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Kuffarphobia in Italy


Kuffarphobia in Italy

Per contribuire a unire le Persone italiane ed italofone nella loro Lotta per le Libertà (4 Freedoms)

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Commento da Philip Smeeton su 21 Settembre 2022 a 14:30

I too hope she wins Kinana. She is a fan of Mussolini which is ok by me. Mussolini did a lot of good and cannot be compared to Hitler, far as I know he was not a Jew-hater. It is bound to have a knock on effect if she wins, give courage to the Swedish and French and Hungarian far-right. There would have been a far-right party in the British Parliament if Britain had been a real democracy.

Commento da Kinana su 20 Settembre 2022 a 17:35

Giorgia Meloni.

The BBC (calling her 'far right') and Guardian (saying Italian politics is heading for a (new low') hate her so I hope she wins!

Commento da Philip Smeeton su 17 Settembre 2022 a 8:26

Socialism taken too far has fucked up Europe. Which will say cancelled Europe with its principle of universal fraternity. Losing contact with reality and introducing ever more tyrannical laws in order to defend an impossible position.
All the socialists in Norway had to say recently was that they were going to take away the wealth of the richest people in the land and give it to the poor.
One result is that Norways richest man has moved to Switzerland because the tax system in Norway was taking away almost all of his personal income. He began as a simple fisherman and built up a vast business empire that has created industry and jobs and pays billions in tax to the state every year. He is Kjell Inge Røkke.
The far-right with a cleaned up act is our only hope. Those not indoctrinated from birth with socialist principles, by the schools and media, would given a choice and presented with the reality of the state of the world and their own countries, choose nationalism and patriotism, choose themselves and their own kind.

Commento da Alan Lake su 16 Settembre 2022 a 17:01

Residents in traditionally leftwing Garbatella district not surprised by rise of woman poised to be Italy’s next PM

Half-torn posters, one with a still fairly legible slogan, are all that remain of a branch of the youth wing of the neofascist Italian Social Movement (MSI) in Rome’s traditionally leftwing and working-class Garbatella district, where Giorgia Meloni, poised to become Italy’s prime minister after elections next weekend, grew up and charted her political path.

Undeterred by the at times violent confrontations between young left and rightwing militants in the early 1990s, and the messages to “kill the fascists” daubed on the walls of Garbatella, Meloni knocked on its door aged 15 and signed up.

Those in the neighbourhood who have recollections of the young Meloni, whose Brothers of Italy party emerged from the National Alliance, a descendant of MSI, say the toxic political atmosphere at the time was formative.

“I knew her grandmother,” said Francesca, who was standing on the street next to the former MSI unit. “Giorgia was a very intelligent, determined girl who stuck to her path and never relented. I will definitely vote for her.”
During a rally in Sicily in late August, Meloni said: “I try to be more calm, then they take pictures of me with swollen veins. I’m from Garbatella, and every now and then the soul comes out.”

Meloni moved to Garbatella with her mother and elder sister, Arianna, to be near her grandparents after the siblings accidentally set fire to the apartment in which they lived in the Camilluccia area of Rome when constructing a den in their bedroom filled with toys, snacks and candles for light.

She wrote in her book, Io Sono Giorgia (I am Giorgia), that she owes everything to her mother, Anna Paratore, who almost terminated her second pregnancy due to economic worries and a difficult relationship with Meloni’s father, who abandoned the family, fleeing to the Canary Islands on a boat called Cavallo pazzo (Crazy horse).

Meloni described herself as an irascible, defensive child, whose determination to fend off her enemies was spurred by a group of boys who wouldn’t allow her to participate in a game of beach volleyball because she was “too fat”. She responded by going on a diet and eventually joining a volleyball squad.

The ex-wife of Valerio, a stallholder in a market close to Garbatella metro station, was among her teammates. “She remembered Meloni being dedicated to politics and fascinated with the history of the Mussolini period,” he said.

In an interview with a French TV network during the Garbatella municipal elections in 1996, Meloni described Mussolini as “a good politician”. In more recent years, she has endeavoured to spruce up her party’s image, remoulding the political force as a conservative champion of patriotism, and saying in a video in August that the Italian right had “handed fascism to history” decades ago.
Brothers of Italy, which barely scraped 4% in the 2018 general elections, now leads a coalition made up of Matteo Salvini’s far-right League and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, which is forecast to seize a comfortable victory in the 25 September ballot.

Such an outcome doesn’t sit well with many in Garbatella, where Roberto Gualtieri, from the centre-left Democratic party, obtained the most votes in mayoral elections last October. However, with the leftwing parties so divided in the upcoming election, some in the district are not sure who to back.


Commento da Philip Smeeton su 24 Giugno 2022 a 8:57

These African rioters in Italy are just proving how stupid they are but only if the Italians prove themselves intelligent by sending them all back to Africa. If not then it is the italians that are stupid.
“Africa in Peschiera” Wreaks Havoc in Towns Around Lake Garda

Commento da Antony su 27 Aprile 2021 a 7:59

Police arrest Nigerian secret society members ;

Commento da Philip Smeeton su 16 Agosto 2020 a 18:42

It seems likely that our civilisation is crumbling. What will come lawlessness, war and anarchy- or brutal dictatorships ?

Commento da Alan Lake su 16 Agosto 2020 a 16:43
Commento da Alan Lake su 16 Agosto 2020 a 16:39
Commento da Philip Smeeton su 21 Marzo 2020 a 9:23
On the front line in Italy, 18 priests and 13 doctors killed by Chinese corona virus.
Meanwhile in Norway young healthy people are getting the most deadly type of Corona virus, not just the elderly.
"- Young people need help with respirators
- What's new is that even younger, healthy people get the disease. Also in serious form, so they need help from the respirator. It is still though the elderly and those with Chronic diseases that are over-represented. But now we see that the young and healthy are being randomly affected, Jacobsen tells the newspaper."


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