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The End of the World As We Know It

Reissued as an Urgent Warning

By: Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The title of this article is the subtitle of Mark Steyn’s book America Alone (2008), a book that should be read by every American!

Americans need to know that the economic and political survival of their country depends very much on Europe, and Europe is approaching the abyss. The single most important fact about Europe today is it is rapidly aging and declining population. Unless this trend is reversed, Europe will soon be semi-Islamic.

For a nation to maintain a stable population – no growth and no decline – it needs a fertility rate of 2.1 live births per woman. Whereas America has a 2.1fertility rate, Europe, a whole has a rate of only 1.38. Spain, with a 1.1 fertility rate, is halving every generation.

In the major urban centers of France, of those aged 20 and under, about 45 percent are Muslim. France is self-destructing. So is Russia, the world’s largest country. With a 1.14 fertility rate, there may be only 50 million Russians at the end of the century. Large areas of Russia will slide into the Islamic world. As Steyn puts it, Europe is “going out of business.”

Europe’s social democracies, with their cradle-to-grave welfare programs, are going bankrupt. By assuming all the responsibilities of adulthood – health care, child care, care of the elderly – the State has effectively severed its citizens from humanity’s primal instincts, including self-preservation. As Europe gets older and more childless, it has to import more foreign workers, mostly Muslim Arabs from North Africa.

These Muslims are not especially productive. A large percentage of Muslims are on social welfare, and they also predominate in Europe’s prisons. Europe’s future is dismal. What are the causes of this decay?

To begin with, Christianity in Europe is virtually dead. Life is meaningless, so why have children. Hedonism is rampant. Multiculturalism has eroded national pride even in France, Germany, and Spain. As I warned far back in a 1978 article published in the Congressional Record, the university-bred doctrine of moral relativism has been especially subversive. Europe’s political and intellectual elites have lost any solid sense of right and wrong. They are so mired in nihilism and multiculturalism that they cannot understand that at stake here is the end of European civilization.

Imagine French literature and culture, gone; German literature and culture, gone; Russian literature and culture, gone. They will disappear with the Islamification of Europe. In the home of humanism, humanism is dying.

Here is an astonishing example cited by Steyn: Earlier this year, Spain’s ruling Socialist Party introduced a bill in parliament legislating that apes – apes! – be included in “the category of persons, and that they are given the moral and legal protection that currently are only enjoyed by human beings”! The party’s argument was that humans in Spain share about 98 percent of their genes with chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. No wonder Spain has a fertility rate of only 1.1.

But how did Spanish socialists gain power? Well, on March 11, 2004, three days before the Spanish elections, a series of terrorist train bombings in Madrid killed more than 250 people. On election day, the voters tossed out the government that had been supporting the U.S. in Iraq and handed it over to the Socialists. It was this new government that introduced the bill to endow apes with the rights of human beings. Notice, however, that it was Muslim terrorists that brought this government to power.

Europe’s Muslim Arab population is increasing geometrically, and they don’t integrate. The most popular baby boy’s name in much of Europe is Mohammad. If you are Muslim – Steyn says if you are “Islamist” – “you can lie, cheat, steal, rape, and kill women and children, so long as you are doing it for Allah and his victory over infidels.” Islam thus provides would-be criminals with a license to steal and kill. The present author wonders how many felons become Muslims to cover their evil inclinations and avoid punishment?

With few exceptions, Muslims reject the customs and laws of their host country. Nevertheless, their votes count and are sought. Government officials, whether obtuse or afflicted with multiculturalism, magnify Muslim power by failing to enforce monogamy laws. Since Muslims can have four wives, their birthrate is seven times that of Europeans. Some demographers say Europe will be dominated by Muslims in 20 years. Europe, mired in moral decay and appeasement, is committing suicide.

Finland’s prime minister said in 2002 that “the European Union must not take up arms at any occasion in order to defend its own interests.”

What about sturdy England? Alas, the teaching of moral relativism during the past few decades has enfeebled and corrupted English society. In fact, relativism has metamorphosed into moral reversal, as witness the anti-Israel reportage of the BBC and The Guardian, where the Jewish victims of Arab terror appear as the villains. England’s judicial system has also been tainted. The courts mollycoddle Arab criminals and terrorists as “victims” of so-called “oppressive” majorities. London has become a breeding ground for global jihad, thanks to the permissiveness of the courts.

And so the U.S. is losing its NATO allies. In the UN General Assembly in 2003, the members of the European Union voted against the U.S. position 54.5 percent of the time! America is alone.

Unfortunately, European decadence is evident in the U.S. Multiculturalism and relativism dominate American universities. Compounding this subversion is the pernicious influence of Saudi Arabia. Saudi money subsidizes the Middle East programs of many American universities. No wonder American campuses have become hotbeds of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism if not breeding grounds for Islamic jihad. The same may be said of countless mosques across America financed by Saudi Arabia – a totalitarian regime that was mollified by the Obama White House.

America’s elected officials willfully refrain from enlightening the American people about their enemies. And so, despite 9/11, Americans still fail to take Islam seriously. Notice the opposition to ethnic profiling and the drivel about Muslim “moderates,” who deafen us with their silence about the so-called hijackers of their religion. No doubt there are Muslims that deplore jihad. But what is of strategic importance is this: experts estimate that of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, at least 150 million, and perhaps more than 750 million, support the jihad agenda!

Leading this agenda is Iran, the patron of Hezbollah, with branches in more than 20 countries including the U.S. Iran also finances Hamas, which has sleeper cells in America. Given America’s porous borders, who knows how many suitcase bombs these jihadists may possess or obtain.

In any event, Iranian nukes will soon be able to hit not only Tel Aviv but also London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Rome. Given Europe’s addiction to appeasement and the entrenchment of Muslims in these and other European capitals, it will not be difficult for Iran to hasten the Islamification of the Continent.

At stake is the American way of life. Since UN resolutions and economic sanctions will not stop Iran’s nuclear program, it is the sacred duty of President Trump to initiate whatever military actions are necessary to eliminate this existential threat.

This done, the President must galvanize the American people in support of his actions. To gain and sustain their support, he must clearly define the political, cultural and religious nature of the enemy. He must anticipate and disarm his inevitable detractors by naming well-known personalities who have been threatened or murdered or placed under police protection for revealing the truth about Islam’s ambition to overrun the world by means of demography, conversion, and technology. Every passing day increases the danger and renders its elimination more difficult.

The President must show that Islam’s contempt for “infidels” is a denial of the sanctity of human life. Even the Nazis did not use their children as human bombs. The President must, therefore, show that Islam is the greatest threat to liberal democracy and the most cherished values of Western Civilization.

One last word. Few people grasp the full significance of 9/11. 9/11 was the greatest morale-booster of Islam in 1,000 years. 9/11 restored the confidence of the Muslim world – a world burning with envious hatred of the West. 9/11 showed ambitious Muslims that the “Great Satan,” despite its military superiority, is vulnerable and can be conquered. By restoring the pride of Muslims everywhere, 9/11 heightened Islam’s ambition to conquer the world.

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"Envious hatred". That describes many of the problems that we are supposed to learn to live with. We the majority.


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