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What's 'inshallah' got to do with it ?

I work in education and recently, I started a new job in a Northern city.

The other day, I went to speak to Sue, my Line Manager, and was told she had already left for home.
I thanked Carol, the other manager who told me this, and I said as I turned to leave the room,
"Hopefully, I'll catch up with Sue first thing tomorrow". To which, Carol, a white, middle-aged English female, responded by saying to me .... 'Inshallah'.

I was halfway through the door and so surprised by this that I practically blinked and turned back to look at her. She was looking very pleased with herself...
'Carol, what did you just say?, ' I asked, trying to keep my tone of voice friendly.

'Oh, I said, 'inshallah', she repeated, as if expecting a woop of delight or a pat on the back from me !

As I said at the beginning of this post, being new to this job and this city, my values and views are not known at all. But my name can be taken as indicating I am of Muslim or of Jewish background... and I certainly look as if I'm of Middle-Eastern or Indian/Pakistani origin.

In previous workplaces, I have experienced years and years of being marginalised, ostracised, stonewalled and generally treated like a pariah. I experienced this, while, on the home front, being constantly punished for abandoning the traditions which all my family members still adhere to... and when I turned to engage in grassroots politics.... I discovered in a very painful way, that left wing activists for peace/justice /human rights ... did not mind me being physically attacked by a muslim mob, when I challenged the right of a muslim father to behead his 16 year old daughter, for having become a Christian...

Forgive me, Dear Reader, if I am not being very articulate about all this, indeed, I am sure I am condensing too much information into one sentence... but be patient, please, for it is part of the consequence of years of isolation....Perhaps this blog will be door out of this condition....

For, it has been my experience that in the Mother of all Democracies, there is much that is too dangerous to say, or say it, and you will be paying a high price, for years to come... and in more forms than the Inspector of Weapons in Iraq, was subjected to.

All of the above, flashed through my mind and ... I thought to myself, 'I cannot engage in any more battles, alone'.
My eyes refocused. I gave this liberal white woman a smile I hoped was not too wane, and I left.

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Comment by road runner on October 31, 2009 at 17:57
welcome ruhannah and WoW just by reading your text you sound like a truly amazing lady
Comment by Hugh Jorgan on October 29, 2009 at 4:21
Hi Ruhannah
The problem is you are too sensitive; I am from Liverpool originally and lived in London for a few years before moving to New Zealand a long time ago. In London scousers are and have been considered pariahs regardless of how hardworking and concientious you maybe, there is always a scouse joke. Moving to NZ I was branded a winging POM, not because I winged but because of my accent, all POMS are considered wingers in this part of the world. Arriving back in the UK after many years away I was branded a colonial, a winging, fucking Aussie, an antipodean twat amongs many other things. So now; I am a mixed up scouse, pomy, kiwi and I dont give a shit really and it has never bothered me, mostly because I never let it.
Comment by Netcon on October 28, 2009 at 22:58
Gosh Ruhannah, there's something in your text above that makes me think you really should have been a writer of novels.

But anyway, back to business. You could have replied "Yes, Kufir" or even "Yes, filthy kufir".

Now, seriously back to business. Reading between the lines, I guess what you are talking about is what I would call a kind of 'ideological loneliness', when the mainstream society and media dislike your polition and seem intent on crushing it. Yes, it is depressing.

But there is a way out. The MSM are wandering in La-La land, yes, but they have a financial problem as they become less relevant (partly because they do not represent us anymore) and get replaced by internet type media. And the Mainstream Society actually contains a huge number of people who agree with us but are too afraid to speak up. So it is not as bad as it seems.

So the solution is to connect with like-minded people. Its like a soothing balm which gives you the strength to go out and, from time to time, confront the morons, fascists and illiterates that foam at the mouth when you issue heresies like "all men have equal rights" or "freedom of religion".
Comment by Kinana on October 28, 2009 at 14:19
Welcome to 4F.
Your battle is ours too.
We will push back together.

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