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Some years after adding this discussion, I found an article from 1999, about a report from The Commission for Racial Equality, stating that most of the victims of racist attacks in the UK are white.


This is divided into 3 sections: 1. racist murders, 2. serious racist violence/attempted murder, 3. more "minor" racist violence.  Within each section, new items are added at the top of each section.

2001: Senior police officer says "asians" behind most racist attacks:

2006: white people are the victim in half of racist murders ("political correctness stifling debate"):

Racist Murders of White Men/Women by Muslims

88yo Margery Gilby in Shadwell care home murdered by 17yo muslim from Romford (2013)

Alex Holroyd (2013)

Lee Rigby (2013)

Kieran Crump-Raiswell (2013)

William McKeeney (2012)

Victor Parsons & Keith Needell (2012)

Rosina Waller (2010)

Christopher Folkes (2009)

Keith Brown (2008)

Andrew Holland (2008)

Vicente Delgado (2007)

Christopher Yates (2005)

Mary-Ann Leneghan (2005)

Kris Donald (2004)

Gavin Hopley (2003)

Charlene Downes (2003)

Ross Parker (2001)

Marilyn & Nicholas Cook (1992) 

Attempted Murders/Extreme Racist Violence by Muslims

Barnsley Soldier (2013)

 Attacked from behind, stomped on while unconscious by a "pack of dogs"

Aaron Dugmore (2013)

 9 y.o. hangs himself after being victim of racist bullying by "asians"

Adrian McCarthy (2013)

Ronald O’Connor (2013)

Daniel Stringer (2012)

Gary Smith (2011)

Shaun McNally (2010)

[muslims know of Kris Donald, when the white population does not].

Joseph Haigh (2009)

Oliver Hemsley (2008)

John Payne (2006)

"Minor" racist attacks by muslims:

22yo muslim man gets 18 weeks in prison for unprovoked attack on white schoolgirl, breaking her jaw (2013).

Mr. Tull, bus driver (2013)

Tara Quigley, victim of acid attack (2013)

Muslim men in racist attack on 11yo white boy (2013)

Christopher Riley (2013)

Andrew Goodram (2011)

Un-named 25yo father + baby son (2005)

Walter Chamberlain (2001)

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Teenager brutally attacked by islamic gang over a joke ;

The police aren't around precisely so they can't be seen letting the replacement population exercise their supra-legal rights.

Even if someone is attacked in their home by racist invaders, the police will do nothing to the invaders.

I've met white men who had been on no marches, white men who had no friends who were white, white men whom racist gangs of Muslims attacked. The police would not even record it as a race-hate crime.  Not even when there were witnesses who were not white.  And I've had supposedly-moderate, supposedly-educated Muslims admit they go out in gangs looking for lone white men to attack.

One of the experts on Islam who used to be on the EDL forums was a middle-class nerd. He said that he woke up to Islam when living in a town in Surrey.  A car-load of Muslims just stopped, got out and beat up him and his friends who were minding their own business walking down the road.  One has to wonder just how many men in England under the age of 35 have experienced this kind of random violence from Muslims.  And when are they going to decided enough is enough?

Antony said:

Teenager brutally attacked by islamic gang over a joke ;

There will be duplicates of previous entries here, but no time to do a cross-check right now.

Peter G.
May 28, 2018 - 1:04 pm | Permalink


Alan Cartwright, 15, Islington, N.London, 27 Feb 2015

Jordan Brennan,17, Gorton, Manchester, 10 Oct 2014.

Charlie Burns, 19, Hackney, N.London, 21 Aug 2014.

Kieran Raiswell, 18, Whalley Range, Manchester, 16 Jan 2013.

Thomas Overton, 18, Leyton, E.London, 19 Aug 2012.

Danny O’Shea, 18, Canning Town, E.London, 2 Dec 2011.

Nicholas Pearton, 16, Sydenham, S.E.London, May 2010.

Martin Bilaszewski, 19, Finsbury Park station, N.London. 6 May 2010.

Ben Kinsella, 16, Islington, N.London, 29 June 2008.

Jimmy Mizen, 16, Lee, S.E.London, May 2008.

Robert Knox, 18, Sidcup, Kent. May 2008.

Alex Holroyd, 19, Bradford, Yorks. Jan. 2008

Jack Large, 14, Grange Hill, Essex. 30 Nov 2007.

Stuart Lowe, 18, Warrington, Lancs, 17 Oct. 2007.

Andrew Holland, 16, Farnworth near Bolton, Lancs, 17 Aug 2007.

Martin Dinnegan, 14, Holloway, N.London , 26 June 2007.

Ben Hitchcock, 16, Beckenham, S.London, 23 June 2007.

Kenneth Cole, 13, Burnley, Lancs,14 Feb. 2007.

Ian Page, 19, Colindale, N.W.London, 12 Nov. 2006.

David Strizegauskas, 13, Upton Park, E.London, 27 Apr 2006.

Christopher Davis, 17, Barking, E.London 19 Jan. 2006.

Jason Mayze, 16, St Helens, Liverpool, 13 Jan 2006.

Ben Bellamy, 17, Swansea, South Wales, Sept. 2005.

Kris Donald, 15, Glasgow, Scotland,15 March 2004.

Jason Ripley, 17, Huddersfield, Yorks, Feb 2004.

Ashley Hedger, 16, Upton Park, London, 16 Jan 2004.

Terry Gregory, 19, Woolwich, S.E.London, 28 Dec 2003.

Sean Whyte, 17, Colne, Lancs. 29 Sept. 2003.

Gavin Hopley, 19, Oldham, Lancs, 16 Feb 2002.

Owain Leeson, 17, Sheffield, Yorks, 14 Feb 2002.

Ross Parker, 17, Peterborough, Cambs, 23 Sept 2001.

Liam Gall, 18, Redditch, Worcs, 26 Sept. 2000.

Jonathan Coles, 18, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, 11 June 1999.

Jamie Robe, 17, Rotherhithe, E.London, August 1997.

Andrew Steventon, 17, Birmingham, June 1996.

Danny Westmacott, 16, Edmonton, London, 8 Feb 1996.

Michael Dooher, 19, Lichfield, Staffordshire, 2 Sept. 1995.

Richard Everitt, 15, Kings Cross, London, August 1994.

Philip Gosling, 13, Handsworth, Birmingham, Feb. 1994.

Raymond Kelly, 17, Hartley Wintney, Hants. 1 Feb. 1991.

Stuart Gough,14, Hagley, Worcs, 17 Jan. 1988.

Sean Keynes,15, Lozells, Birmingham, 22 May 1986.

Robert Vaughan, 17. Southwark, S.London, 4 Feb. 1984.

Colin Reid, 18, Hitchin, Herts, 8 Oct 1983.

Terry May, 19, Thornton Heath, Surrey, 1 June 1981.

John Hunt, 18, Middlesborough, Tyne and Wear, 19 Aug. 1961.

  • T.Gilligan's GravatarT.Gilligan
    May 29, 2018 - 6:38 am | Permalink

    Peter, A great list in memoriam to the prematurely snuffed out lives by the most futile of ‘humans’. Another murder victim for your list. In July 2005, a man Richard Whelan remonstrated with a dislocated Jamaican, Anthony Joseph 23, who had been released from prison that day, for throwing food-chips at his girlfriend. Richard was stabbed 6 times. Jamaican Joseph pleaded guilty to manslaughter and the jury failed to reach a verdict on murder.

    • T.Gilligan's GravatarT.Gilligan
      May 29, 2018 - 8:31 am | Permalink

      Further to my previous post, Richard Whelan was killed on a number 43 bus via its route along Holloway Road in North London and the resultant trail verdict was for manslaughter.
      I would really love to see a black marble plinth with all the names of the victims embossed in gold to signify the loss ( and much more) to the nation.

Father-of-two beaten up and left for dead by Asian gang for being white

A father-of-two was subjected to a racist and brutal attack by a gang of Asian men who targeted him - simply for being white.

Andrew Goodram, 31, suffered a punctured lung and two broken ribs after the gang of four thugs shouted: 'white b*****d' at him before subjecting him to a vicious assault.

During the assault Mr Goodram, a labourer, was repeatedly kicked in the head, face and body at Queens Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

One of his attackers then stood over him and stamped on his chest causing what police described as 'significant injuries'.

The beating only came to an end when one of the men decided the group should leave and they all ran off in different directions. 

Mr Goodram, a father of two managed to stagger home after the assault but had to spend six days in hospital.

Greater Manchester Police yesterday confirmed that the attack, which took place at 7pm on October 19 was being treated as a racially motivated incident.

Mr Goodram who has two sons said: 'I was in such terrible pain after the attack, I was yelping and my eyes were watering.

'I'm scared now and when I see groups of Asian people. This attack has changed how I feel about going out.

'When I'm walking around especially on my own I feel intimidated and worried I might get attacked again.

'The fact is, I am not racist, I have got loads of Asian friends, and I'm really saddened that this has happened to me.

'I do believe the attack was racially motivated because I am white but I don't understand why.

'I thought we are supposed to live together in peace'.

On the night of the attack, Mr Goodram was taking a shortcut through the park when he encountered four Asian men - who were with four friends.

As he walked past, one said: 'what did you say you white b*****d'?' before launching the attack.

Mr Goodram added: 'I carried on walking and put my hood up and ignored them, but then they jumped me and I was pulled to the ground.

'They were kicking me and hitting me and one of them twisted my arm behind my back.

'One of them jumped on me and, when I winced in pain, they ran off.'

Police say the attackers were Asian and aged between 20 and 30. One of the men has been described as in his early 30s, 6 ft 2in, of heavy build, with a bald head and a thin 'lined' beard. 

He was wearing a dark hooded top with tracksuit bottoms and white NIKE trainers.

Mr Goodram was unable to describe the other members of the group. 

A spokesman from Greater Manchester Police said: 'The victim was walking through the park at about 7pm when he was attacked by a group of Asian men.

'The man was repeatedly kicked in the head, face and body, one of the men stood over him and stamped on his chest causing significant injuries.

'Racist abuse was shouted at the man before the attack. 

'One man in the group shouted for them to leave and they all ran off in different directions.

'A group of four men are wanted for the assault'.

Return Of The Knockout Game In Maryland: 2 “Teens” Assault & Kill 59-Year-Old Man

FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. — The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has charged two teens for the random, unprovoked physical attack of a 59-year-old man at the Great Frederick Fair.

The victim was found near the midway area of the fairgrounds around 5:36 p.m. Friday, lying unconscious. Police interviewed multiple witnesses who told them the victim had been minding his own business.

Maryland State Police airlifted the victim to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore where he died from his injuries Saturday. An autopsy is now scheduled at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to determine an exact cause of death.

According to law enforcement sources, the two teenage suspects, ages 15 and 16, may have been playing the so-called “knockout game” at the time of the wanton attack. A spokesperson for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office would not confirm that notion but stated it would “certainly be looked at.”

It is not good enough these days to just steal bicycles.  Beatings must go along with it.  A man's life is of less importance than his bike.



Dutch police in the Hague now have 5 teenage suspects (not further identified) in the beating death this week of a Dutch man in the Hague. This is from the Dutch police and translated by Fousesquawk.

Last update 20-9-19, 20:42

The Hague- The investigative team conducting the investigation after the beating death of a 71-year-old Hague resident took a 14-year-old into custody Wednesday afternoon. He made himself known to the police and was detained at the police office after his arrest. Update: On Friday, September 20, another four suspects turned themselves into police. These are four youths from the ages 13-15 from the Hague. They are in custody. As to the role of all five youths, the detectives will further investigate. Further arrests in this case are not ruled out.

On Monday, 16 September, the Hague resident died in the hospital, after ambulance service was called that he had become ill in his residence on Blois van Treslong Street. While assistance was in full progress, it became clear that the man earlier in the afternoon had been beaten on the Willem de Zwijgerlaan (Street). 


Another day, another death in Europe at the hands of migrants, in this case, believed to be three young Turkish men. A 71-year-old man was beaten after catching three young suspects stealing his bike. After being beaten, he stumbled home and died of a heart attack. The below story is translated by Fousesquawk.

Man dies of heart attack after beating

Hague resident died after beasting by bicycle thieves

By Marieke Van Essen, 19 September 2019 Domestic


The Hague- The 71-year-old Hague resident, who died of a heart attack after a beating this week, is probably the victim of ruthless street scum. The perpetrators are also possibly involved in the beating of 34-year-old Ewout last month in the Westwood nightlife venue.

Antoine Veerkamp lives close to the sandwich shop where the Hagenaar was beaten by the door. "On camera images I gave to the police, three dark complected boys can be seen pulling on bicycles. When an older man arrives, they suddenly go after him, " he says. "Many bicycles are stolen here. They do this by hanging around a strange lock. Later the thieves come back and take the bike with them. "

There is an In Memoriam page here, with photos and a short bio. Show it to anyone bleating on about white privilege and BLM suffering.

Four men and two teenagers have today been found guilty of the murder of a 20-year-old man who was knifed to death in Batley last year.

Bradley Gledhill was stabbed three times, once in the heart, during the vicious attack on the evening of June 21 last year.

Usman Karolia, 19, Ahmed Karolia, 24, Nabeel Naseer, 18, Raja Nawaz, 19, and two 17-year-old boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, "acted together as a pack" to stab, kick and stamp on the victim, leaving him to "literally bleed to death in the street".

Today (Wednesday), the six males were found guilty of murder following a trial lasting several weeks.

Two of Mr Gledhill's friends were also stabbed during the incident.

The Karolias, Naseer and the youth from Batley were also found guilty of attempted murder of one of Mr Gledhill's friends. Usman Karolia was also found guilty of section 18 wounding in relation to another one of Mr Gledhill's friends.

Jurors were told the horrific attack happened after the trio happened across their attackers in the Park Croft area of Batley.

I've read the article and it doesn't reveal the abuse. What constitutes abuse? We are not told what we must not say or do. We only know after the fact. This is like trying to figure out what offends Muslims. This Kafka-esque situation puts the power into the hands of present and future victims, or those 'virtuous' people who act on their behalf; anld no appeal is possible for the accused who ends up with a ruined life.

The rest of us, the not accused YET, are constantly looking over our shoulder and minding our thoughts and words and need always consider who we are talking to and if can trust them.

8 followers of the terrorist who founded Islam are being prosecuted for the murder of an English man in Watford, killed with a samurai sword (and probably with the Muslim standard, claw hammers).

Look at how many of savages involved, the brutality, and all over an argument.

Note how half of them say "no fixed address", the lie the media and police conspire with, to hide the identities of these unwanted immigrants.


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