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EDL Anti-Fascism Demo in Bradford

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EDL Anti-Fascism Demo in Bradford

Time: October 12, 2013 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: Bradford
Website or Map:…
Event Type: demo, edl, uk
Organized By: EDL
Latest Activity: Feb 5, 2014

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On the 12th October 2013 the English Defence League will hold a protest against Islamic Fascism in Bradford

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Comment by Kinana on October 13, 2013 at 14:59

Without yet reading any of the reports of the English Defence League demo in Bradford yesterday I will offer a brief assessment. 

The leadership left the EDL just four days before the national demo.  Despite hopes expressed from the Quilliam Foundation that the English Defence League had been ‘decapitated’ I confirm that it is alive and kicking.  To paraphrase Mark Twain: reports of its demise are greatly exaggerated.

The demo proceeded as we had all hoped it would, but it was risky and people were nervous.  The supporters and the regional organizers responded with speed and maturity.   People traveled from around the country despite the rain.  The stage and sound system were set up and worked perfectly.  The speeches were filled with encouragement, song and direction.  We carved out space in the public square to protest the Sharia-pushers and their enablers in our land.  We highlighted again in public the horrible reality of female genital mutilation and the Muslim child sex grooming gangs.  Such things are not easily, or often, spoken about in public.  The EDL does it and forces such topics onto the national political agenda. 

There are many questions yet to be answered as to the way forward and the structure of the EDL.  But future demos are planned and our enemies and the Government now know that the slogan of the EDL, ‘No Surrender’, is not just a nice sounding strap line to bolster shallow feelings but is a deep-rooted reality in the hearts of many patriots.  This reality will find its expression in the EDL.  We move forward with hope and determination.

Comment by Kinana on October 11, 2013 at 9:27

(EDL) English Defence League

(4) Walsall, Birmingham, Oxford, Manchester. Each time we have organised a demonstration we have felt it necessary to explain why we protesting in that city. Now it’s Bradford’s turn.

Bradford, Bradistan; the name almost says it all. Bradford has a long and honourable tradition of Pakistani immigration, from shortly after WW2 when they came across to resolve the labour shortage in the textile and steel industries to the doctors that play an essential role in the health service today. From a modest 10,000 immigrants in the 1950s, numbers have grown to an estimated 1.2 million today, with some 60% having ties to the Mirpur district of Pakistan where clan loyalty is strong and honour killing is a common occurrence. A very tight community that prefers to marry first cousins than dilute the family bonds, adheres to its original culture and customs, and imports its imams from Pakistan.

We came to Bradford in 2010. We came back to Bradford in 2011, and we came back again in 2012. We did not protest against immigration, we did not protest against Pakistanis. We protested against terrorist acts carried out in the name of Islam, we protested about the grooming of young girls, about sexual harassment, sexual abuse and the failure of the authorities to admit to the problems, much less do something about them.

In January this year, 30 men across the Bradford area were arrested for child sex grooming offences. Three months later, in March, 54 predatory paedophiles were arrested. The dust had barely settled before the West Yorkshire Police were crowing in July that between March 2012 and March 2013 there had been a drop in the number of arrests for sexual exploitation – a wonderful, dramatic drop from 82 to 78 arrests. Some drop! And just a month later, in August this year, the largest sex ring in the UK was finally wrapped up with the arrest of 45 “Asian” men. In 2011, a study by the Office of Children’s Commissioner stated that there had been 2,409 victims in the 14 months to October 2011, but admitted that there were probably many, many more among the 16,500 potential victims they had identified but, apart from a dismal number of arrests that has not even touched the tip of the problem, the police continue to deny that Islam is a factor.

How many more innocent children have to be sacrificed in the name of political correctness? How many more parents must be notified that their 13-year old daughter has been passed around like a sex toy because the authorities would rather do nothing in the name of good community relations than do the job they are paid to do – uphold the law and protect the people whose taxes pay their wages?

On October 12, 2013 we are going back to Bradford, as we must until something is done. Once more we will raise our fists and our voices in protest. Once more we will proclaim that we will not be silenced. We will not surrender.

Comment by Kinana on October 10, 2013 at 14:08

Details for Bradford 12th October 2013

Patriots Travelling by train disembark at Bradford Interchange

Patriots Travelling by coach or minibus Your parking area is on Bridge street postcode BD1 1JU

Patriots Travelling by car or motorcycle postcode BD1 1JA (Bradford Combined Court Centre ,Drake St)

Public House.. The Queens

We are welcome at the Queens from 11am speeches will be held at 2pm.

We look forward to seeing you all in Bradford


Comment by Kinana on October 8, 2013 at 14:27

I confirm that the Bradford demo is still on. 

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