A RAPE trial has collapsed after the accused man was left shocked and bruised by an attack in the courtroom.

Shaid Hanif was set upon as he walked to the dock yesterday morning shortly before the complainant was due to be cross-examined behind screens.

His trial at Bradford Crown Court was halted while he was treated in hospital for bruising and prescribed painkillers.

This morning, Judge Penelope Belcher discharged the jury at the request of Hanif's barrister, Holly Betke.

Miss Betke said Hanif had been the victim of a serious assault by a man who was in the public gallery.

He was left "shocked and shaken" and upset that his assailant had received a police caution for the attack.

He felt unable to concentrate on the trial.

The court heard the attacker was cautioned because he had no previous convictions.

David Gordon, for the prosecution, argued against an adjournment, saying the alleged offence was more than a year old and the complainant was part-way through the trial.

Also, it would be six to nine months before the case could be relisted.

Judge Belcher said: "This defendant faces a very serious allegation and must be properly fit to defend himself."

She told Hanif: "I think I can say on behalf of us all here, we are shocked and appalled by what happened yesterday and I hope you recover soon."

Hanif, 38, of Stephen Crescent, Bolton, Bradford, denies one charge of rape, which is alleged to have taken place at his home, on February 7 last year.

The jury had previously been told that the alleged rape victim woke up with a broken jaw and a burn mark to her breast in the single bed of the defendant, who was a stranger.

The 22-year-old woman did not know the man next to her and had no idea how she had been injured.

Prosecutor David Gordon said the woman had drunk vodka and lager at a friend’s house after finishing work, and then went to The Village nightclub, in Sackville Street, Bradford, where she drank more alcohol, and took cocaine in the toilets.

Mr Gordon said she remembered nothing after 2.30am, by when she was really drunk. The next thing she remembered was waking up in the man’s single bed at 2.30pm the next day. She was injured and covered in blood. Her teeth were chipped, she had a broken jaw, needed stitches to a lip injury and suffered a broken little finger. Medical evidence showed a blister on her breast could have been caused by a lit cigarette being stubbed out on her, it was claimed. Mr Gordon said the woman was aware someone had had sex with her, but had no recollection of it happening.

Hanif told police he found the woman in the city centre and offered to call an ambulance. He said she asked to go home with him in a taxi. He said they watched TV until 5am. When he went to bed she insisted on sleeping with him, he told officers.

Hanif's bail was renewed until the new trial date of November 21.