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This discussion looks at the problems for society, raised by the Burqa. The privilege of the Burqa is often abused by Muslim men to escape security forces. High profile cases of this are Osama Bin Laden, Yasser Arafat and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and there have also been several cases of terrorists in the UK doing this.


It's not only Arab or Muslim terrorists or terrorist leaders who dress as women. In 1958, the "strongman" (that was the Homeric epithet employed in those days by Time Magazine) Nuri es-Said of Iraq tried to escape from the men of Col. Qassem by dressing as a woman. He didn't succeed. He was caught, killed, his mutilated semi-naked body dragged through the streets of Baghdad for further mutilation by a populace enthusiastic about such things.

I wrote a week ago, in a blog for National Review Online, that the niqab and burqa should both be banned on security grounds, "as one cannot have faceless persons walking the streets, driving cars, or otherwise entering public spaces." Although a problem with historic roots (Iraqi irregulars disguised themselves in the Palestinian town of Deir Yassin in 1948), this blog will document the current dangers, especially in the West, of the burqa and niqab as a disguise.


Jewelry theft in London: Two robbers, male and female, stole £200,000 worth of jewelry from the exclusive Ramot on Sloane Street in Knightsbridge by wearing burqas into the store. The robbers then flung open their garments to reveal guns, threatened the staff, took their keys to the display cabinets, locked the staff in a back room, and made off in a black Mercedes Benz getaway car with what Scotland Yard called "unique" gems. (March 7, 2002)


Attacking a church: Two assailants in burqas threw a grenade among worshippers at a Christmas Day service on in the village of Chianwala, northwest of Lahore, killing three and wounding thirteen. (December 25, 2002)


Niqab as an accessory to abduction in the United States: Timothy Egan tells about the strange abduction of Elizabeth Smart, 14, in "In Plain Sight, a Kidnapped Girl Behind a Veil." Brian D. Mitchell, 49, flaunted Smart in public but kept her in a niqab-like garment that hid her for nine months from one of the most intense-person cases ever conducted.

With a veiled Elizabeth Smart and his wife in tow, Mr. Mitchell showed up at a downtown block party here, a grocery store, a restaurant, even living for about a week just one block from the Salt Lake City police headquarters, numerous witnesses say.

Throughout much of last summer [i.e., 2002], while the police and volunteers were looking day and night for Elizabeth after her kidnapping, it turned out she was moving among them in the open, dressed in the most flamboyant of outfits, and at times even camped just three-and-a-half miles from the Smart home. Mr. Mitchell was stopped by the police several times, and later arrested in San Diego on a burglary charge - all while still holding Elizabeth captive, the authorities said. …

Late last summer, the police say, Mr. Mitchell was moving all around Salt Lake City. At the block party in early September, other people approached the three and asked about the small, veiled girl. "I went up to Mitchell and asked, 'How come she can't even look at people?' " said Ron Lewis, 37, a banquet crew leader who was at the party. "I said, 'What's up with a religion that won't even let women speak?' " said Mr. Lewis, who told his story to the police today. "Her eyes were all I saw of Elizabeth," Mr. Lewis said. He said at times, Mr. Mitchell and his wife held Elizabeth's hand.

(March 14, 2003)


Burqa'ed commandos capture burqa'ed Al-Qaeda fugitive:

On the plus side, a group of Pakistani commandoes disguised itself as women to wait out a ranking Al-Qaeda operative, Abu Faraj al-Libbi. And why were they in burqas? Tim McGirk of Time explains: "U.S. and Pakistani intelligence had received a tip that a suspected al-Qaeda operative would be traveling to [the town of] Mardan disguised as a burqa-clad woman. Because any plainclothesmen seen grabbing a woman would attract a hostile mob, the commandos had donned female garb and accosted the suspect as his motorcycle crossed a graveyard." (May. 8, 2005)


Pakistani cops stop attack by burqa-clad jihadists

In the West, the "right" of Muslim women to cover their faces is uniformly presented as a civil rights and religious freedom issue. In reality, as this story from the good side of Pakistan's double game shows, it is a security issue. "Pakistani Police Thwart Attack," by Zahid Hussain in the Wall Street Journal, September 16 (thanks to Rosanne):

ISLAMABAD -- Islamic militants clad head-to-toe in women's burqas attempted to attack an oil-storage facility in Karachi, raising fears that insurgents are fleeing northwestern Pakistan and infiltrating the nation's main business hub.

Three gunmen disguised as women tried to enter the high-security terminal used by oil companies late Monday night, Waseem Ahmed, the city police chief, told Pakistani television on Tuesday. Police say they suspect the assailants disguised themselves as women to try to slip past security checkpoints.

Pakistani police officers examined weapons and ammunition left behind by attackers in Karachi, Pakistan, on Tuesday.

When stopped by security guards, the militants opened fire, killing one guard. The assailants fled during a gun battle, leaving behind the burqas, purses and hand grenades.

"We suspect they wanted to carry out a big terrorist attack which our prompt police action thwarted," said Mr. Ahmed in an interview with Geo TV Pakistan....

Posted by Robert on September 16, 2009 5:38 AM


Niqabs and Burqas - The Veiled Threat Continues
by Daniel Pipes Jerusalem Post September 2, 2009

What's new on the niqab and burqa front?

To remind, both garments are designed for the modesty of Muslim females; the niqab covers all but the eyes and the burqa covers the entire face. In "Ban the Burqa – and the Niqab Too," two years ago, I documented how these two items pose criminal and terrorist dangers.

Is that still the case?

Criminality: Jordan offers a glimpse into the potential for niqabs and burqas as illegal accessories: one news report indicates that 50 people committed 170 crimes using Islamic garments during the past two years, or roughly one incident every four days, a crime wave that has prompted some Jordanians to call for restricting or even banning these Islamic head coverings.

No other country reports nearly so many head-garment-related crimes, but Philadelphia, Pennsylvania boasts multiple robberies (3 banks and 1 real estate leasing office) in a sixteen-month period in 2007-08, including the murder of a police officer.

The United Kingdom has the West's second-worst record. Jewelry stores – some owned by Muslims – have been targeted in the West Midlands, Glasgow, and Oxfordshire. Two travel agencies were attacked in the adjoining towns of Dunstable and Luton while an armored truck driver was assaulted in Birmingham. Robbery is not the only motive; teenagers in London, used niqab-style face coverings when stabbing a younger boy.

Other criminal incidents in the West include east European pickpockets wearing Islamic headgear in Rotterdam and a burgundy burqa'ed armed robbery at the People's Bank in Hiddenite, North Carolina (population: 6,000). The man who abducted Elizabeth Smart, 14, of Salt Lake City, forced her to wear a niqab-like garment that hid her in plain sight for nine months.

In response, banks, credit unions, jewelry stores, and schools are limiting access to persons of cover. For example, the Carolina Federal Credit Union of Cherryville, North Carolina, not far from Hiddenite, steers anyone wearing hats, sunglasses, or hoods to an isolated teller where special security measures obtain.

Terrorism: Taliban reliance on burqa'ed terrorism, often of the suicide variety, makes Afghanistan the current world epicenter of this tactic. On two occasions, authorities foiled would-be suicide bombers before they could act – one a Russian male convert to Islam with 500 kilograms of explosives in an automobile in Paktia Province, the other an Afghan woman hiding a bomb in Jalalabad.

An Afghan soldier stands guard over a burqa used by a male Taliban suicide bomber to attack government buildings in Paktia Province.

Usually, though, violent intentions are hidden by the burqa, becoming apparent only after an attack begins:

A Taliban commander, Haji Yakub, was killed in burqa as he tried to escape a house in Ghazni Province while attacking U.S. forces.
A Taliban operative, Mullah Khalid, attacked a police patrol in a crowded market in Farah Province. killing at least 12 people (7 police, 5 civilians).
A suicide bomber in Helmand Province killed a Pashtu-speaking British soldier before being shot in the forehead.
About fifteen suicide bombers in burqas armed with suicide vests, Kalashnikovs, and grenade-launchers drove to government buildings in Paktia Province and killed 12 persons.
Iraq suffered three such incidents (a male insurgent disguised as a pregnant woman, an attempted assassination of a governor, and two suicide bombers killing 22 Shi'i pilgrims) while Pakistan suffered two (one, operating from a rickshaw, killed 15 people). The attack on Mumbai that left nearly 200 dead included a mysterious burqa'ed woman. Elsewhere, incidents involved an attack on French tourists picnicking in Mauritania and a Molotov cocktail attack in Bahrain.

Oh, and on the bright side, Herve Jaubert, a Frenchman falsely accused of embezzling $3.8 million managed to escape Dubai by donning a niqab.

As an ancillary problem, new studies in both England and Ireland have found that covered women (and their breast-fed children) tend to get rickets disease due to an insufficiency of vitamin D, which the skin absorbs from sunlight.

(For greater detail on all these issues, see my weblog entry, "The Niqab and Burqa as Security Threats.")

I have previously called for a ban on "these hideous, unhealthy, socially divisive, terrorist-enabling, and criminal-friendly garments" from public places. Now joining with fed-up Jordanians, I reiterate that call. Islam requires that women wear neither niqab nor burqa, while public welfare emphatically requires their public prohibition. How many more cases of robbery and terrorism must occur for this common-sense stricture to be applied from Afghanistan and Jordan to the United Kingdom and Philadelphia?


Yet another Burqa crime - this time in Bury, 5 May 2010

6ft robber wearing a burka leads raiders in jewellery shop heist

Last updated at 5:12 PM on 6th May 2010

A robber wore a burka as a disguise to carry out a raid on a jewellery shop, police said today.

The cross-dressing criminal used the black head-to-toe garment, worn by some Muslim women, to hide his identity.

Owners of the jewellers in Bury, Greater Manchester, thought the 6ft-tall robber was a woman and allowed him entry.


Armed robbery: after allowing what they thought was a woman wearing a burka into a shop, staff at Capri Jewellers were help up by a shotgun-wielding gang 

But as soon as he was buzzed in three men barged in behind him - one brandishing a shotgun. They raided the shop, stealing a large amount of bracelets, rings and lockets, before escaping in a waiting car, thought to be a silver Toyota Yaris.

Police are now hunting five men, all Asian, thought to be involved in the raid, which took place at about 4.15pm yesterday at Capri Jewellers on Benson Street in Bury.

The offender dressed as a woman is described as Asian, around 6ft tall and of thin build.

The getaway driver is described as Asian, in his early 20s, of chubby build. He was bald and wearing glasses.

The other three offenders are described as Asian and were wearing balaclavas.

The gang left behind two holdalls that were branded Wei Bao.

Det Sgt Chris Jameson, of Greater Manchester Police, said: 'The store has very tight security so the ruse used to gain entry shows a level of detailed planning, and I want to hear from anyone who may have overheard the gang preparing for this robbery.

'I would also urge anyone who knows the whereabouts of the getaway car or who may have been approached with a view to buying the stolen items to call police. All information will be treated in strict confidence.'

In western Europe wearing of the burka or face-coverings in public has stirred controversy, with some countries considering or imposing a ban on the dress.

Muslims say the burka is a part of their religious culture and such state interference is evidence of prejudice against their faith.

Read more:

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Kindness of christians leads a burka'd up muslima to embrace western values.

Her illiterate Pakistani 1st-cousin husband disguises himself in a burka & women's shoes, and goes to his estranged wife's home & murders her.

This didn't happen in Islamabad, but in Canada.  And virtually every Canadian journalist has ignored the story.

Despicable Quislings.

Old woman in Luton robbed of £3000 by "woman" in a burka.

There's so many things in this article, I don't know how to categorise it.

75% of the female sharia enforcers of ISIS are British.

This female brigade exists because Assad's fighters dressed in burkas to undertake attacks.  Their task is to ensure burkas really contain women.

I agree, and of course, most of the astonishing items in that article remain unreported by the rest of the media.

Reading that report is like reading something from the Middle Ages, with customs and practices that to our minds, are simply incomprehensible.

Anti-burqa protester tries to enter Australian parliament in KKK hood

Published time: October 27, 2014 09:14
Reuters / Daniel Munoz

Reuters / Daniel Munoz

A trio of activists wearing a KKK outfit, a burqa and a motorcycle helmet attempted to enter Australia’s parliament house in Canberra, challenging the idea of allowing women wearing face veils in public places.

When the three approached the security, the men wearing a helmet and a Ku Klux Klan hood were immediately asked to remove their headwear, but there was a moment of hesitation concerning the Muslim veil.

"One of the requirements of coming into parliament house is that the motorcycle helmet is going to have to come off, your headdress is going to have to come off and your burqa... your identity will be checked," the security guard told the group, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. 

The man in a KKK hood took it off only to reveal he had a burqa underneath. 

"Bit of a loophole, eh?" he asked.

The three men who participated in the stunt - Sergio Redegalli, Nick Folkes and Victor Waterson – are members of protest movement ‘Faceless’, which is generally against the wearing of burqas or niqabs in public places across Australia. 

Their Monday action comes in the wake of the Australian government initially ruling that women wearing face veils should be separated from the public in Parliament House, but later scrapping the decision. 

READ MORE: Burqa backtrack: Australia PM reverses parliament veil ban after pu... 

The three later spoke to journalists to explain what they were campaigning for. 

"It seems that you're allowed to wear a full-faced covering into parliament if you're a Muslim woman, but no other group is allowed to have that same privilege," Sergio Redegalli, who wore the KKK outfit, told reporters, according to ABC. 

"No one should be walking up the [parliamentary] forecourt or in [the] public domain hidden from sight," he added. 

The men explained they had nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan, and were only using its paraphernalia to stress their point.

There are supporters of the burqa ban among ruling Coalition MPs - including Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, who has praised Faceless for the anti-burqa stunt, saying that it demonstrated "just how ridiculous it is to allow anyone wearing an identity concealing garment into parliament house." 

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Queensland director, Wendy Francis, has however criticized the group for staging a “hurtful” action. 

To identify [the KKK] with a Muslim woman is extremely confronting and hurtful,” she said, according to the Guardian. 

Currently, women wearing a burqa or niqab are obliged to show their face to the security at the parliament house, but can continue to wear it once inside.

Look at the pissed off faces of the security guys.  They've been left as piggy-in-the-middle between a violent, demanding Muslim community and a passive, cowardly government that refuses to confront the issue head on and legislate for it, and they're not liking it.

Now let's hear from one of the Ansar:

Respect women’s right to wear veil in court, says Britain’s most senior judge

Italy Wants to Prosecute Burqa Women (Source: 10/10/09:

Plans by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s allies to prosecute Muslim women for wearing burqa, a loose outfit covering the whole body from head to toe, is infuriating the political establishment in the southern European country.

"A ban (on the burqa) would be xenophobic and discriminatory,” Mario Scialoja, the chair of the Islamic Culture Center of Italy, told Reuters late Thursday, October 8.

“The existing law should be enforced."

The far-right Northern League is pressing to amend a 1975 law to prosecute Muslim women for wearing burqa.

The law slaps hefty fines and up to two years in jail on people covering their faces with anything preventing their identification by police.

But the Northern League is now proposing to amend the law to ban “garments worn for reasons of religious affiliation”.

The far-right party also wants to remove from the law the expression “justified cause”, which has prompted courts to allow burqa on religious grounds.

Scialoja warned that a burqa ban would stigmatise Muslims, calling on Italian authorities to treat Muslim women with respect.

"We say no to a new law."

The burqa has been a hot issue in many European countries.

Last month, the Italian spa resort town of Montegrotto Terme banned the burqa.

A French MP has also proposed a ban on the wearing, sparking outcry among the Muslim minority and across the Muslim world.

Italy has a Muslim population of some 1.2 million, including 20,000 reverts, according to unofficial estimates.


The center-left opposition also strongly criticized the proposed burqa ban.

“(The plan is) unconstitutional because it infringes on religious freedom," said Donatella Ferranti, a member of the opposition Democratic Party.

Barbara Pollastrini, former centre-left minister for equal opportunities, also blasted the move.

She said the current legislation was sufficient, but needed to be more effectively enforced because the burqa "conveys a message of violation of women's human rights".

Italian Muslims have been in the eye of storm since the Berlusconi’s government and its far-right partners came to power.

The Northern League is widely accused of racism with many critics calling it the BNP of Italy, a reference to the British right-wing party.

Its election campaign played on issues such as immigration, crime and economic and cultural fears from immigration.

Portraying itself as a defender of Italy's Christian roots, it started its mission in the new government in May 2008 with bringing down a mosque in the northern city of Verona.

Last September, the League rejoiced the success of its campaign to halt the building of a mosque in the northern city of Bologna.

Last year, League MP Mario Borghezio burst into a church in the northern city of Genoa shouting anti-Islam statements.

We need a government like that!! Pat Condell sums it up well for me:

Can you imagine. You are born into this world, like any other, but you will never feel the sun on your face. For this person, it is only something they can imagine. They must wonder what it would be like to experience the sun. For if they step outdoors, even for a moment, uncovered, they will be murdered.

Nor will they ever in their whole life have the experience of the wind blowing through their hair. They can see the wind blowing the leaves. Sometimes, if not gloved, they can feel the wind on their hand. But that is it. No more, not ever.

This is what muslim males have done to girls and women. No person in their right mind would choose such a horrible life. To be deprived ot the sun and the wind is pure evil.

Any western country that is agreeable to this un-natural oppression is a full participator in this evil. Can they ask themselves, would I want to live my life like this, hidden from the sun?

These women are told from birth, not only will they suffer eternal hell-fire, but they are a disgrace and must hide themselves for everyone. The pressure brought to bear on women is over whelming and enforcement is brutal. They are not even allowed to object or to speak out against this misery.

If the free world can not be the voice for those who have no voice, it doesn't deserve to be free.

27 May 2015:  Two armed robbers dressed in burkas raided a pawnbrokers in Brixton today.

The men threatened staff with a firearm and stole cash in the robbery in Brixton Station Road at 9.15am.

Officers pursued the suspects on foot after a member of the public alerted police, Scotland Yard said.

A Brixton shop worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "It was two men in burkas, the full Muslim wear.

"When they came out, you could tell they were men under the burkas by the way they walked, even though only their eyes were visible."

Witnesses said the men casually strolled through Brixton Station Road after carrying out the robbery.

However, a member of the public reportedly followed them while speaking to police over the phone.

The shop worker said: "They thought nobody knew they were robbing so they just walked out like nothing had happened.

"They casually walked through Brixton carrying shopping bags, they were so calm and collected, it was like a film."

Officers recovered a firearm after arresting two men in Brixton Road.

A Met Police spokesman said they were being held at a south London police station on suspicion of robbery.

This is about the Hijab, but its related.

US Muslim in Abercrombie hijab court win

The US Supreme Court rules in favour of a Muslim woman denied a job at Abercrombie & Fitch because of her headscarf.

​Chad declares head veil crackdown after bombing by disguised Boko Haram attacker

Published time: July 13, 2015 06:37

Reuters / Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Chadian police said they will ramp up the enforcement of last month's ban on head-to-toe hijabs after a suicide bomber dressed as a woman killed 15 people at a market in the capital N'Djamena.

The bomber believed to be a Boko Haram fighter detonated his explosives belt after being stopped for a security check at the entrance to the market. Nine of the victims of the blast were women traders. It also injured some 80 people and provoked panic in the city.

"This attack just confirms that a ban on the full-face veil was justified," national police spokesman Paul Manga said as cited by AFP. He added that "it now must be respected more than ever by the entire population".

Chad, a leading partner in a regional coalition fighting against the Boko Haram insurgency, suffered its first serious blow from the terrorists on June 15, when two coordinated bombings rocked N'Djamena, killing 33 people and injuring over 100.

Among the security measures announced in response, the country banned the hijab covering the face, saying it may disguise terrorists. The ban will now be enforced more rigorously, with anyone wearing a veil subjected to arrest on sight, Manga warned on Sunday.

The June ban came as Muslims, who comprise roughly 53 percent of the population, were celebrating the holy month of Ramadan and was a shock to some of them.

"It isn't people in burqas who commit attacks and this dress has become customary for many Chadians,"Hassan Barka, a mechanic, told AFP at the time. "It is difficult to implement this decision. Maybe time is needed to spread awareness."

The influential Superior Council of Islamic Affairs criticized the decision, saying it goes against the principles of Islam.

The outcry however was mild, as Chad's Muslims are predominantly moderate Sufis and see face-covering burqas and niqabs as cultural rather than religious clothing.

Some doubted the efficiency of the ban in the long run.

"Purely and simply banning an association is no solution," said the secretary general of King Faisal University in N'Djamena, Abakar Walar Modou. "You can't halt an ideology that way, it causes frustration."

Boko Haram is a radical Islamist movement that has plagued Nigeria since 2009. The violence has claimed at least 15,000 lives, as the militants have raided villages and towns and sent suicide bombers to Christian churches and other public sites.

Nigeria's neighbors Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Benin as well as France are taking part in a joint effort to eradicate Boko Haram.

Burka-wearing armed robber from Purley steals £31,000 inheritance on last day at bank job with accomplice from Wandsworth

Aneel Khan is not an ideal employee

A burka-wearing armed robber jailed for targeting the phone shop he worked at has been found guilty of stealing £31,000 on his final day working as a bank clerk.


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