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Of course, Al Beebazeera says that white Britons have left London because outside London people are paid more money (when everyone knows that is patently false).

A friend of mine told me about this story yesterday, and all the hostile (but honest) comments on it.  I told him "go back tomorrow, and all those honest comments will have been deleted".  He phoned me today to tell me I was right (I never bother to comment on news items on this website from The Ministry of Truth).

Looking at the demographic shifts, there are some interesting conflicts brewing ahead.  It seems that inner London is seeing an influx of white people, whilst the ring around inner London is becoming increasingly non-white.  I relish the day when the rich white people in inner London recognise they are trapped, and start campaigning for a wall to be erected around them (pretty much like the wall Israel has had to construct).

Why have the white British left London?

Something quite remarkable happened in London in the first decade of the new millennium. The number of white British people in the capital fell by 620,000 - equivalent to the entire population of Glasgow moving out.

The consequence, as revealed by the latest census, is that white Brits are now in a minority in London, making up just 45% of its residents.

So where have they gone to - and why did they leave?

I've been analysing and mapping the census data, and what emerges is a much more positive story than some headlines would make you think.

The movement of the white British is often characterised as white flight - the indigenous population forced out of their neighbourhoods by foreign migrants. That may be part of the story, but I think the evidence suggests it is also about working class aspiration and economic success.

Trying to track internal migrants is never easy. Just because the population of one place has fallen and another has risen does not mean residents moved between them. But there are some clues as to where London's white British migrated to between the censuses of 2001 and 2011.

While the capital's white British population fell by 620,000, the white British population in the rest of England and Wales increased by 220,000. (The overall fall of 400,000 is explained by a low birth rate and emigration.)

These maps show the change to the white British population in local authorities in England and Wales between 2001 and 2011. (Click between the three headings to see how the white British population is seemingly shifting around the country.)

Ten largest decreases in white British population. Newham 37.5%,Ealing 23.8%, Waltham Forest 23.6%, Barking and Dagenham 30.6%, Slough 30.3%, Redbridge 29.8%, Harrow 28.5%, Brent 27.3%, Enfield 24.5%, Luton 24.4%
Ten largest decreases in white British population outside London. Wolverhampton 9.7%, Coventry -10.4%, Rushmoor -10.5%, Birmingham -11.1%, Watford -11.4%, Reading -11.8%, Leicester -12.3%, Oadby and Wigston -13.1%, Luton -24.4%, Slough -30.3%
Ten largest increases in white British population. South Derbyshire 13.7%, North Kesteven 13.0%, Uttlesford 11.8%, East Northamptonshire 10.9%, West Lindsey 10.7%, East Cambridgeshire 9.7%, Mid Suffolk 9.7%, South Norfolk 9.7%, Mid Devon 9.5%, Forest Heath 8.8%

London's dramatic loss of white British residents is represented by a splash of yellow and orange. Outside the capital, the dominant blues tell a story of an increasing white British population. In some places the rise is quite marked.

The dozen authorities with the highest percentage increase in the white British population are almost all found in eastern England. Only mid-Devon falls outside a horseshoe of largely rural authorities extending south and east from the Fens.

It would appear that, in the first decade of the 21st Century, the dream of escaping to the country became a reality for tens of thousands of urban white Britons. But did they leave willingly or were they forced to move?

To find out, I have been to Barking and Dagenham, a London borough which has seen a phenomenal change in its cultural make-up over the past decade or so. In 2001, the census records that more than 80% of residents were white British. By 2011, it was statistically in the minority - just 49% of people in the area described themselves as white and British.

The story of Barking and Dagenham is the story of the white working class EastEnders. In the 1920s and 30s, tens of thousands of families were moved out of the inner city slums and into the huge council estates which had been built in the borough.

The 27,000 houses on the Becontree estate were described as homes for heroes, often allocated to the families of World War I servicemen. Another wave of Cockney sparrows built their nests in the area, having been bombed out of the East End during the Blitz in WWII.

This was a real step up for many families. Their new homes had indoor toilets and often a small garden. When Ford opened its giant plant at Dagenham in 1931, tens of thousands of jobs provided income security in the midst of profound economic depression.

Although Barking and Dagenham's population declined slightly in the 1960s and 70s, the last years of the 20th Century saw it rise again. Many families took advantage of the right to buy their council house at 30% of its market value - at least two-thirds of the Becontree estate was sold to the private sector.

In 2000, the borough was among the very few places in Greater London where you could still buy a three-bedroom house for under £100,000. The capital's buoyant property market meant that anyone who got on the housing ladder would see their home become a valuable investment during the first 10 years of the new millennium.

The decade also saw the Ford plant contract and ultimately the company announced it was closing down. The economic engine of the borough was being switched off, leading many of the local people to think about their future. In the first 10 years of the new century, the number of full-time jobs in Barking and Dagenham fell by a quarter.

For many white British households, the 2000s had left them without a job but with a sizeable chunk of capital in their home. Some had also benefited from redundancy pay-outs and pension deals offered by Ford. It was a cue for the families who had left London's East End in the middle of the 20th Century to move on again at the start of the 21st.

A closer look at London reveals how many neighbourhoods in the outer boroughs have seen significant falls in the white British population - Newham, Brent, Haringey, Enfield, Ealing, Hounslow, Merton and Lewisham almost form a ring around the capital. Only the affluent boroughs of Richmond and Kingston along the river to the west prevent the completion of the orange doughnut.

Change in white British population in London between 2001 and 2011

Ten largest decreases in white British population. Newham 37.5%,Ealing 23.8%, Waltham Forest 23.6%, Barking and Dagenham 30.6%, Slough 30.3%, Redbridge 29.8%, Harrow 28.5%, Brent 27.3%, Enfield 24.5%, Luton 24.4%
Ten largest decreases in white British population outside London. Wolverhampton 9.7%, Coventry -10.4%, Rushmoor -10.5%, Birmingham -11.1%, Watford -11.4%, Reading -11.8%, Leicester -12.3%, Oadby and Wigston -13.1%, Luton -24.4%, Slough -30.3%

Inner London saw some places losing the white British population, but quite a number - coloured blue - bucked the trend and recorded an increase.

Even central boroughs that experienced a decline in white British may have seen an increase in the number of white residents. Kensington and Chelsea recorded 17,300 fewer white British residents but the category "white other" now makes up 28% of the local population. The immigrants here are rich white Europeans and Russians.

It is a different story in Barking and Dagenham.

The people moving into the borough tend to be of black African heritage. I was introduced to Victor and Victoria, whose parents came to Britain from Ghana in the 50s. He works for London Transport and she is a nurse in the NHS - typical of the professional black families who've arrived from inner London to take advantage of available housing as the borough's white residents leave.

With a time-lapse camera, it would appear that London is pulsing as generations and ethnic groups move up and move out.

On Dagenham's main shopping street, I met a number of white locals who were planning to leave the borough. One male pensioner was hoping to relocate to Clacton - a seaside town on the Essex coast now nicknamed Little Dagenham. A local councillor told me how his parents had sold up and bought a large cottage with a quarter-acre of garden in Lincolnshire. Another woman says she had her eyes set on a little cottage in Leigh-on-Sea near Southend.

Leigh is a particular favourite. Many residents from Barking and Dagenham will have taken the train along the Thames Estuary towards Southend on a work excursion - the old beano to the seaside. Some still do, looking out of the window as the industrial landscape gives way to green fields and open wetlands teeming with birds.

Over the past decade or so, towns along the railway line between Fenchurch St and Shoeburyness have seen significant increases to the white British population. In Westcliff, part of Southend, I met a family who recently cashed in their three-bedroom house in Barking for a six-bedroom home by the sea. They keep bumping into old school friends, realising that they were joining a sizeable population of migrants from the borough.

The years between the last two censuses have witnessed significant cultural change in London, particularly in the outer boroughs. Some white British may have moved because their neighbourhood has been culturally transformed, the tea rooms and restaurants replaced by takeaway chicken shops and halal supermarkets serving the new arrivals.

But there is also a story here of white working class families that escaped from the slums and bombed-out East End in the middle of the last century, found new opportunities in London's outer boroughs and then, in the past decade - often having prospered from the housing boom and the capital's economic growth - cashed in their assets and bought themselves that little cottage in the countryside or by the sea.

It is a story of aspiration. It is a story of success.

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Bloody Hell.  And I bet that for some of those, by 2nd language they actually mean 1st language (i.e. they can't speak English).

When I lived in east London, I was surrounded by people who couldn't speak English. Some had been here for at least 14 years.

Alan Lake said:

Bloody Hell.  And I bet that for some of those, by 2nd language they actually mean 1st language (i.e. they can't speak English).

We should just give up but can't. Doesn't seem to be much hope though.

We're standing on the burning deck while the ship goes down, with a choice between burning or drowning, and no lifeboat or safehaven in sight. This will not end well said the optimist.

The boy stood on the burning deck
  Whence all but he had fled;
The flame that lit the battle's wreck
  Shone round him o'er the dead.

Joe, try to tell Labour that our new countrymen keep to their own kind, language, culture, traditions, and behavioural patterns.

They are not British, socialists or democrats, and they have no use for our laws and customs, or even our language.

Because of the deceit by police, academics, politicians & the media, it's very rare to see this kind of analysis.  But guess what?  Ordinary people are able to work these things out for themselves.  One is able to predict (with 99% accuracy)  in a news story about a knife crime that the perp is black, without even reading more than the headline.  So, people move away from the areas where blacks live (and for other reasons, the areas where muslims live).  Only the deluded, or those who have some other reason will stay (e.g. those who want to be drugs readily & relatively cheaply -- the reason why 2 socialst teacher friends of mine live in Brixton and Tower Hamlets).

Because journalists see ordinary people making these kinds of observations & decision, the journalists are then prompted to go against political correctness & their unions' propaganda, and make the FOI requests which form the basis of articles such as this one.

The true irony, is the hypocritical liberals who ensure their children do not go to schools which are predominantly black/muslim.  They still come out with the PC bullshit, but their strenuous efforts to protect their own kids shows up their hypocrisy and cowardice.

Violent inner-city crime, the figures, and a question of race

The reality of violent inner-city crime is indicated today by statistics obtained by The Sunday Telegraph.

The official figures, which examine the ethnicity of those accused of violent offences in London, suggest the majority of men held responsible by police for gun crimes, robberies and street crimes are black.

Black men are also disproportionately the victims of violent crime in the capital.

The statistics, released by the Metropolitan Police, permit an informed debate on a sensitive subject for the first time.

One prominent black politician said that the black community needed to face up to major challenges.

Shaun Bailey, a Tory election candidate in London and a charity worker, said: “The black community has to look at itself and say that, at the end of the day, these figures suggest we are heavily – not casually – involved in violent crime. We are also involved in crime against ourselves – and we regularly attack each other.”

The data provide a breakdown of the ethnicity of the 18,091 men and boys who police took action against for a range of violent and sexual offences in London in 2009-10.

They show that among those proceeded against for street crimes, 54 per cent were black; for robbery, 59 per cent; and for gun crimes, 67 per cent. Street crimes include muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property.

Just over 12 per cent of London’s 7.5 million population is black, including those of mixed black and white parentage, while 69 per cent is white, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The police figures also show that black men are twice as likely to be victims. They made up 29 per cent of the male victims of gun crime and 24 per cent of the male victims of knife crime.

The Met declined to comment on the statistics. However, some officers will see them as a justification for Operation Trident, a unit targeting black-on-black murder and violent crime.

Others will see it as justification for targeting a disproportionate number of black men under stop and search powers. Figures released annually have shown black people are at least six times more likely to be stopped and searched than their white counterparts.

On sex offences, black men made up 32 per cent of male suspects proceeded against, and white men 49 per cent. The statistics also suggest that black women are responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime committed by females.

Richard Garside, of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King’s College London, said: “Given Britain’s long history of racism and imperialism it should not greatly surprise us that black and minority ethnic groups are disproportionately members of social classes that have tended to experience greater victimisation and to be the subject of police attention.

“Just because the police treat black men as more criminal than white men, it does not mean that they are.” Simon Woolley, speaking as the director of the Operation Black Vote pressure group, but who is also a commissioner on the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said: “Although the charge rates for some criminal acts amongst black men are high, black people are more than twice as likely to have their cases dismissed, suggesting unfairness in the system.”

The Sunday Telegraph obtained the figures via a Freedom of Information request after Rod Liddle, the writer, caused controversy last year when he claimed in an online blog published on The Spectator website that “the overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community”.

The comments led to claims that Mr Liddle was racist, However, Mr Liddle said: “I cannot think of anything more vile than racism. The issue here is not racism, it is one of multiculturalism.”

The statistics suggest that Mr Liddle was largely right on some of his claims – notably those on gun crimes, robberies and street crimes.

The figures suggest, however, that he was probably wrong on his claims about knife crimes and violent sex crimes.

The figures relate to those “proceeded against”.

This includes those prosecuted in court, whether convicted or acquitted; those issued with a caution, warning or penalty notice; those the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to charge; and those whose crimes were “taken into consideration” after a further offence.

Unsolved crimes are not included.

The figures do not take into account that any one perpetrator may have committed numerous offences .

Out of the 10 most miserable boroughs in the UK, 9 of them are in London. 

Barking & Dagenham, Hounslow, Brent and Harrow followed closely behind. Both boroughs were also named among the top ten worst places for food hygiene enforcement in the UK earlier this year.

Also featuring in the top ten were the boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich, Hillingdon and Harringey.

Londoners 'less likely than other Brits to support gay or transgender children', poll shows

London’s image as gay-friendly is dented today by a poll showing people in the capital are less likely than other Britons to be supportive of a gay or transgender child.

A YouGov poll for PinkNews found Londoners over five times more likely than Scots or Northerners to say they would reject a gay child.

And Londoners were more than twice as likely to turn away from a transgender child compared to people in the North.

Across all voters, almost nine in 10 said they would support a gay child. But it dropped to just 67 per cent when asked if they would support a transgender child.

Surprisingly, 13 per cent of adults in London said they would reject support for a gay child.  In Scotland the figure was just two per cent, and in the North a mere one per cent.

Only 42 per cent of Londoners said they would be happy to have a gay child, compared to 61 per cent of Scots.

Across the UK, support for gay men to become parents using surrogacy or adoption was low at around half of voters

PinkNews chief executive Benjamin Cohen commented: “This polling is eye-opening as it goes against the widely accepted notion that London is the most tolerant part of the country when it comes to LGBT issues.

“Beyond the liberal, metropolitan elite, there are clearly many people in the capital who would react negatively to their child being gay or transgender. This shows the need for greater support structures, education and awareness to help families foster an environment that allows children to come out comfortably.”

I have been saying for some years: in the future the Left will deal with immigrants hatred of gays by telling gays to have sex-change surgery.  Just like fascist Iran.  This survey supports this prediction.

Mob of 400 masked men attack police in Hackney.

Hackney, like Tower Hamlets/Docklands is one of the places the BBC marked where white British people were re-locating (see first maps in first post of this discussion).  A few weeks ago I had cause to visit Hackney Wick, an area which I hadn't visited for over 30 years.  Back then it was the arsehole of London, the only people living there were people who simply had no choice.  Now the rail line there has been integrated into the Underground system, trendy middle class people are living there: retro furniture shops, cafes, and even shops selling rare vinyl records are opening up.  "So different from the Hackney I remember", or so I thought.

Last week it was reported that a muslim gang attacked immigration officers in Tower Hamlets.  

The riots in 2011 showed us how easily civil disorder can break out, and that the police will stand by and let this happen.  The riots by muslims in Bradford, Harrow and Tower Hamlets showed the police adopt the same behaviour: stand back and let the riot take place.

When a really significant crisis comes, one that is felt in places outside of London, I think the police will simply disappear from Hackney & Tower Hamlets.  When my family were attacked by racist muslims, the police advice (unofficially) was to get out of London and live in the surrounding counties (as the police officers told me they themselves did).  I recently got talking to a London policeman in one of the outer London boroughs -- even he lived in Southend rather than the outer London borough in which he worked.  

Joe, is the Wall you mentioned above that much closer to being constructed?



Cops were called to Hornsey Road in Holloway last night over reports of a gang of youths patrolling the street, armed with sticks and bricks. The area lies in Islington, where concerns are growing that a well-organised Islamist propaganda network is radicalising young Muslim men.

The gang managed to flee, but cops chase one masked man who was carrying a large bag, Scotland Yard said.

When the officers managed to catch up with him, they discovered a samurai sword and a Friday the 13th style face mask inside the bag.

A 21-year-old man was subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.

He was today being held in custody at a north London police station.

A police spokesman shared a photograph on Twitter today of the sword (below), saying: “Male arrested after being seen walking around in a hockey mask. Ran from police, detained, and this was recovered”.

Islamic spokesman:

“Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.”

If I went round saying the above, they would lock me up in a lunatic asylum. Yet these type of people freely roam our streets. Send them back to the lunatic asylum that they come from.

I found this other sequence, which maps TB to ethnicity in London.


In case it's not clear from the "White" map: white people are represented by the dark blue colour.

I also had reason today to consult Wikipedia to see what the (supposed) official figures are for ethnicity % in the UK. All around the UK, "White British" is around the 90% mark.  In London it is 44%

How can that not be shocking?  How can any country have handed over its capital city of 7 million to foreigners?

I will be surprised if the next Mayor of London is not a muslim.

This relates to the map I posted earlier of knife crime in London.

Primary school kids (ages 5 to 11yo) in north London are wearing stab vests to school." target="_blank">

When I moved out of London, what struck me about the kids in my new area was how well-adjusted they were. Confident, well-behaved, forthright, polite.  I never saw such behaviour in my decades living in inner London.

Joe said:

Knife crime in London.  The boroughs where white people are fleeing (with exception of Leftists going to Hackney) have far lower levels of knife crime. 

Table of London Knife Crime Offences by Borough 2007 – 2013


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