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"New Zealand mosque suspect Brenton Tarrant 'an ordinary white man' inspired by Anders Breivik."
Do they really expect white people to accept being replaced and excluded, and not to react, in white countries. Some are bound to react with violence when all other forms of reaction and protest are blocked.
Of course, they are going to use this as justification for censorship and the shutting down of the right-wing. They will never admit that it is their open-borders politic that will allow muslim terror and cause right-wing terror. Shutting the borders and deportations would solve the terrorist problem.

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Christchurch - the wages of multiculturalism ;

New Zealand mosque linked to al queda suspect ;

A very good analysis by Morgoth in that video. As is this one by Blond in the Belly of the Beast.

Comment from Philip:
Quite frankly this woman disgusts me. She is everything I despise in politicians. They believe themselves to be strong when they are only limp and ineffectual.
With leaders like her the mess only worsens. Totally blind to immigrant crime and Muslim aggression she sacrifices us on the alter of her own self-righteousness. self-(goodness, honesty, honour, virtue, uprightness, morality, integrity, justice, blamelessness, faithfulness, equity, ethicalness, purity, holiness, sanctification).

Ooh, she is so daring, wearing a hijab to a mosque. What next? Maybe she will speak out against FGM, honour killings and Islamic Hate speech?

Better yet, maybe she will pose with other leaders in a safely evacuated street, holding a pencil a la Charlie Hebdo, or a quran, or God knows what, to prove her fearless stance for freedom and equality.

I will annoy a lot of people by saying this, but if you look at Brenton Tarrant's manifesto strategically, he was a kind of visionary, whether you view it from the Muslim point of view or the non-Muslim point of view.

From strategy, or from game theory, I don't think any of the previous scenarios could play out to give a win for non-muslims. Whatever is done now, Islam will be taking control of Europe by 2060, and once that happens, with all Europe's weapons, the US is going to feel very lonely indeed (and that's if the dollar hasn't collapsed by then).  So Tarrant realised that the only possible route for kuffar to survive, is if he can kick off conflict and backlash now, before it is too late.

But I think he made one mistake, if he wanted the best strategic direction. That would have been to use the methods that Al Qaeda recommended themselves in Inspire, like using trucks to mow down civilians in a particular area. This would have been more effective for 2 reasons:

  • It would have echoed the Islamic actions, and thus tended to trigger an Italian vendetta type response of tit-for-tat attacks which just got worse and worse in a never ending cycle
  • It would have suggested to others on his side, a means of joining the kuffar 'jihad', which is not so technically difficult. After all, only a small number of people in a small number of countries are able to get hold of ballistic weapons and use them like he did. But the Al Qaeda methods are specifically designed to be implemented by unskilled people with the most basic of equipment, like cars, gas bottles and kitchen knives.

This is only a strategic analysis, which may give insights into our future, where our societies are heading; it is neither a recommendation nor an endorsement.

Thank you Alan. Tarrant is the most interesting thing that has happened in a long while.

Our purpose is to annoy people Alan.

Our going to jail would serve no purpose, so we must not be found guilty of inciting to murder. They'll put us in jail anyway for protesting murder done by muslims. However in the end violence on a massive scale, civil war, may be the only solution.
Killing the enemy in war is not murder. Islam is at war with the West, so muslims do not see killing us as murder or morally wrong, rather to them it is a heroic act. By that same token we are also justified in killing muslims.
A political solution seems unlikely, but I will continue to work in hope that a legal solution carried out by some sort of patriotic party will end our sorrows. We must not go out with a whimper.

 The mosque attacked in New Zealand had been linked to Islamic terrorism back in 2014:

 The war on terror is actually a war on Islam and until we acknowledge this we will remain at a disadvantage. A war has to be won using every means at our disposal and the enemy has to be utterly defeated and rendered incapable of doing us further harm.


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