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Plenty of talk about the dead girl, but none about the thousands of death threats to this guy, who held the camera of 'Baked Alaska', after he was sprayed in the face with acid, and blinded (probably permanently)

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Here is where Baked Alaska gets attacked.  No mention of this in the mainstream media either.  Of course, he is not a leftist, so is fair game for any criminal attack, as far as the Western states are concerned.

I need to point out that this crime is 2 strikes worse than the drive-over murder.  The drive-over murder at best is manslaughter, and at worst is murder in a fit of rage.  But the acid burning was:

  1. Pre-meditated:  they bought the acid in advance and took it to the event in a special container for squirting, thus requiring days of preparation.
  2. Deliberate and Intentional without provocation:  the attacker squirted it at Baked Alaska as an attack, and must have aimed at the eyes and forehead, and not the hands or body.  

But of course, all we hear about is how bad the right is, how bad Trump is to say there were faults on both sides, and the poor girl that was run over.  Who knows?  Maybe he even did it after seeing Baked Alaska blinded and thought, well, the gloves are off now.  Well, one thing is for sure, in the US now, the gloves certainly are off, and this does not lead to a happy place.  But once you start applying political policing, this is what happens.

I think Trump is missing the point about Charlottsville.  He should agree with all his critics and implement measures to give them, and all the fascist left, what they are asking for.

He should set up a government body which is to decide what people are allowed to say, who is allowed to hold demonstrations, and perhaps which monuments will be allowed to stand. That is just what the left want to do, and what they have been enforcing by mob rule, for the past decade.  Then for the next 4 or 8 years, while he is in power,  that body can police those guidelines.

Only they will be policing them under guidelines somewhat different to those of the current antifa thugs and criminals roaming the streets.  If they do the job properly, then no non-republican party will ever get elected again, just like no non-communist party could get elected in the USSR.  

But I mean, hey, that's what the Left want isn't it?

Just like we should acknowledge that we dare not prosecute FGM in this country, so should at least be honest about our cowardie and legalise it; the US should accept that they will not protect free speech anymore, and will let random thugs attack you if you try exercise it, so they should acknowledge that they've caved in to thuggery, and start enforcing speech codes at the governmental level.  

This much has been obvious to us since Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Robert Spencer talks were shut down, but now I think the whole society should recognise the fait accompli and state it explicitly.

Charlotsville: what really happened, and the illegal order to terminate the lawful assembly.

Comment from Kinana:

The fascist Left win when, through their violence, the cost of law enforcement is higher than the authorities want to pay. Then we normal citizens and civilization lose out and are diminished. 

What sort of person sprays acid in another's face. The punishment for the crime should be to have the criminal tied down and drip acid on him.

In an interview with Brittany Pettibone and one of the organisers (sorry, forgot to capture it), he explains that his house was broken in to while he was at the demo.  From the destruction wreaked, it was clear that this was politically motivated.  No mention in any of the press though.  So its OK now to blind people with acid, and break into their homes and wreck them, if they say things the mob does not like.  

Why don't we just scrap all the laws on libel, hate speech, sedition etc, and save ourselves a load of money on judges and trials and policing?  Might as wall just recognise the system we've got, and let the mob kill, destroy the homes, and wreck the lives of whoever they want.

Jayda Fransen of Britain First has had her home broken into and trashed more than once. The Left have no respect for the law. Throwing acid, piss, firebombs and assaulting people is all justifiable to them. As is vandalism, rioting and arsen. Attacking web-sites and giving false information to banks, paypal, google, twitter and youtube. They really have no morals or sense of decency. If you do not agree you can be beaten and persecuted. As I say they have much in common with the Muslims; if you do not agree you must die. Whatever happened to reasoned debate and defending beliefs with logical arguments; and then letting fair democracy settle political differences.

The Left have never had any respect for democracy or freedom. They are so convinced that they are right that they just force their faith on others without conscience. Was there ever a socialist state that did not go into decline or become dictatorship?

 I wish I lived in a true democracy where every voice was heard and allowed, and the majority decided. I could accept not being listened to or being part of a minority if I was free to speak and to have an opinion, and could live securely in a law-abiding society. Reasoned thinking and practical solutions to practical problems, is it so very hard to be civilized?

People that believe sincerely in unrealistic theory are the problem; religious and political idiots and fanatics.

Charlottesville - establishment betrayal of K-types ;

Being a white nationalist does not imply that you hate other races, only that you demand the right to own and control your own homeland and culture.


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