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A Declaration of War - by French youth

Déclaration de guerre - Génération Identitaire + Transcript: From "The G...

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Comment by Antony on August 13, 2013 at 17:17
Comment by Joe on July 25, 2013 at 0:58

I was just thinking a couple of weeks ago, that Generation Identitaire appeared to have had their moment in the sun.  Perhaps they have now found that emulating the EDL is a better marketing strategy.

Comment by Kinana on July 24, 2013 at 23:08

Comment by Kinana on July 23, 2013 at 15:55

These look like the same people/organisation.

Birmingham EDL demo 20 July 2013

One of their members spoke.  But I think they were introduced as the French DL.

Comment by Joe on December 30, 2012 at 13:56

Paul, Generation Identitaire talk on their website about their annual training day, held every year on August 15, since 2003.  Bloc Identitaire hold their training day every year on August 15, since 2003.  They are one and the same movement.  Looking at the photos of GI meetings, it is clear there are men there who are in their 50s or 60s.  Hardly a youth movement that is self-guiding. 

I've made enquiries of some very politically-active, jewish groups in France.  Their response has been "we have no problems with Generation Identitaire".  So, once again, it is a question of watching them to see what they are up to.  They certainly appear to be growing far,far more quickly across Europe than any of the EDL look-alike groups.

Comment by Joe on December 30, 2012 at 10:36

Their video says they are the generation who have suffered "the forced mixing of races". All of the white people I know who are in relationships with non-white people, or who have mixed-race children are working class.  All of the revolutionary communists I know are middle-class.  All of these revolutionary communists live in leafy suburbs; none of them have mixed-race children or non-white partners. I totally accept that the "forced mixing" has been non-democratic, and that the geographical, social & cultural proximity has all been borne by the white working-class.  The middle-class buy their own apartheid.  The middle-class are sly enough to talk about political-correctness whilst making sure they disapprove of their child having a relationship with someone who is non-white (they would probably find another reason other than skin colour, as to why that person was unsuitable).  

The question is: are GI proposing to remedy this with a) segregation within europe, b) expulsion of non-white people.  They talk about their "blood" being their heritage, equating culture with race (very redolent of Hitler).

Bloc Identitaire have made it clear they would make civil partnerships between same-sex couples illegal.  They will also prevent gay people from adopting children.  Such civilised actions (legal recognition of marginal relationships, accepting that the quality of childcare is more important than prejudice) are european values (anywhere else they are to be found in the world is a result of those parts of the world having inherited such european values).

Bloc Identitaire/Generation Identitaire appear to share the same policies as the BNP.  Stormfront were initially gung-ho for GI.  About 15 pages into their discussion of GI that soured, when they realised that GI refuse to endorse anti-semitism.  That does not mean that GI are not anti-semites.  It could just mean they are playing games with words.  The same way that communists & socialists do (setting up the UAF as a front organisation that is entirely fascist in its outlook and operation), the same way that muslims do (claiming islam is the religion of peace).  The white nationalists at Stormfront end up being unsure whether or not GI are in their camp.

I'm just flagging these things up.  There are other similarities in operation between the Nazis, the Muslim Brotherhood and GI.  For instance, the way that GI go out into the streets distributing food to the needy.  This kind of things was also done by the Nazis and the MB.  The emphasis on youth is also another parallel between these three groups.

Comment by Antony on December 30, 2012 at 6:29

I think the GI vid is an excellent bit of agitprop ! well made, and so far at least I can see nothing in GI's statements that would define them as neo-nazis. "Populist" could just mean that they recognise the need for a popular (ie over 50% of the population) movement needed to stop the rot in French & European society.

They have also denounced anti-semetism and even nationalism, though I would not consider nationalism racist, additionaly, though it is not a point mentioned, Gypsies are also a part of European identity in traditional & historical terms, although originally coming from Rajasthan in India.

Comment by Joe on December 29, 2012 at 20:11

I have found some other remarks by them.  Again, it is hard to discern precisely what they stand for.

Here are some quotes from the leader of the BI, Fabrice Robert:
"Le nationalisme a été un drame pour l’Europe " Nationalism was a tragedy for Europe.

"Ce que nous reproche l’extrême-droite, c’est d’avoir rompu avec l’antisémitisme et l’antisionisme" The far-right condemn us because with are not antisemtic or antizionist.

"Quiconque suit régulièrement nos activités, lit nos textes, sait que le Bloc Identitaire n'est ni antisémite, ni antisioniste et qu'il a relégué au magasin des antiquités politiques du XXe siècle ce que d'aucuns appellent la « question juive.Nous ne sommes pas nationalistes, le nationalisme a été un drame pour l’Europe. Nous sommes populistes." Those who follow our activities, read our texts, knows that the Bloc Identitaire is not antisemitic or antizionist and rejects what people called the Jewish Question in the XXth century. We are not nationalist, nationalism was a tragedy for europe. We are populists.

Populist could well be equivalent to the Nazis talk about being "volkish".  The neofascist left are, of course, saying that GI are "white supremacists".  To my mind, they don't seem to be supremacists, but they seem to want Europe to be for white people.  Such a view does not have to claim that white people are superior, only that "races" are different but equal.  "Ethnic cleansing" could still be conducted by people who think that the non-whites are not inferior, but have still to be removed to return "the people" to what it was before 1940 (or whenever).

Comment by Kinana on December 22, 2012 at 12:41

Joe, they are walking a tight-rope for sure.  

this from the german video:

'Free from hatred and violence, 100% identity-based, 0% racist – these are the identitarians in Germany.

yet the American video says that Americans are a 'race' and a white man is speaking.

from what i can make of the original french site, they are silent about race, as you say, but in this context, is silence evidence of racism?

does 'identity-based' movements mean racial identity?

Maybe Gaia can tell us more.  Thanks for heads up Joe.

Comment by Alan Lake on December 22, 2012 at 3:57

Well, the Leftist National Socialists, with their collectivist mindset and suppression of open dialogue  have been trying to incubate a racist right for decades (just like they are the ones that successfully incubated a Norwegian Breivik), so perhaps they've now succeeded in making a race based French movement.

They should be happy.

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