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The victim and her mother.
When Western European countries opened the floodgates a few years ago to allow in hordes of migrants, they did not bother checking the ages of these so-called "refugees." 
In fact, most of them allowed the fake refugees to "identify" as whatever fake age they wanted, in the process allowing many grown men to be placed in the company of children, with disastrous results. 
There were even cases in Sweden of men as old as 40 being placed together with children at residential care homes for young people and sent to school with minors, with disastrous results.

"Hello my fellow kids": fake refugees who pretended to be children in the UK.
Now it looks like one of these migrants may have infiltrated a kids play center in the UK by pretending to be a toddler and then savagely attacking a 17-month-old girl, scarring her for life. 
As reported by the Daily Mirror:
A toddler was scarred for life after being bitten more than 15 times by kids at a soft play centre. Seventeen-month-old Willow-Ivy Doherty suffered the “nightmare” during a day out with her mum Becky, brother Tucker, six, and sister Aurora, three. Becky, 33, said: “She looks like she’s been savaged by a dog, not a child.”

The single mum of six took her three youngest to Little Bees in Seacroft, Leeds, and sat watching from a table overlooking the indoor play area. She was looking at Aurora when she heard another mum scream: “Oh my God, whose baby is this?”

She said: “She had pulled the boy off Willow. He had hold of her neck.” Becky raced over to find Willow-Ivy blue and not breathing and the boy standing “with a big smile on his face, with blood all around his mouth”.

She said she shouted “where is your mum?” but the boy’s mother did not come forward until staff were giving Willow-Ivy first aid...Becky said: “She kept shouting ‘That’s what kids do, that’s what kids do!’ over and over.”

Becky took Willow-Ivy to hospital where she was given injections for Hepatitis B and treatment for her cuts. She suffered four to her face, two to her fingers, three to her back, several to her head, one to her ear, one to her shoulder, one to her wrist and one to her leg.

A spokesperson for the soft play facility said that parents should supervise their own children. The owner of Little Bees, who did not wish to be named, confirmed that she helped Willow-Ivy but said: “We are not a nursery. The children need parental supervision.”
As usual what is missing from this story is a picture of the attacker. Given past mistakes it is entirely possible that he was in fact an adult and may have simply lied about his age to gain access to small, vulnerable children for his own sexually perverted reasons.
Meanwhile, to have noticed this before the attack took place would probably have got you labelled a "racist" in Britcuckistan. No doubt in that sad country disbelieving anything said by a refugee is probably a prison offence by now. 

It's not paedo sexual assault if you claim to be a "fellow toddler."

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French Police force French citizen to remove video of muslim migrants sexually harassing toddler ;

lets hope this goes viral.

The rapefugee invaders are so confident now. They know they can attack us and rape our children with impunity, and that if there is any backlash against them, they will ultimately come out stronger from it - as just happened after the NZ attack. BTW, it looks like one of them has done some more False Flag mosque damage in Birmingham. When they win we lose. But when they lose, we lose then as well.


Did You Know:

An African migrant hijacked a schoolbus in Milan

Tied up the hands of 51 children

And set the bus on fire

This happened yesterday

How is it possible that Senagalese migrant child molesters  drive busses in italy?

“ANSA reported that Sy, who became an Italian citizen in 2004, had been convicted in 2007 and 2011 of drunken driving and sexual molestation of a minor. ”

This boy is on Matteo Savini’s Twitter feed, portrayed as the saviour of 51 kids who rode on that bus. But the Evening Standard offers an Egyptian Moslem kid who claims credit and wants “urgent” citizenship:

Rami Shehata The leader of Italy’s 5-Star Movement called for the teenager to be awarded speedy citizenship after his classmates hailed him as a hero for his move to alert police.

He tied us to the floor covered in petrol and took our phones away so we couldn’t call the police,” one of the 51 children held hostage in a school bus set on fire by a driver of Senegalese origin who wanted revenge for migrants “dying at sea”.

Migrant Who Raped Child over 100 Times Avoids Deportation from Sweden

France in shock: 4 Algerian migrants arrested for brutal rape and murder of 12-year-old Paris girl found stuffed in a suitcase with throat slashed

Afghan asylum seeker jailed for rape of 12-year-old schoolgirl in taxpayer-funded migrant hotel


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