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I'd discussed this with several people in the last few days, and would have loved to have written down my thoughts and observations over the Jubilee weekend. Thankfully someone over at Gates of Vienna has written down my thoughts, and far better than I could.

Whilst the BBC (and those who staged the Jubilee celebrations) made sure some non-white faces were highlighted at various events, those non-white faces were the exception rather than the rule. When the Royal Barge docked near HMS Belfast, the nearest boroughs to that location are all majority non-white boroughs. Yet there was barely a non-white face to be seen in the crowds. (Places like The City and the City of Westminster do not count as "real" boroughs, since most Londoners, and most people in any borough in Britain, do not live in such bizarre conditions of wealth and transience.)

And if one walked north east from Tower Bridge (which abuts the borough of Tower Hamlets), into the almost entirely Bangladeshi Whitechapel, there was barely even a union flag to be seen, let alone a street party. I came across one street party in a rich, white enclave (Narrow Street). And even there, the union flag was probably out-numbered by the variety of flags from other nations.

The future of the UK looks grim.

“Unity through Diversity”?
by Pierre Picaud

A casual observer opening up the current pages of Britain’s anaemic right-wing press is greeted by an unprecedented expression of optimism and positivity.

The source of all this rapture is the jubilee celebrations presently underway, which mark the diamond anniversary of the ascension of the United Kingdom’s most dutiful long-suffering monarch: Elizabeth II.

From Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail, to Ed West in the Daily Telegraph, to Fraser Nelsonin The Spectator, there is a palpable sense of relief, joy even, at what is deemed to represent an unparalleled display of patriotism and national loyalty, the likes of which have not been witnessed in Britain for a generation.

As a feast for the eyes and an amazing technical accomplishment, the still on-going celebrations which began with a mesmerising pageant on the River Thames in London and continued last night with a gala concert on The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace, the events are a wonderful success.

(This essay’s title is drawn from the very moving speech given by Prince Charles, in recognition of his mother’s tireless service, at the conclusion of last night’s performance.)

The numbers attending have been dizzying to an extent beyond normal human comprehension: with as many as 1.2 million people lining the riverbank for Sunday’s pageant, mostly in the pouring rain.

The whole spectacle has spawned a new and surprising narrative of national unity and togetherness, which has come as a surprise and a relief to those commentators who had previously found themselves perturbed by and decrying the perceived fragmentation of British society.

Here were the public in central London, in their millions no less, unabashedly displaying and celebrating Britain and Britishness; with a Union flag hanging from every lamppost and waving from every hand, and not a sight of that hated blue-and-yellow EU monstrosityanywhere…

What a relief!

There is, however, one slight problem with this picture that no one is mentioning. A small boy tugging at his mother’s coat at the Emperor’s parade, aching to express a truth that can perhaps only find the light of day at somewhere like Gates of Vienna.

With the exception of very small numbers — that are in essence statistically irrelevant — whether you like it or not, pretty much everybody you see in the multitude gathered in London is white.

To understand the significance of this, one needs to know the demographics of the city.

Greater London, the largest conurbation in Europe, is usually divided into two geographic zones: the suburban ‘outer ring’, and the metropolitan ‘inner city’. London’s inner portion has been majority immigrant territory for some time, and as the years progress even the outer ring is approaching parity between immigrants and native inhabitants.

Thanks to publicly subsidised housing, with the exception of a few isolated pockets the centre of the city is mainly immigrant-dominated.

A visitor to the majority of the primary schools of the boroughs which lined the river down which Sunday’s pageant rowed, would see that the ethnicity which formed 98% plus of the audience for the jubilee, is represented as a rule in less than 10% (in many cases less than 5%) of the demographic makeup of the pupils of those schools.

Where then, one is forced to ask, were the parents of the rest of all these children, presumably a convenient short stroll away from demonstrating and celebrating their “Britishness”?

Why did they not seize this simple and convenient opportunity to declare themselves full, happy, and enthusiastic members of our grand multicultural society, when the vast majority of attendees had largely travelled much great distances in order to do so (according to train company reports)?

The cameras of the BBC, usually anxious to present a picture of multiracial harmony, and whose coverage of the events has been broadly panned as inane, clearly struggled in desperation to find non-white faces in the crowds.

Their failure to do so was even more stark as they linked to outside broadcasts of commemorative street parties up and down the country, particularly in places like Luton, where it was patently evident that wherever the English were in the minority only the English were doing any celebrating at all.

Where were the others? Our fellow “Britons”?

Those perfectly capable of coming out in their tens, even hundreds of thousands; for publicly funded Hindu Diwali celebrations in Trafalgar Square, or the Afro-Caribbean yearly carnivalin Notting Hill (policing cost to the British taxpayer: 34 million pounds a year), or Islamic Eid “festivals” in East London; were all conspicuous by their virtual absence.

This is not an Islamic issue, or even one truly of colour or race. It would have been surprising if any significant proportion of those celebrating this jubilee weekend were Poles, or any of the nearly two million Eastern Europeans who have come to the UK over the last decade, either.

The predominant skin colour of those attending the jubilee has merely provided visual confirmation of how comprehensively the social model into which decades worth of political and financial capital has been invested in Britain has failed.

To be clear: the English (unlike the Scots or Welsh to any similar degree) were told, not outright, but tacitly and subtly; through policy, policing, changes to educational syllabi, deliberate alterations to the cultural framework etc., that Englishness — their identity — would have to be subsumed, altered, diluted, undermined, even to the point of being questioned as having any true cohesive validity.

This was a necessary evil. It had to be done in order not to alienate or marginalise the millions of immigrants arriving mostly in the English portion of Britain, who “yearned to be part of our society” and to make a better life for themselves into the bargain.

Though awkward, this essential transformation would be worth it, and would in turn bring about a fresh paradigm of nationality.

Britishness would be elevated into a new and inclusive form of meta-identity that all could participate in and be welcomed by. A mélange-identity uniting and encompassing all comers.

This new paradigm in turn would have its own founding myths, as do all attempts to unite disparate ethno-religious communities. The myth that a person newly arrived from East Africa was “just as British” as any Englishwoman who might be able to trace her family back to the Norman conquest. The myth that one could achieve, “Strength through Diversity.”

Furthermore, these myths would be reinforced by numerous means.

Television “idents” and programs for example would subtly attempt to communicate harmonious multi-cultural unity, as in this collage. (Compare in particular the ethnic makeup of those attending the faux street party at the end of this BBC jubilee ident with those in thisCNN report of the genuine article.)

And thousands of farcical local council propaganda posters on buses and billboards would show a similar multitude of grinning multiracial faces, regardless of the theme. The golden rule of course being that the more outnumbered the actually English people in the photograph were, the more strained and enthusiastic their smiling had to be.

(This collection of picture exhibits shows the usual progression from the London boroughs of: Southwark, to Camden, to Newham, to Hackney, to Lewisham, to Tower Hamlets.)

This effort was so total and all-encompassing, that it was easy thoughtlessly to fall for it and assume it to be in part true. Particularly as every effort has been made, either by immigrants themselves or by positive discrimination, to advance newcomers through the professions so that they are now over-represented in medicine, media and the law.

Notwithstanding the fact, that the promotion of compulsory allegiance to this narrative has shifted over the decades from a gentle socio-political prodding, to a state of affairs where any who dare to forcibly question it in public face imprisonment.

But it was only required to force allegiance to this mind-set from natives… not, of course, from those who came; that would have been racially presumptuous and monstrously unfair. The one was supposed to magically facilitate the other.

But patriotism and national loyalty are based on the individual’s core willingness to sacrifice; and in modern Britain the balance of sacrificial expectation was set right from the start.

The state had to sacrifice to provide the benefits that would be received by the newcomer, while the immigrant was required to sacrifice and surrender, in exchange for the comforts and opportunities of their new life, well… what exactly?

In the interests of generating a nationally loyal harmony, every multicultural effort has been made to bend over backwards in the promotion of togetherness and inclusivity, up to and including the sacrifice of many essential characteristic elements of a thousand years of English and British history; right down to the abandonment of the most basic things like the promotion of our own language on the one hand, or judicial protections like double jeopardyon the other.

The children of the English, in the schools for which their parents pay through their taxes, are now compulsorily taught not the glories and accomplishments of their nation’s past, but primarily and chiefly its inequities, oppressions and “evils”.

This did not happen by chance. It was a transaction. A deal.

The accurate depiction of Britain’s majestic and impressive history for example, was to be abandoned in exchange for something. Deliberately disowning historical reality (like a thousand and one other such national cultural renunciations) was intended to provide an inclusivity that would in turn guarantee the delivery of an attached, benign and loyal immigrant population.

So where were they then: when a golden and simple opportunity presented itself for the demonstration of their new Britishness? Nothing jingoistic, or confrontational, but a four day series of events designed from the start to be achingly inclusive and multicultural.

Frankly? Our new fellow-Britons were nowhere to be seen.

When the chance arose to show how successful this theory of mutable national identity in fact was, in whose name so much has been forcibly lost, the results are startling — and, for those with an eye to the future, more than a little alarming.

The paradigm hasn’t changed. Our social engineers are either liars or fools.

People always only feel a genuine allegiance and loyalty to a place with which they have a pre-existing hereditary, historic or geographical investment.

The newcomers want no part of it, thank you very much.

Benefits? — “Yes.”

Sacrifices? — “Hmm. We’d rather not, if it’s all the same to you.”

And to be clear: the kind of sacrifice under discussion in this essay is not mounting the lip of a trench to advance into machine-gun fire in defence of your nation’s values or borders, but taking a couple of hours out your bank holiday weekend to stand in the rain for a bit with a flag.

This is the grim harvest we must expect from multiculturalism’s insistence that pre-existing identities should be encouraged to flourish rather than to adapt.

The British, and more chiefly the English, have received nothing in return for their sacrifice: of identity, of tradition, of heritage, and of culture.

They’ve been conned. Duped. The promised transaction hasn’t taken place: there will be no unity in the United Kingdom, and no guarantee of security as a result.

We will not see the likes of this weekend again.

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As the mail says, we're waiting for the last census results to come out so the govenment can massage the figures and blame labour for everything, ignore the fact they are doing nothing and play down the ammount of illegals in britian. Anyone who looks can see whats going on, but the govenment will say seeing is not proof.

The fact that every nook and cranny is full is not proof of over crowding. Hospitals creaking, is proof of nothing, except theres lots of people using the service. Over crowded schools are not proof that our population is growing, and because they don't have english as a first language, and muhhamad, and Ali are a more common names than 20 yrs ago doesn't mean theres more muslims in Britian. More mosques doesn't mean there's more demand. Without proof you don't have a case

 So what evidence has the mail got for its story. Guess work from the.ONS.

 Just seeing something doesn't make it true. If you would just believe what the govenment is telling you there wouldn'd be any talk of rising immigration.

That way what you see wouldn't match what you've been told. life would be so much easier if people wouldn't believe things for which there's proof, except what you can see with your own eye's.  

And the fact that applications for benefits, don't match number projections form the last census, just proves cancelling the census is a good idea. Afterall, if people are found falsifying the census, they can be fined, locked up, or both. Well we wouldn't want to find out we've got 2 million illegals that need locking up, deporting, or fineing. 

 We know full well, if two million illegals stepped forward, we'd have to find housing, schools, lawyers, and benefits for them all while they fought deportation, ect. Its out of control, and if you mention it, your left with providing the truth, or risk being called a racist, nutter, islamophobe,....rightwing!

2 million illegals. Shusssh. You 'aint seen 'em, right! 


EU should undermine national homogenity says UN migration chief ;

Peter Sutherland. Fat rich fuck and traitor to Europe. Remember that face.

Yep - it always amazes me how the "Official"/Tory etc right can still have the brass neck to say they are patriotic !

It always amazes me that if iwas to say, thats what the govenment are doing, then i'd be labled a conspiracy threoist.  But right under our noses and hidden in full view, the conspiray is being spoken about and is in full flow.

The plan, and it must be a plan, to crush national identitys is well under way. And has been for years. We just need to see if financial problems put a spanner in the works. Or if the financial problems are part of the plan.

All that just blurs what is happening. The truth is  Peter Sutherland is talking openly about destroying our way of life. And its not even caused a raised eyebrow amonst the ruling elite. So their silence must signify agreement.


Ed Miliband & Peter Sutherland - united in anti European bigotry ;

There was and is an undoubted conspiracy.  The UK was taken into the EEC on the idea that it was about lowering tariffs on exporting goods.  No mention of a common defence force, or no need to show passports when crossing borders (Schengen), or a common currency.  

The intention was there all along, from at least the 1970s (possibly sooner).  That was a conspiracy.

We were lied to by every political party. By promising "pan-european social legislation", the EU got the Labour Party and the unions on-board (they didn't have a cat in hell's chance of getting such legislation passed nationally in Britain).  It suddenly struck me this weekend how the trade unions were never protecting workers interests at all - they were protecting their members' interests (as members), which is a different thing.  It meant the unions would adopt policies that turned their members into non-workers, because the interests of the union and its members over-rode those of the members as workers.  The unions didn't care about non-unionised workers.  The unions were and are a kind of gang, with sectional interests.

The politicians who claim to believe in democracy don't really.  They think the hoi polloi are too stupid to be left to make decisions about economics or national or social policy.  

I'm glad to see people like Peter Sutherland break cover and admit what I've been saying for the past few years.

Interestingly, nations like South Korea have had no need to become multi-cultural in order to move from 3rd world to 1st world in a generation or two.  South Korea is currently ranked 15th in terms of GDP; I wouldn't be surprised to see it rank in the top 10 in the next few years.  And did they need to import loads of unemployed and unintegrated muslims in order to do it?  Of course not.

The importation of immigrants and the supposed need for multi-culturalism have nothing to do with economic development, and everything to do with a massive social experiment.

The power elite are seeing several parts of their plans unravel (the collapse of the euro, and the rise of nationalism across europe).

The Labour Party is run by graduates, and most of its voters are now middle class.  The trade unions represent sectional (and non-national) interests.  Capitalists are globalists - they want to be able to move their money wherever they can get the best return.  Most of the people of Britain, and particularly the working-class who most often have to rub up against the effects of mass immigration, are not truly represented politically.  That really does suggest that there is strife and violence ahead.

I have added a comment to the definitions of the 4 Freedoms, to clarify some matters raised in this discussion.  Please read it here.

Migration Watch comment on todays census release ;


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