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Child Victims of Kuffarphobia


Child Victims of Kuffarphobia

To protect children from abuse which is ideologically authorised, i.e. FGM, Child Marriage, Honour Killing, Grooming by Sex Gangs and Political Indoctrination.

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Essential reading is the book "Easy Meat":

Map of UK Muslim Child Grooming

Official Video to Stop Grooming - suppressed by Paedophile Protectors in BBC and NUT?


UK government protected child groomers (with 20 years of recorded & sanctioned activity)

Children First Now
MEMRI Videos about Children's Islamic Indoctrination
Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989

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Comment by Philip Smeeton on September 30, 2021 at 9:09

Those that lead a country are responsible for what happens in that country- and are responsible for finding permanent solutions to threats to the security of the citizens of that country. One of their tasks is to be gate-keepers and law-enforcers and not let in criminals and to expel criminals of foreign origin. When there is overwhelming evidence that certain immigrant groups cause serious harm to the natural historic population of the nation , then that group must be first expelled and then denied entry. Collective crimes done as a result of the collective mentality of that alien group justify collective punishment.

Comment by Alan Lake on September 30, 2021 at 0:05

Endless rape and abuse of the indigenous children, but nary a peep from any of the self-proclaimed 'compassionate'. I wonder if Princess Me-again Markle and Prince Haz Been will take this up?

Comment by Antony on September 29, 2021 at 9:14

Rochdale footballer jailed for child rapes ;

Comment by Antony on September 23, 2021 at 8:42

Scotland - State sanctioned nonce books for kids ;

Comment by Antony on September 20, 2021 at 9:16
Comment by Antony on September 12, 2021 at 15:55

The Children - Rudyard Kipling ;

Comment by Philip Smeeton on August 15, 2021 at 14:21

I agree Antony, part of me wants a war to come so we can settle some scores. This trans stuff is part of the insanity. You can bet that they will try to prove scientifically that trans-gender is perfectly normal.
Centre for Gender Research(University of Oslo).
Gender and sexuality in the Viking Age.
The overwhelming majority of human beings and other mammals are 100% male or 100% female. A tiny percentage are somewhere in between. Tiny dick or big clit.

Comment by Antony on August 15, 2021 at 13:28

I think Afghanistan will turn into a debacle of some sort - even with an orderly evacuation it means the American Empire has been sent packing by a bunch of goatherds with Kalashnikovs. We should not intervene in Muslim countries - just leave them to it, stop muslim immigration and deport our unwanted muslims back to them, and concentrate on fixing our own economic and social rot (ie - ) - before lecturing others. I'm not worried about Russia - they are fellow Europeans and we should be forming bonds with them, not going to war with them, I'm also not bothered about China - they are a large country and it is inevitable their economy will eventually surpass the USA's - so what - do we have a nuclear war with them ? - I think this war mongering is the usual Neo-Con/Military-Industrial Complex wishing for a distractionary banksters war.

Comment by Philip Smeeton on August 15, 2021 at 9:18

The lesson I take is to stay well out of internal muslim affairs. Deport muslims instead of importing them. And that Islam remains the greatest threat to civilisation as we understand it. 

The continent of Africa, also obviously, will become completely muslim.

In regards to China I do not know, but I do not see Russia as a threat.

Cyber attacks by lunatics are a threat.

I am not worried about China, in a way I understand them "China and the Chinese First!"

What really angers me is the way Europe is being ruined by the idiots that run it.

The more mistakes Biden makes the better the chances of Trump returning in glory. I wouldn't count on it though.

Then we have the Corona virus and global climate change, something that has brought the lunatics and fanatics out of the woodwork.

Comment by Alan Lake on August 15, 2021 at 2:41

If the collapse of Afghanistan turns into a right debacle, with the sacking of the US embassy and perhaps even staff being paraded in front of the cameras - it could even be a good thing. The US is so deluded now, they need a good public worldwide humiliation to try bring them down to earth. They need to be wake up about the strength and threat from China (and stop blathering on about Russia), and they need to punish and fire their useless military leaders that are responsible for the 20 year Afghan debacle.

But even this humiliation may not do it.


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Muslim Terrorism Count

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Mission Overview

Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

Islam, operating at the micro and macro levels, is unstoppable by individuals, hence: "It takes a nation to protect the nation". There is not enough time to fight all its attacks, nor to read them nor even to record them. So the members of 4F try to curate a representative subset of these events.

We need to capture this information before it is removed.  The site already contains sufficient information to cover most issues, but our members add further updates when possible.

We hope that free nations will wake up to stop the threat, and force the separation of (Islamic) Church and State. This will also allow moderate Muslims to escape from their totalitarian political system.

The 4 Freedoms

These 4 freedoms are designed to close 4 vulnerabilities in Secular Democracy, by making them SP or Self-Protecting (see Hobbes's first law of nature). But Democracy also requires - in addition to the standard divisions of Executive, Legislature & Judiciary - a fourth body, Protector of the Open Society (POS), to monitor all its vulnerabilities (see also Popper). 
1. SP Freedom of Speech
Any speech is allowed - except that advocating the end of these freedoms
2. SP Freedom of Election
Any party is allowed - except one advocating the end of these freedoms
3. SP Freedom from Voter Importation
Immigration is allowed - except where that changes the political demography (this is electoral fraud)
4. SP Freedom from Debt
The Central Bank is allowed to create debt - except where that debt burden can pass across a generation (25 years).

An additional Freedom from Religion is deducible if the law is applied equally to everyone:

  • Religious and cultural activities are exempt from legal oversight except where they intrude into the public sphere (Res Publica)"

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