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PM go and 'let the Muslims take over'

ISLAMIC preacher Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon points heavenwards to emphasise his message for the governments of Australia -- there is no God but Allah and only his laws should be obeyed.

"My attack is on the Prime Minister of Australia," he said yesterday. "I hate the parliament in Canberra. I want to go straight for the jugular vein and advise the parliament that they have no right to legislate. They should immediately step down and let the Muslims take over."

An Australian-born convert to Islam, Siddiq-Conlon is the self-anointed leader of a group called Sharia4Australia, which is pushing for the introduction of sharia courts as a first step towards achieving Islamic law.

"One day Australia will live under sharia; it's inevitable," he said. "If they (Australians) don't accept it, that's not our problem. We hope, and our objective is to have a peaceful transition, but when you look at history that has never been the case. There's always been a fight. It is inevitable that one day there will be a struggle for Islam in Australia."

"They must hate it, speak out against it. And, if that doesn't work, take action against it."

His other objectives are to advise elected governments they have no authority to rule, and to educate non-Muslims on the benefits of sharia, including punishments such as stoning adulterers and severing the hands of thieves.

"If chopping off the hands is the punishment given by the sharia court then we say glad tidings, because chopping off the hands -- when you understand what is sharia -- is a mercy to that person.

"Why is it a mercy getting your hands chopped off? Because it can be expiation for your sins. It is better to get punished in this life than to go underground into the grave or into the hellfire for eternity."

Siddiq-Conlon will join a debate tonight at the Parramatta Town Hall in Sydney on the merits of sharia versus democracy. The event was organised by self-styled debate promoter Zaky Mallah, who was acquitted of terrorism charges in 2005 but pleaded guilty to threatening to kill a commonwealth officer after his passport was cancelled.

The pro-democracy case will be argued by an Australian army veteran, self-described "concerned Aussie" and senior member of the pro-gun Firearms Forum, Jack Zedee. "The issue with Mr Conlon and Sharia4Australia is they are preaching hatred. His views horrify me," Mr Zedee told The Australian.

Police and private security are expected at the debate, after both sides claimed to have received death threats. Mallah said he had tried to cancel the event but the debaters insisted on proceeding.

Siddiq-Conlon shrugs off concerns his campaign will damage the moderate Muslim community. "If it causes a backlash against the Muslims, I can't help that. This is a necessary debate."

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"including punishments such as stoning adulterers and severing the hands of thieves."

Didn't the big M raid and loot stuff all the time? Why weren't his hands chopped off??? Or are these just the usual muslim double standards?

@daniel -youll find that if mohammad was subjected to sharia laws he would of been flogged stoned whipped beheaded hands and feet removed the hole shabang ! He was the perfect example of double standards and hypocracy and he got away with it becuase he "asked allah if it was cool just this one time".

 The trouble is you have no defence against that sort of hate speech. if you demand that all imams step down and be replaced by priests and that all muslims have to obey the law of the land or leave. you will be arrested, by your own police, and targeted by muslims. You shouldn,t be debating with conlon, you should be demanding his arrest. As soon as you enter into debate with conlon he has already gained stature for himself.


We in the uk allowed hate preachers far to much freedom, and the damage they have done is immence. Abu Hamzar is one example.

 good luck.

the best way to fight this  is for all to stand up  but seeing the APP/ADL joint excersize was to belittle the aussie who stood up against this joker


to suggest  once again we give him a free ride , that he be allowed to make another uncontested documentry like he did with halal foods  and look at that now ,  it was used to allow halal into hospitals and prisons


well done all those who say let him go ,  let's all ignore it and let them win ,  your doing a smashing job and i hope Islam acredits your efforts for supporting them and allow ing them to do what they wish unopposed

What a disgrace, we should throw this garbage into the sea, send him and his friends back where they come from. if not he may achieve his aim. Dont expect the piss weak Australian Government to help they are the biggest expample of PC MUlticultural scum this country has ever seen in power, bring on the next election even Abbotts fools couldnt be this bad. Please follow this link for a great example of stupidity.

There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, they have really make it very easy for us. Allah's law, or the law that is the result of Parliament enactment and through our elected representative, in other words a Western Democracy.         -- OR--

A doctrine of a 7th century Bedouin Warlord(Mohammad), who most probably was a narcissus and a schizophrenic. This is the perfect man, the perfect Muslim. A complete totalitarian ideology under the guise of religion.   "Man" These people are really messed up.      

We need to bring back much tougher laws on treason and sedition. This isn't a game anymore.

There are some easy solutions to assist in the short term, none of which will occur due to the spineless populist politicians, but are nonetheless worth mentioning.

a)  Anyone who arrives illegally, or has paid a people smuggler is NOT a refugee, therefore immediately outside of the UN refugee remit.

b) Any genuine male Muslim refugee from a war torn country (Iraq and Afghanistan), must serve in the Australian Defence Force in that country for a period of 3 years. Following service he may be granted the rights of an Australian resident, not before. 

c) Muslim refugees must never be given full citizenship, only PR.

d) Children born in Australia remain the citizens of the parents country - no anchor babies.

e) Introducing muslim literature into the public education system to be banned immediately.

f) Documentaries on the "truth" of the islamic jihad - both terrorist and "soft sell".

g) Unveiling of the genuine mohammud and his life quoting from Hadith.


What is vital however is to make people understand that trying to deal with these people coming from a western mindset and values is doomed to failure. They understand nothing except violence for they are bullies and cowards.   


If the above brand me a racist, (although I prefer realist) then so be it. I do not fear for myself but for my grandchildren.


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