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Power is not uni-directional, but forms a more complex structure than a straight line.  Femen make use of their assets and the tittilation of the media to draw attention to issues affecting women.  Roman feminists thanked Femen for drawing attention to sexism in Italy.  At first when I heard of Femen, I thought "they need to take their fight to islam, but they probaby won't".  The very next interview I heard with them, they said that that was near the top of their list, but that it is going to be very dangerous.

If you don't watch Russia Today, then you will have missed them.  And if they can get me jumping out of my seat and shouting "go, girls", then I think the rest of you will appreciate their efforts too.

I love this image on their home page:

Here are images from many of their other confrontations.

Our history in the west could have been so different in the past 30 years if we'd had these kinds of feminists, instead of Germaine Greer and Maryam Namazie.  Our feminists were in fact the direct ideological descendants of the suffragettes, who were only interested in the vote for middle class (property-owning women) rather than democracy and universal suffrage (and a host of other issues affecting women). 


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Femen protest in Kiev against Navalny verdict:

Femen protest in Crimea

Large crowds of pro-Moscow demonstrators gathered outside the parliament building, chanting ‘Russia’ and applauding as the Cossacks – once the patrolmen of Russia’s borderlands – walked past.

But Femen protesters attempted to stage a topless demonstration at the rally, with one trying to jump on top of the steps in front of the parliament building shouting ‘Stop Putin’s war!’.

Femen are either really good or really awful.  Seems to be no consistency.

France ‘double standards’: Prison for Mosque offence, fines for Femen church affront

I really didn't know where to put this piece. So, I figured that the Femen discussions were as good a place as any.

A professor from Paris reacts to the presence of a veiled student by undressing in class

Original translation by Oz-Rita

From Journal De Montreal

French prof

Archival photo of the lawyer and Professor Grégoire Lafarge while he was answering
media questions concerning one of his clients: the vice-president of the Front
National (Marine LePen’s party), Florian Philippot.


MONAY 19 January 2015

A French lawyer and Professor, Gregoire Lafarge, created quite a commotion (in class and online) – this Friday, when he took on one of his students during a course of ethics.

Le Figaro (Respected French centre-right Daily) quotes one of the students who witnessed the scene: “Arriving in the lecture hall, the professor looked at the veiled young girl intensively. He approached her, probably to ask her to take of her veil, but other students prevented him from ending his sentence. He reacted badly and left the lecture hall immediately. Before returning, apparently in anger, “he undressed in taking off his scarf, his jacket, his shirt. He shouted “my religion is naturism”. (Nudism)

The collegues of the targetted student also reacted, as reported in Le Figaro.

“The great majority” of students have defended and applauded the veiled girl who spoke in the hall following this unfortunate episode. “There were always veiled students, but this never created any incident” says [an other student]. She would have prefered that he would have advised her of his unease without it having caused a debate”. The young girls also expressed herself on facebook. “I respect those who find my outfits offensive, but I think that I have the right to be here” she commented, deploring the “proportions” which that incident had taken.

As the scene happened in a lectur hall filled to the gunnels and was even retransmitted via video conference to two additional halls, the reaction of Me. Lafarge has very quickly circulated in the halls of the establishment and on social media.

The director of the school refused to comment on the incident but noted that Me. Lafarge will not teach at this school any longer.

[Translator’s note:]

The responses on twitter and to the article, published by “Le Journal” were all against the professor, some quite insulting, and as the tone of the article seemed to blatantly take the side of the veiled student, I will translate the only answer positively for the professor.

The nick-name of the poster is “Joe Desouche” which denotes a native (as opposed to “migrant”) French man, he wrote: Joe Desouche It’s a typical scenario from the barbares to send their women to the barricades while they preach to us from their Koran.

Bravo to the Prof… in hoping that our profs emulate him to

show solidarity.

Would the veiled woman get as much support from the 'progressives' if she wore a swastika?  We aren't told the full story here, but it sounds like the student was wearing a burqa.  Is a burqa a political insignia?  If not, then can we all wear one?  Or will you-know-who be offended?  

Ooops.   Its the Muslim have-it-both-ways argument again. Dirty kuffar like me really must learn to stop asking questions.

Femen interview ; - unfortunately the telegraph has censored the photos, surely censorship is just what the muslims want !


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