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I am not sure if this actually happened.

But if it did, it would be a slap in the face of every butcher in this country.  One of the stipulations of halal meat is that a Muslim must produce it, because non-Muslims are unclean (Q 9:28). This employment selection and favouritism is bigotry on a grand scale and is religious discrimination foisted on us by a so-called secular government.

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Over 5,000 butchers from Pakistan will get employment in the halal meat industry of UK through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the National Halal Foods Group of UK and Overseas Employment Cooperation of Pakistan, diplomatic sources here say.

Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK, Wajid Hasan said that through the efforts of the NHFG, opening of outlets of halal meat in leading supermarkets of UK and Europe will provide employment opportunities for Pakistani butchers along with export of meat from

Pakistan to the international market of halal meat.

The signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the UK based National Halal Foods Group and Overseas Employment Cooperation of Pakistan’s Ministry of Labour Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis took place at the Pakistan High Commission in London over the weekend. The MoU was signed by Community Welfare Councillor of Pakistan High Commission, Talha Saeed, and Chief Executive Officer of NHFG, Zahid Yaqoob.

Yaqoob said as a result of this MoU, over 5,000 butchers from Pakistan will be given employment in the UK for producing halal meat for the outlets in UK’s leading chains.

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I've been expecting this:-( ty for posting

Merriot Chard me onto this story on FB

i asked 'did it actually happen?'

he wrote

"Hi kinana@..yep, true. I'm trying to find out if there are tax breaks for the purveying and procement for Halal meats. If so, it would mean a cheaper product for the mass market in general sales as these meats are sold to the high street stores as unlabled . Therefore an unfair monopoly is accrued."

more from

Merriot who wrote

"Kinana . a muslim was recently proscecuted with a heavy fine in England as he slaughtered his own sheep that he bought of a British farmer. The farmer sold them on the condition the animals would be stunned prior to slaughter .......they were'nt ....he lied of course.Consumers have been repeatedly told that under no circumstances meat is sold by them as 'unstunned' prior to ritual sacrifice. The large stores cannot say for certain that the meat sold by them is adhered to under the terms of slaughter. Thanks for highlighting this issue."


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