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From Dave to Alan Lake
Sent May 2
Hey there Alan, how did the demo go, outnumbered by the plod I suppose? 

Over here getting anyone to stand up is near on impossible, life is too soft and confy, and that is half the porblem, no one wants to do anything until it is too late. 

Any tips on getting like minded people up and moviing out onto the streets? 

cheers, Dave

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From Alan Lake Sent May 3

Hi Dave,

the demo went well and actually there were far more EDL than police and far more EDL than the stupid counter-protesters so it was a good day.

I really don't know how the EDL leaders get those people out on the streets. It seems a miracle to me each time I see it. So I've included some other people who may be better at answering the question than me.

One thing I will say is that without the culture of football it doesn't work, because:
(1) football fans are used to hanging around on streets, etc
(2) they are used to being treated like crap by the police etc and don't give a shit
(3) they are not afraid of anyone, certainly not UAF idiots or Muslim thugs
(4) they enjoy the sense of camaraderie
(5) they see the event as a social one in which you get together and chat and have a drink

All those 5 reasons are antithetical to the middle class way of life. That's why the middle class intellectuals will NEVER save us from this problem!

Well, maybe I can give some advice after all. You need to target, say, Rugby supporters, and project the event as a chance to get away from all the intellectual crap and have a good day out with your mates where you can talk sense to each other.
From peterpedant Sent 1 day ago

Hi Dave.

I must say I disagree. The good folk of Oz are more than capable of coming out in force to stand up to any Muhammadan nonsense. The Cronulla beach riots in 2005 were a good example of mobilisation at very short notice.

In fact I can see Ozzies surpassing the EDL's success in some ways once the snowball starts to roll - from what I can see, the Lebanese gangs are treading on very thin ice at the moment.

Great video ;o)
Hi Alan. I would love to agree, but from what I can see, the facts don't paint as rosey a picture. First, there is the never ending problem of the scum media. Most people equate Cronulla with Ozzies being racist:- and even when you tell them the truth, many just don't believe it. 2nd few Ozzies walk around armed: -it's not something that is typical of our make-up. compare that with the percentage of leb scum that are armed, and often with serious hardware and it starts to look decidedly unpleasant.
Apathy is another major problem...this incident was only one, but when you consider what these scum are doing { ie virtually controlling the drug trade, the rape gangs}, you have to ask why there haven't been more responses like this b4.
I'd really like to link up with some like minded people, and work with them on a few projects, but actually getting people to commit to REAL activity is seeming nearly impossible.
there is no magic wand to get people 'up and moviing out onto the streets'.
maybe if you lead others will follow. that is a risk but people of good heart will see your rightness and be encouraged to take some risk themselves. where there is any movement in the right direction go and encourage it and be a part of it.

for example i found this submission and eventual vindication very hopeful

'Submission from Catch The Fire Ministries
To the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria
in response to complaints made by the Islamic Council of Victoria,
Yusuf Eades, Jan Jackson and Malcolm Thomas under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act'

i could send the whole doc to you if you want but they are easily found on the internet.

other movements against building of Islamic schools have happened there also.
good luck.
How to wake up Australia ?

Well 1st, I believe Australians should always reject the words Racist and Islam-a-phobia when confronted with them.

English defence League is a non racist group which dose NOT have a racist agenda, and I believe that the Australians should be the same.

As a Queenslander I certainly have no racist axe to grind at all.

Always remember that Islam is not a race no mater how much the political left and Islam want to make it a racist issue.

Also always strenuously reject the accusation that you are Islam-o-phobic, It dose not exist.

There are a massive amount of phobias on the phobia list, Islam is not on it and remember a phobia is an irrational fear of something and as such it is a mental illness and anyone suffering from a mental illness is protected under the law and can not be attacked for having that illness ether verbally or physically and as such it is an ofence to call you an Islam-a-phobe.

But lets face it both words are banded about for just one purpose and that is to shut you up, you see these people don’t want you telling the truth about Islam.

So go out and tell the truth about Islam, don’t be afraid of the Islam-a-fascists who will shout you down, The truth will out.

Remember Islam is NOT a Religion ether, It is a Cult and as such should be treated as such, but remember it is the most dangerous of cults.

Just remember our children’s tomorrow is in our hands today, fight the bastards and remember if you fail you will advance Australia fair in to an Islamic nightmare.

No Surrender.
How Do We Wake The Aussie :)
Im Tracy Leader of Australian Defence League, weve been operational since early 09..
Has just been change in leadership at our group this past week, due to our former leaders study commitments..
I must say it amazes me that so many australians see us as immune from whats occuring globally,...
Im pretty much a one man band at pres, although i am makin changes etc to make sure our admin is 110% committed to educating and recruiting, in this past week, our numbers increased far more than any other week, so people are starting to become aware that we arent immune ....
But yeah im finding a lot of australians have no idea whats going on outside our shores...they say ignorance is Bliss !!

contact det.
TassieTracy, This is a reply i maid to Indoeuropean a while ago, I hope it helps.

Reply by Tha Grenadier on March 30, 2010 at 7:47pm

Delete Indoeuropean you make a good point but what people are forgetting and what the Muslims, Political left and the PC brigade don’t want advertised is that there is no such thing as Islamaphobia, a phobia is an irrational fear of something.
If it were a Phobia it would be a medical complaint such as claustrophobia or arachnophobia, and to attack someone for having a phobia is in itself irrational and also illegal.
Then of course there is the allegation of racism if we have the temerity to make any complaint about Islam, well iv seen passports from all over the world but iv never seen a Muslim passport, iv seen plenty of Muslims with passports but not a Muslim one.
The fact is that the Islamic Race dose not exist any more than the Protestant or Catholic race exists.
Its just another ploy by the Muslims, Political left and the PC brigade to stifle any debate on Islam, they really don’t like people talking about what they get up to.

As for this speech by John Howard, well he is definitely on the right track.

We Australians will reap what we saw, It was not too many years ago that Australia was helping the Biggest Muslim country in the world (Indonesia) to Militarily Defeat one of the Smallest countries in the World
Catholic (East Timor), They Failed.
Why did our Govt do that ? Well for one thing it was greed, Oil and Gas in the Timor Gap (that did not belong to us) drove them to help a Muslim state Murder half of East Timor’s people.
And now you have many Muslims living in Australia, and just across the Timor gap you have the Biggest Islamic Country in the world with a standing army numbering Two million men under arms.
You can bet your bottom dollar that Indonesia is looking at Australia and all that land to populate with envious eyes.
Indonesia has coveted Australia’s vast land mass with its huge untapped resources for 50 years or more, but they were never strong enough.
But they will be soon, it may take 20 years but that is OK, they will out breed the Australians and then they will out vote the Australians and then when they control our parliament by legal, democratic means they will dissolve Democracy and declare Australia Stan an Islamic Republic.
Go on Laugh, It can never happen ? Check out our berth rate against the Islamic berth rate ? And don’t think the Muslims already in Australia are not being very busy travelling around the country photographing all the Australian military installations, Especially around Darwin were the Indonesians will land.
Advance Australia fair ? Right in to an Islamic Night Mare.
Darrius, join the Australian Defence League on facebook... you will find many people there who share your views and we DO get up and do things!!
See you there ;)


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