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Comment by James Ardbuchiel on December 23, 2010 at 19:11

Dereliction of duty

by Peter Smith

December 22, 2010


The tragedy which took the lives of asylum seekers off Christmas Island has brought out the handwringing do-gooders. To them, the answer is to make it far easier for refugees to enter Australia. They want us
to open our doors more widely. The thing to realise about these people
is that they are a menace; they can’t be safely ignored. They have
absolutely no compassion for the broader Australian community and no
regard for our way of life. All of their compassion is spent on
refugees. They are oblivious to the problems that refugees have created
in Europe. And, as substantial numbers of refugees are Muslims, they pay
no heed to the efforts of some Western European governments to reassert
European values threatened by growing Muslim populations.

I have two spare bedrooms. I know there are homeless people in Australia yet I offer them no shelter. I have never been criticised by those around me for this or by refugee advocates. Apparently it is my
self-interested right to decide who I invite to live in my home. I
suggest that Australia as a whole has the same right. The problem is who
is going to assert it. I clicked on to The Drum. It asked:
should Australia increase its humanitarian refugee intake? Of the 2102
respondents at the time, 59 per cent said yes, 41 per cent said no. I
went to Sky News. It asked: should the government adopt a harder
line on asylum seekers? There was no information on numbers, but 90 per
cent said yes and only 10 per cent said no. There is clearly a
difference of opinion between ABC and Sky News interlocutors, even if
the questions were not quite the same. No surprise there.

Unfortunately, the consequences of translating opinion into action on this matter are not academic. A lesson might be taken from Roy Jenkins’ all too late recantation. Mr Jenkins was Home Secretary in the Wilson
Labour Government in the mid sixties. He launched an era of cultural
diversity in Britain. According to Kenan Malik - From Fatwa to Jihad - after the public burning of The Satanic Verses,
Jenkins mused that “in retrospect we might have been more cautious
about allowing the creation in the 1950s of substantial Muslim
communities here”. Once it is done it is done.

Immigration of any kind into Australia should be solely based on Australia's self interest. By definition, if it isn’t based solely on Australia’s self interest we face the prospect of a poorer Australia in
the future. What possible right have we to bequeath that to our children
and grandchildren?

One test among a number that obviously should be applied is whether it is safe to assume that intending migrants have a deep and genuine respect for our Judaeo-Christian heritage and our democracy with its
rule of law and modern values of equality and tolerance regardless of
race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. This would by no means
rule out taking refugees; provided they passed the tests and it could be
shown that they would contribute as much as would other categories of

According to the United Nations refugee agency UNCHR, at the end of 2009 there were 15 million refugees in the world and another 28 million internally displaced people. This is a tragedy which will be solved only
when the populations of those countries continually producing such
misery adopt our values. We should help them do that as best we can.
What we shouldn't do is to increase our refugee intake without regard to
our own self-interest.  

Our first and prime duty is to ourselves, to our families, to our neighbours, to our fellow citizens, and to our descendants. Part of that duty is to assess carefully who can settle in Australia. Opening doors
widely to refugees is simply a dereliction of duty. The overwhelming
presumption and practise should be that if you turn up uninvited you
will not be given settlement rights. You would be returned to your point
of origin or to a United Nations refugee camp and put at the bottom of
the queue. Once that became known attempts at illegal entry would
largely stop. This would have the added benefit of putting people
smugglers out of work.

However, let’s not pretend that people smugglers are the problem. They are just a symptom. Nor are asylum seekers to blame. They simply want a better life and are more able than their fellow ‘refugees’ (real
or economic) to pay the fare.  The real problem lies with those among us
who have neither the will nor inclination to protect our borders and
our hard won way of life.

They seem to live in a parallel universe; where we have an infinite economic capacity to absorb people without regard to their capacity to fend for themselves once they are here; where no-one wants Israel
annihilated; where there are no religious police, no honour killings;
where women aren’t forced to wear ‘bee-keeper suits’ or stoned for being
adulterous, where freedom of expression is not exorcised by
intimidation. They believe that if only we are nice, everybody will live
together in happy prosperous harmony for evermore. It is pathetic. I am
not sure what can be done about it. Maybe the game is on the way to
being lost; as it has already been in Europe, if Mark Steyn America Alone is anywhere close to being right.

Comment by Alan Lake on December 17, 2010 at 3:22

Excellent article.  As it happens I was discussing with some Muslim thinkers related topics, on Tuesday. All of my efforts, as a former engineer, are to construct/fix the constitutional machinery which will protect our 4 freedoms. Doing that will give us the freedom to operate, which we now don't have. Lets call that the Mechanistic Process.


But thats only half the story.  In terms of the "Ghost in the machine", only fixing the constitution leaves you without a 'ghost', or a spiritual core. I'm using 'spiritual' in the sense of the spirit here, an ethos, mythological or whatever, not in the sense of a named corporate religion. So we need two things.  We need the machinery to protect our freedoms, but we also need some process to unify our communal spirit, to satisfy the individual, and to allow us to act together. Lets call that the Human Spirit Process. The Islamists will insist that it is Islam which can fill that spiritual vacuum.  Perhaps, but that has other costs :-)


As secularists, we cannot say that it is Christianity or Buddhism or whatever that will fill that gap; we have to say that the state machinery will maintain the citizen's freedom, so that he can individually choose the religious path he desires, to meet his 'spiritual' needs.  That is, we are not machines, and will not be satisfied by a merely material life view.  We construct ideological machines to enable our society to function with maximum freedom, but an individual person will need a lot more than that.


But that still leaves you without any societal 'glue'.  Muslims have it easy, since they will enforce Islam over everyone, whether they like or not, so most people will just along with it for an easy life, even if they don't like it.  So that gives a sense of group identity, which is often national, and makes it easier to operate.


Our problem is to recover the glue, or sense of national identity.  We let all the old values wither away, under a relentless onslaught of liberal criticism and the quest for economic efficiency.  Many of the factors which define your cultural identity are a kind of historical artefact, you cannot justify them by logic, so if you submit them to the glare of inquiry, they will wither.


I agree with Cory Bernardi, a healing and construction cycle needs to begin on the Human Spirit Process.  That is not something to be done by the constitutional legislators and political theorists.  It is a job for the writers, artists, playwrights, film directors and song writers.  I am not qualified for that job.  I just hope that those other people, people that move in the world of the spirit, can step up to the plate and begin this healing process.


Comment by James Ardbuchiel on December 16, 2010 at 18:51

We need more like Bernardi in politics.

Comment by James Ardbuchiel on December 16, 2010 at 18:49

Let the “revolution” begin

There are three types of people in Australia.

The first of these are the Radicals that are trying to tear down our institutions and diminish our historical values because these don’t fit with their own view of how the world should function.

The majority are those who are apathetic to the societal changes going on around them until it affects them personally. This second group is characteristic of those who typically strive for a better life for themselves and their families, free of interference.

The third are the Conservatives that seek to protect and defend the structures and values that have allowed our nation to achieve the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy today.

Conservatives are the natural representatives of the aspirations of the majority and the values and structures they protect are based on principles that are under threat from the dominant ideologies of The Radicals and an increasingly secular and opportunistic society. A society in which concepts of right and wrong have been replaced with a moral relativism; where there are no absolutes – only preferences or choices. A society where there is an excuse for everything but responsibility for nothing. A society where the wisdom of the ages is being replaced by fads and quick fixes.

That’s why we need a revolution of sorts in this country. A revolution that will restore the principles and values that have successfully guided mankind and our society since the dawn of time.

We need to restore that which is now routinely ignored in the blind pursuit of new agendas that are remarkable, not for their lack of substance, but because they are built on the economic and moral corpses of previous failure.

We need to reacquaint our citizens with the understanding that there are absolute truths that hold true in all places and at all times.

We need to make a radical departure from the growing and all-pervasive acceptance that critical and discerning moral judgment is somehow unfair and an infringement on human rights.

We need to re-establish the notion that responsibility is just as important as freedom of choice.

We need to reaffirm that the family is the most important building block in any society and that the wellbeing of children is the best investment that any society can make.

We need to recognise that our nation has a role to play in international affairs but her primary responsibility is to her citizens.

In short, we need not just any revolution, we need a conservative revolution. One that will re-establish the family, social and economic virtues that have been neglected for at least two generations, yet are as innate within the human spirit today as they ever have been.

That’s why I’ll be taking a break from my weekly columns over the next six weeks to complete the final chapters of my forthcoming book The Conservative Revolution.

I remain grateful for your interest in my musings and appreciate all the feedback I receive. May you and your families enjoy a happy, holy and safe Christmas and a prosperous year ahead.

Cory Bernardi is a South Australian Liberal senator. His columns and essays are available at his website.

Comment by Alan Lake on December 13, 2010 at 5:28

Thats a great article, which I'm still considering!


It also refers to FDR's 4 freedoms, which are different to ours - because he faced different threats - but nevertheless, there are some interesting similarities with the 4 Freedoms named here.

Comment by James Ardbuchiel on December 11, 2010 at 20:36

The impetus for the development of the ‘New Pragmatism’ comes from the recognition of the clear movement that is now emerging in the Western democracies, particularly in the ‘Anglo’ democracies (especially those in Australia and the USA) whereby the mainstream voter has become increasingly disenchanted with the ‘grand strategies’ for global governance advanced by the political and ruling elites. This disenchantment exists with the political and ruling elites of both political persuasions, regardless of whether they are ‘grand strategies’ driven on the one hand by economic neo-liberalism and foreign policy neo-conservatism, or on the other hand by Keynesian big-spending, stimulus-based economic policies and foreign policies rooted in the cultural and moral equivalence of the progressive movement.

Comment by James Ardbuchiel on December 11, 2010 at 20:35
Comment by Alan Lake on November 23, 2010 at 5:21
Shalom Chabad,

I will be having a special guest arriving from Los Angeles to visit Taranaki, New Zealand in late April of next year. His name is - Nachum Shirfren and he is known as "The Surfing Rabbi". The Rabbi speaks very highly of Chabad as his inspiration for becoming trained and ordained as an orthodox Rabbi and that is why I have contacted you to enlist you aid on the Rabbi's behalf. While he is visiting New Zealand he has asked that I schedule an itinerary for him to spread his message of the threat freedom loving people face from the scourge of Islamic fundamentalism. And as 9/11 showed in stark detail, the threat is no longer restricted to Tel Aviv and Israel, but extends now accross the entire globe. This situation is not unlike the 1930's when people refused to acknowlege a growing threat and millions perished as a consequence of failing to act while there was still time.

What I would like to get from you is a list of contacts in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton from your organization or perhaps others who would be willing host a presentation by Rabbi Sherfren to those in the community be they Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Bhuddist, Pagan or athiest. What is important is that they share the Rabbi's concern about the Islamofascist menace worldwide and even here in our Kiwi corner of the Southern Hemisphere. To provide and example of the power and righteousness of the Rabbi's presentation, I have included a link to a speech he made recently in the UK

Let Rabbi Shirfren's message be our answer to those who would force Sharia Law upon all of us.

William Clarke, New Zealand
Comment by TassieTracy on June 21, 2010 at 18:42
Comment by Mary, Act 4 America Chptr Leader on June 6, 2010 at 4:14
Hi there. I'm not a Aussie, but I'm very interested in what goes on in Australia because I have an American cousin who is married to an Aussie and living in Australia. I don't think either one of them have a clue as to the seriousness of what is happening there or elsewhere with global islamization and the pandering to Islam by the left, most politicans, the Christian church and the dispicable media whores and pimps.

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