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Writing in response to Geert Wilder's point that Muslims in the West must free themselves, I have to say, it was easier for me, growing up in the 70's when there were no madrassas or mosques in our neighbourhood in the north of England. My parents were Muslims, but all my education was in England, and crucially at that time, there was no pandering to Muslim sensibilities, by the State or by school.

After memorising the sounds of the Arabic aphabet, from the age of eight or so, I had to read a couple of lines from the Koran every day. This gradually increased to half a page, then one boring page a day. As there were no mosques or madrassas, where we lived, my mother taught me at home.
At the age of 12, having 'read' up to the middle of the 15th chapter of the Koran, I suddenly dug my heels in and decided it was totally stupid to be reading the sounds of the Arabic words with no understanding of their meaning. Despite strong family opposition, I then started to read the Koran in English. What I read, repulsed me and I realised without a shadow of doubt that there is nothing divine about the Koran; it is totally a man-made book and I accordingly, despised its pronouncements as such.

Some thirty years on, and there are mosques and madrassas sprinkled on every few streets in most towns in the North of England, for example. I see little children from the age of seven or so, the girls wearing scarfs, going there to learn the Koran, every evening after school. These children literally, have no time to think, in between school, homework and the madrassa!

As these children are growing up in such a kind of schizophrenia-inducing condition, is it not the fault of the adults occupying both halves of their world?I

In Britain, we have, for some 20 years, had the state, financially supporting Muslim schools. Even in mainstream schools, in RE lessons, no white/non-Muslim teacher have had, or has the courage to say anything approaching truthfulness about Islam and its history. This is a disastrous policy based on what? Cowardice? Conviction? The idea that those kids belong to 'their' community? Why are we so surprised when they grow up feeling that they don't belong?

So, while liberals continue to pussyfoot around, those children are being systematically indoctrinated into a binary world view of Believers and Unbelievers, Us and Them. This has led directly to the development of western nurtured Jihadists, living off the State while promulgating their message of hate.

It is a huge failure of Western educational systems and policies that a 16 year old girl leaves school and starts college wearing a veil (her mother, aunties, and even grandmother in Pakistan, do not) and when I asked her why, she answered with, with pitiful seriousness, 'Because I am so scared of burning in hell.' She had never been exposed to atheism or agnosticism or any other point of view to counterbalance the Islamic one.
Lucky me, the resources of the State did not hand me over to peddlars of fascistic teachings, for two hours of every week day. Lucky me, I was not to be influenced by the sight of teachers and policewomen/the mayor/the Queen bowing down to the mullah's authority by donning scarves when visiting mosques. Compared to the youngsters of today, I had a lot more time and a lot more freedom to think for myself. Lucky me indeed!

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Comment by Ruhannah on July 22, 2010 at 20:18
Hi Shiva
Thank you for your comment. What I must point out is the responsibility of councils and state-wide policies in Britain, that have encouraged the most separatist/patriacha/misogynistl kind of elements in the Muslim section of society, to adopt things that were very often frowned on and socially not acceptable to the majority of South Asian Muslims in their communities of origin.
So for example, wearing the veil was seen as a silly affectation and there was social pressure on the the woman who married into a familly and village where no one wore the veil,,for her to stop this stupidity. I am talking about this, an actual situation, happening some 55 years ago, before the partition of India, which led to the creation of Pakistan.
Currently at the college where I teach, the white/indigenous lecturers look askance at me, when I insist that any students who choose to fast, can't have special priveleges, like handing in their work late. So it is not just the opportunistic Muslims seeking favours who are at fault, but more so, those with power, who kowtow to them.
Comment by shiva on July 22, 2010 at 16:28
Yes lucky you and your children (?).

What you point out here is a very frightening picture.
Comment by GIT-R-DONE! on July 21, 2010 at 0:58
"It is a huge failure of Western educational systems and policies"

It's no "mistake". It is a carefully executed plan of destruction.

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