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Friday, October 16, 2009 » 04:27pm

Two Sri Lankan asylum seekers in Indonesia have been taken to hospital in critical condition.

The spokesman for the Sri Lankan asylum seekers caught by Indonesian authorities en route to Australia says two of the group have been taken to hospital in critical condition.

All 222 men and women on board the rickety cargo boat, moored in the port of Merak in western Java, have gone on a hunger strike as they plea to be resettled.

The group's spokesman, Alex, told AAP that two of the asylum seekers had been taken to hospital.

'This is day two of the hunger strike and already two people have been taken to hospital. Two people have gone to the hospital in critical condition,' he said.

The hunger strike was sparked after a disagreement with Indonesian authorities, who want to move the asylum seekers off their boat.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Friday maintained his hardline stance on border protection, saying he would not bow to emotional blackmail.

'It is irresponsible for any prime minister of Australia to send out a message of positive encouragement to people smugglers in the region,' he told Fairfax Radio.

'It creates an industry which I have said before is one of the vilest on earth and, secondly, it is potentially very dangerous for people putting their lives into the hands of such people.

'So I am not going to be in the business of sending out messages to people smugglers in the region, and more broadly across the world, that somehow this is a legitimate trade.

'It is not. It is obnoxious and vile.'

Alex said the hunger strike would continue until the international community took notice of their plight.

However, he said the group has given up on making it to Australia.

'I don't think Kevin Rudd has a heart for us anymore. We don't want to waste the energy that we have on a person that has those views,' he said.

'We're not blackmailing anybody. We are peace loving citizens.'

How can Kevin Rudd keep a straight face when he refers to his tough stance on immigration, when it is his policies and actions that have us being invaded by these "asylum" seekers, I cannot for the life of me think why anyone voted for this marshmallow.

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Tough as a rubber nail is our Kev. As soon as he dissolved the Pacific Solution, the people smugglers were back in business.
Anzacs. Hope this comes across ok (diff tack) ,just to say hello to my mates.
trying to convince people in NZ that there is a problem meets with a bit of "she'll be right". EDL however are like a lifejacket yes?!?
Will try to start something similar in NZ, but it would be good to know if we had a brother organisation in Aus. We have no "real" known "jihadists" here unless you mention those guys (muslims) that we caught planning an attack on your Class 7 site way back in ...97/96ish. Oh thats was just a well planned to a nuclear facility. The sort of holiday we all plan for. Oh was all guys....No girls on this holiday!!
Just learning how to use this site. feel free to contact.
Most people voted for Krud to get rid of workchoices, however good or bad that was, we also lost the protections John Howard put in place on unauthorised migration/invasion. Wake up Krud this country deserves better. learn from Europe and the UK. Our population is tiny by comparison our culture, religious practices and customs could easily be over run if this situation is allowed to continue. Once again if you dont like Australia's culture and values you should not even think about living here, you are always free to leave.


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