plan, like I say, is both evil and brilliant for it will indeed spread the wealth away from us to others in the world. As Karl Marx said. "From each according to his ability to each according to his need." This will totally destroy the middle class and finally make everyone equal. Equally poor. 

Friedrich Hayak wrote a book by name of "The Road to Serfdom." This will bring it to life.

One final thought. I have always said that we can't trust "Conservative" politicians either. There is no way the Democrats kept something this big under wraps. Our heroes knew this as well, Just like they know that Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism and we still call them our ally. This is just another rung in the ladder of the New World Order and all of our elitists knew about it,

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Comment by Kinana on February 2, 2011 at 14:03
never heard ot this before.  it is an invasion by another name.
Comment by Alan Lake on January 31, 2011 at 5:32
Amazing.  FTZs - a seductive idea with an awful consequence.

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