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I know I've mentioned this survey several times, but I don't think we have any discussion of it.

2013 survey - 40% of Britons think civil war with muslims is "inevitable" (up from 33%).

4 years ago, when I first woke up to the threat being from islam rather than a few nutters, I found very disturbing those people who were envisaging a civil war.  I used to avoid getting into debates with them, because I found the idea so horrendous I didn't even want to contemplate the possibility of it.  And if you had asked me at the start of 2013 what % of the British public thought such a civil war likely, I'd have put the figure at 3%.  Seeing this survey earlier this year, I realised just how far behind the curve my thinking was.  So, I think we should start documenting the steps that are indicative of the coming war. In that Guardian survey, 59% say they think a civil war is "likely" or "inevitable".  That such a shocking survey was tucked away in The Guardian and has never received any kind of wider discussion shows that the public discourse as reflected by the media could hardly be further away from the private discourse happening between individuals.

We should remember that Breivik saw himself as a jihadi.  Jihadis see themselves as exemplary individuals, hoping to show others the way.  So too did Breivik.  I saw several articles published today which made me think that the signs of civil war are becoming clearer.

19yo soldier arrested in Germany for nail bomb found in his home in Salford.

100s of "British" jihadis being trained in Syria.

And let's not forget the murder of Lee Rigby, the attempt to assassinate Stephen Timms.  I dare say if we look back over the past few years, we will see other markers that we should have noted.

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Here's another one: 30yo man arrested for arson attack on mosque.

I can't remember anything like this between 2009 and 2011, when EDL was at its height. In 2010, I told the police and journalists: "if you destroy EDL, then what comes after it will almost certainly be worse".

A teenager has been jailed after police found he was getting weapons including a machine gun and ammunition delivered to his family home

A teenager who bought a machine gun online and had it delivered to his family home, along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition and nunchucks, has been jailed for six years. Reza Khalilzada, 18, was caught hiding an assault rifle under his bed which he had ordered from a US website

How on earth does something like that get through customs?  I've had them slap duty on me for getting a computer keyboard sent from the US.

I was going to put this in the France room.  But decided that no all countries will go the same. Nevertheless, that this shocking stat exists should make the likelihood of civil war in some european country more obvious.

70% of French people think France will become islamic.

It's tragic. The lesson of islam is spelt out in "The Life of Mohammed".  Multiculturalism did not stop islam taking over Arabia.  Throughout history, nothing but war has stopped it.

Europeans invited them in. They regard us as the enemy. And they are inside the fortress.

This extract from Vlad Tepes is so important, I'm including the whole post.  We are lucky that people like Oz-Rita are finding this stuff and translating. It makes us far better informed (by a very long way) than our own journalists, academics.

It is yet more indication of the Chasm widening in France. This kind of thing will accelerate support for the FN. It really is looking increasingly likely that France will be the place where the civil war starts.

That the killer of those people in the jewish museum in Brussels fled to Marseilles, shows that it is fast becoming the crucible for this impending war.  No-one was convinced by Hollande trying to claim that the arrest of that killer was a testament to French policing (the killer was caught by accident).

Extracts from a report on terrorism in Europe by Europol:

Translation by Oz-Rita

Article by Maxime Lépante

Taken from Ripostelaique:

France is on the first rank among countries exposed to terrorism in Europe. That is the result of the annual report  from Europol published  last Thursday on the evolution of terrorism. They report that between 2009 and 2013, the number of arrests of islamist activists has doubled in Europe. France had the greatest number of islamist activists. 


The numbers speak for themselves:  in 2013 there were 216 arrests of presumed islamist terrorists, 143 of them in France. Two thirds of arrested suspects in Europe were arrested in our country. (Muslims, living in France) seem to be radicalized especially fast. Between 2012 and 2013, the number of presumed islamist activists has nearly doubled, from 91 to 143. (…)

Fin 2013, [les djihadistes] étaient entre 1.200 et 2.000 Européens, d’après Europol. Et ce chiffre augmente encore depuis le début de l’année. L’agence policière européenne estime donc que le retour de ces djihadistes dans l’Union constitue désormais une sérieuse préoccupation. (…)

According to Europol, at the end of 2013 European jihadists were between 1,200 and 2,000 and this number increased since the beginning of this year. (…)

In addition, the number of [muslims coming from France] in Syria has increased by 75% in a few months.

66% of muslim terrorists of Europe are in France

Une image étant souvent plus parlante que mille mots, voici le nombre de terroristes musulmans arrêtés en 2013 dans les pays de l’Union Européenne :

A picture tells a thousand words: Here you can see the number of muslim terrorists arrested during 2013 in countries of the EU:

You can see that of 216 muslim terrorists arrested in the EU in 2013, 143 (66%) in France.
So, two thirds of terrorist threats in the EU are concentrated in France.
In their report, Europol predicts an “exponential increase” of muslim terrorism in Europe in the near future.
So we can expect a mulitiplication of muslim terrorist attacks in France, as long as the French government refuses to really fight muslim terrorism and islam, its source.

I agree, really important.

Joe, just watched the video above about the French police arresting a Muslim youth.

Muslims know that if the cost of law enforcement is too high that the laws (any laws) will not be enforced.  So simply arresting a Muslim youth for a crime turns into a riot when all his friends gather around and cause mayhem.  Soon the police will not care and protect themselves first, and the public a distant second.

Joe: ‘Throughout history, nothing but war has stopped it.’

Does anyone respect history enough to learn that lesson?  The War is here already and the West is losing it.

Such a ridiculous event.  Riots like that should be seen by the state as an opportunity, that it can almost welcome.  The riot allows the state to identify all those actors that do not support secular democracy and wish to destroy it and replace it by their version of fascism and discrimination. It should trigger a massive response, in which every single participant is arrested and jailed for a significant period of time, and their names publicly shamed for the thugs that they are.

Right Alan.  One criminal force needs to be met by a stronger force, State-sactioned force.  If that does not happen families and communities will, without doubt, defend themselves.  It would be only a natural and commonsense outcome.  And then the police and Army will have to decide which side they are on.

The Leftists love to have it both ways.  Tell them that civil war is on the way and they laugh.

Then a few weeks later, you find them outraged and saying that people are preparing for civil war.

A FAR-RIGHT group led by a notorious Scots rabble-rouser are promoting sinister “fight clubs” for their followers.

And anti-racism activists claim Jim Dowson’s Britain First organisation are training boot boys to fight Muslims on the streets.

Mathew Collins of Hope Not Hate said: “They have been booking mixed martial arts gyms so they can fight among themselves, training for confrontations with Muslims.”

One zillionaire has woken up to the looming revolution/civil war.  Mind you, the rest might also know it's coming.  Only they are quietly getting their pawns into place.


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