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I arrived in London on Saturday and stayed in southall with an old friend. I told him about the demo and said it would be a good way to get near Hyde park and speakers corner. He has been talking for awhile about the situation there and how Muslims have taken it over, so he jumped at the Idea and the next day we set off.
My friend is a Londoner and an old football Geezer, his father was Jewish and he from experience is not pro-Israeli. When we left his home the next morning I made sure to extract from him a vow to keep his views to himself.
As far as we were concerned we attended as EDL in support of the EDL and the EDL only. As befits all EDL we were waiting for the right moment to come , and then to take advantage of it. The demo as far as we were concerned was to get as many near Speakers corner as possible, and when the demo ended, to divert as many as we could in the corners direction.
As far as the demo and the Rabbi is concerned it was good , 200-300. Kevin Carroll spoke well and so did the Rabbi, though some of it was in Hebrew ,he was passionate enough. When it ended we all seemed to agree to go to the corner. The police marched us round and we found ourselves back at the Gloucester Arms, were the law tried to kettle us.. Myself and my friend made our move along with others of a like mind, and between us all we got maybe 50-60 to slip away.
It was hard to find our way to the corner but we did , losing a few as we marched. In these times we must find something to laugh at...Half-way across the park a well known lass from Preston wearing high heels says" I hope this pubs got good ale"
" what pub " We replied
"The speakers corner" she barked!!!!
Once she found out there was no pub at the end of the walk her abuse drove us ever onward!!!
As we neared the corner the law appeared and at the same time we received calls on our mobiles telling us that
there were muzzies gathering. It was at this moment that people around the country came to our aid. We were blind ,marching towards the corner trying to keep up the momentum ,but losing numbers as the walk dragged on
Around the country people knew and started to connect with
each other. We were told that if we needed them
there were two different groups in pubs a tube stop away. We told our people to hold them there and began to cross towards the corner. As we
crossed the open ground it was obvious that we were very thinly spread.
When we came across the corner it was a revelation to all of us...There were Muslim women in full burkas and all other forms of Islamic dress sitting like sentinals in deck chairs, seemingly guarding the approach to the corner!!
friend and others spread out and entered the crowd, the rest of us made our way through the deckchair guards. I have never been to speakers
corner before but it was obvious that this is not conductive of free speech. The whole place and its immediate vicinity spoke of Islam, or if you did not know Islams name , you would simply feel one total overall oppressive force... It dressed in black and the males of the species
wore beards.
So we entered this sacred place of English Democracy and English myth, and for the first time in a lot of years it rang to the sound of the English tongue. All around the EDL began to make its presence felt, each of us entering debates as soon as we reached the corner.
The Rabbi who had accompanied us all the way across the park
arrived and most of the EDL gathered around him. The Muslims now realized who we were and began to react. They surrounded the EDL and the Rabbi in large numbers ,100-150 and vicious arguments began.
The police formed a crescent between the two groups with the EDL outnumbered 3-1. As the front of us argued, those in the rear moved about preventing Muslims from surrounding our
group,and others moved about working the crowd. At the beginning it wasn't clear but as the events unfolded it became apparent that we were winning support from many there.
I didn't realize it but they the Police and the Muslims were preventing the Rabbi from speaking. It was those who were with him from the Jewish division who brought this to our attention. I was arguing with a British female convert to Islam at the time . She was arguing that the rabbi was as extreme as the Muslim zealots and that we were hypocrites because he was with us.
I realized then that i don't care any more, and I told her so. Why should
any of us care what the world thinks, we will be hindered in our actions if we do. The rabbi stood on the steps provided for him and engaged the crowed. As he spoke those in front of him engaged in what was becoming very violent debates with the mainly male Muslims before us....
As the situation worsened we decided to call for help, and we contacted those who had phoned us and called for reinforcements. We owe the Salford and Northampton divisions for their help, they were at the end of the phones all the time and we were able to coordinate it perfect, the timeing was priceless.
The Muslims must have thought that this was all we could muster and were becoming really belligerent. They were jumping up and down and howling with laughter at the rabbi who gave as good as he got.It carried on like this for 10 mins and then from the rear of the Muslim mob came the chant E E EDL ,we knew the cavelry had arrived.
A group of 20 -30 EDL poured into the rear of the Muslims an they reeled about in confusion. For a while they argued trying to maintain their, ground then from their rear another column of EDL arrived. It was priceless to see the soldiers of Allah melting away. Only seconds before they were growling like lions now they scurried away like mice.
The EDL crew that came in clashed with some English Muslim converts who minutes before were scowling and growling. The table they manned was thrown over and their pamphlets stomped into the mud. Two of the EDL lads were cuffed and the rest of the crew were pushed from the corner by the police.
The whole place was in pandemonium with groups of EDL moving amongst the reeling Muslims and the stunned crowds. Once the police moved to kettle the latest EDL arrivals and contain the situation, the way for the rabbi to enter the corner was open and in he strode.
The presence of the Rabbi on the corner and the scenes that greeted his attempt to gain free speech, won us alot of new friends. Everywhere around the corner people approached us and shook our hands or asked us questions. Many said that what we had done was the most dynamic thing to have happened in many years.
As we spoke to the different groups the police gradually rounded us up, and to what was obvious shock to people watching, ketteled us and slowly marched us away. The end of free speech for this group of indigenous English!
We were walked across the park to what I think is marble Arch then forced down onto the tube, our flash mobbing over, but the job done!
We owe alot to the lads and lasses that came to our rescue,and to the people in salford and Northampton who manned the phones. Together we pulled off a very important flash demo, one that will be repeated many, many times over the next year

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Comment by Pat McCrann on February 16, 2011 at 10:58
That sounds great Alan. Get each speaker on film, even if it's only mobile, and we can publicise it and draw in support. I'll bet there are plenty of people in London - and casual green's post shows this - who are sick to death of seeing the black crows descending on our beloved speakers corner and I'll bet they'll come out to support. Even a mention on the EDL facebook is a start.
Comment by Alan Lake on February 16, 2011 at 10:54
I'm working on a debating team as well, so we should later be able to provide some protagonists.
Comment by Heather Gilbert on February 16, 2011 at 9:16
I would if I lived in London Kinana. I'm too far away to travel there regularly unfortunately
Comment by Pat McCrann on February 16, 2011 at 9:06

That's a great idea Kinana. I think casual green is hoping to do that too. It would be good if we could do some filming of it. :)

Chase away the black crows.

Comment by Kinana on February 16, 2011 at 8:53

A regular EDL presence there would be good.  Say once a month.  If anyone is interested in doing this, and perhaps speaking, I am sure a good team and support group could be developed around this project.  Send me a message if you are interested.

Comment by Heather Gilbert on February 16, 2011 at 8:08
Heartening to read this. Speaker's Corner is a place dear to my heart and I've whiled away many Sunday afternoons there, back in the days when it was not hi-jacked by muslims.   Typical that none of the muslims were arrested, but two of the EDL were.   Well done folks!
Comment by Pat McCrann on February 15, 2011 at 22:07
You know what, CG? I really enjoyed this when I first read it a while ago, but tonight I came back and read it again and it's bloody brilliant.
Comment by Pat McCrann on November 15, 2010 at 13:46
It might be an idea next time for everyone to take leaflets with them with a succinct group of arguments summarised on the leaflets to distribute on speakers corner and also to everyone you meet, including on the train. Leaflets could be left on every train seat.
Comment by Kinana on October 30, 2010 at 0:57
'Many said that what we had done was the most dynamic thing to have happened in many years.'
yep, a long-time visitor of the Corner told me the same.
The EDL needs to return and recruit for and explain the cause of counter sharia/jihad. it would be a good legacy from the Rabbi's visit.
Comment by Alan Lake on October 28, 2010 at 1:27
Thanks casual! I never knew all that had happened. Its good to reclaim that bit of dar al islam by giving a bit of dar al Harb. However, in future we will plan to have prepared speakers, and have more of the tennis match type arguments with the crowd, which is what speakers corner is all about. That will keep people entertained & hopefully things will run more smoothly.

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