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Peter McLoughlin's book on the Muslim grooming gangs, Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal, has now been updated to include new material bringing it up to 2016.

It can be bought in paperback and ebook from Amazon. McLoughlin is maintaining a website of material supplementary to the Easy Meat book - .

The link to his website points to a page showing you what the additional material in the book covers.

There is also a very useful interactive, searchable table on McLoughlin's website. You can search and sort this table using names, towns, dates to see this grooming gang scandal from different angles.

Michael Coren & Gavin Boby on Muslim rape gangs in England

The original video was taken down from Youtube at the end of last year.  The text below was part of the video on Youtube.

However it is available here:
Gavin also speaks on this topic at 12:50 in this video:

Published on Feb 27, 2014

Alibhai-Brown illustrates her point by zeroing in on this sentence by Berelowitz & co.: "Perpetrators come from all ethnic groups, and so do their victims -- contrary to what some may wish to believe." In response to which Alibhai-Brown offers this comment: "Yes, we know they come from all backgrounds. But that rather cutting second line is directed at people like me who believe that in some British cities -- especially in the North of England -- circles of sexual hell for young girls are run by gangs of Muslim men (most of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage) who mostly prey on white girls....To generalise their crimes, and lump them in with all the other abusers across the country, is to deny what the victims of these men and their families are saying about the abuse that has gone on."

Indeed. Of course, the OCC's statement about perpetrators coming "from all ethnic groups" is yet another example of the handy PC dodge whereby the link between Islam and pretty much any of its more horrific aspects can be swept away by means of a simple rhetorical formula. For example: "Honor killings occur in a wide range of religions." Or: "Female genital mutilation is not an exclusively Islamic phenomenon." Or: "The practice of forced marriages is not restricted to Muslim families." All true -- and all cynically designed to avoid the uncomfortable statistical reality, and to protect the speaker from being accused of racism or Islamophobia. (It's no surprise that ITV's brief online account of the OCC report actually made that insipid truism its headline: "Report: Child exploiters 'come from all ethnic groups.'")

"The report," notes Alibhai-Brown, "points out that 28 per cent of the victims they found were of black and Asian background. But it doesn't state what it should have: that some of the worst long-term abuse is carried out by mainly British Pakistani men targeting lost young white girls, often from troubled or poor families....The children are neglected and hungry for love. The men offer treats, car rides and kebabs, then drugs and alcohol; and then they corrupt them." Alibhai-Brown argues that while authorities fear "that the racial aspects of child sex gangs will be hijacked by groups such as the English Defence League," it is important to "confront some of the values that drive such men to prey on white females" and to look squarely at "some Asian cultural assumptions that make the paedophiles feel no guilt or shame about what they do."

Exactly which "values" and "Asian cultural assumptions" is Alibhai-Brown talking about? Alas, she doesn't say. That's where her article ends: with a gutsy-sounding call to face up to "values" and "Asian cultural assumptions" that, it appears, she would prefer not to identify at the present juncture.

What to say about this? Well, first of all, anyone who is genuinely interested in facing up to the truth of these matters needs to stop talking, as Alibhai-Brown does incessantly in her article, about race. This is not about race but about religion -- not about black and white but about Muslim and infidel. Alibhai-Brown wants to be seen as bravely pulling back a curtain on an ugly reality, but her repeated reference to dark-hued men and "white girls," and her use of that cowardly, dishonest (and, alas, ubiquitous) British euphemism "Asian" is nothing more than a way of skirting the truth -- namely, that the "cultural assumptions" at work here aren't "Asian" -- aren't Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, or Thai -- but Islamic. As she and most of her readers well know, countless Muslim boys are brought up to view infidel females as little more than whores whose "immodest" attire makes them legitimate targets for physical assault. Most Westerners who are seriously concerned about these matters have long since learned that the Koran itself condones such conduct, and that in cases of rape it is the victims, not the perpetrators, who are considered the guilty parties. These repulsive facts have been widely known in Europe for many years now.

for info on the book referenced by Gavin go here:

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Just storing Paul's link here for future reference.

This video about Rotherham shows that we are inching slowly towards a recognition of the truth.  The organisation Risky Business, which told the council of 1700 cases, was not only burgled and had documents removed, it was getting convictions and it had its funding withdrawn.  The cover-up by professional organisations seems to have been massive.

An attempt to recreate an organisation along the lines of Risky Business was denied funding.

The lie that is multiculturalism.

Married father Zia Maroof Khail, 29, carefully groomed the victim and fooled her into believing they were “boyfriend and girlfriend”.

After spotting her in a park, he made repeated approaches and the first time they spoke he told her he loved her, Preston Crown Court heard.

Khail, originally from Afghanistan, persuaded her to meet him at his home twice a week, said Mark Lamberty, prosecuting.

He sexually abused her there, and had sex with her in an alleyway and at her own home.

“He was abusive to her if she refused to co-operate in sexual conduct,” Mr Lamberty added.

His sex crime came to light when the girl made a complaint about other men she said had abused her.

Police tracked Khail down using DNA evidence which matched his on a database at Colnbrook Immigration Centre, Heathrow, where he was waiting to be deported.

He told officers he did not think he had done anything wrong because he was not aware of the “cultural norms” in Britain.

With the rat Cherie Blair defending him, he'd have a good chance of staying here. The Blair's would make another chunk of money, and get to polish their self-anointed halos even more. What's not to like?

This shouldn't really come as any surprise. 

Andrew Norfolk has a story in tomorrow's Times, claiming that police officers and councillors were among those who ran/used grooming gangs in Rotherham.

Link to above - unfortunately behind paywall ;

and on another cover up note ...
Joe said:

This shouldn't really come as any surprise. 

Andrew Norfolk has a story in tomorrow's Times, claiming that police officers and councillors were among those who ran/used grooming gangs in Rotherham.

Rotherham Council cabinet to resign over child abuse report

A child in RotherhamThe inspection team reviewed approximately 7,000 documents and met with more than 200 people

Related Stories

Rotherham Council's cabinet is to resign in the wake of a damning report which found it was "not fit for purpose" after a child abuse scandal.

Louise Casey's report found a culture of bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced "political correctness".

The council also has a "deep-rooted" culture of cover-ups and silencing whistleblowers, she said.

Ms Casey was asked by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to inspect the council.

The report found the child sexual exploitation (CSE) team was poorly directed, suffered from excessive case loads, and did not share information between agencies.

Ms Casey said: "This inspection revealed past and present failures to accept, understand and combat the issue of child sexual exploitation, resulting in a lack of support for victims and insufficient action against known perpetrators."

Council leader 'a bully'

Report author Louise Casey: "Rotherham council needs a fresh start"

The inspection team reviewed approximately 7,000 documents, looked in detail at case files and met with more than 200 people, including current and former staff, council members, partners, victims and parents.

According to the report child abusers in Rotherham are identified but "little or no action is taken to stop or even disrupt their activities".

Rotherham Council demonstrated a "resolute denial" of the child abuse that was taking place, the report found.

Ms Casey said the local authority was "repeatedly told" by its own youth service what was happening.

It chose, she said "not only to not act, but to close that service down."

Attitudes within the council include dismissal of Professor Jay's findings, denial of knowledge of the "scale and scope" of CSE, blaming others and denial that CSE remains a serious problem in present day Rotherham.

The council also had an "excessive deference" to South Yorkshire Police, something which prevented the use of council powers to tackle perpetrators, and a lack of scrutiny over the police's actions.

Roger StoneFormer council leader Roger Stone was labelled "a bully" in the report

Investigators were told that former council leader Roger Stone had been "a bully".

"What Stone said, went," a senior officer told the investigation. "Everyone was terrified of Stone."

A councillor said: "He is a bully in my opinion. In Labour group he would impress himself on people, male or female. A lot of women have felt a sense of suppression and macho culture."

Mr Stone declined to be interviewed by investigators but sent a statement instead.

Ms Casey, who is director-general for troubled families at the Communities Department, was asked to inspect the council in September.

1,400 children abused

Her report is the latest in a series of investigations following the publication of the Jay Report in August 2014.

Prof Alexis Jay found an estimated 1,400 children had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.

Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated.

Staff at the council did not report issues for fear of appearing racist, Ms Casey's report found.

But the investigators said that by failing to take action against the abusers of Pakistani heritage, the council had "inadvertently fuelled the far right and allowed racial tensions to grow".

The report added that the lack of action had done a great disservice to the Pakistani community.

Two investigations by Commons committees have been launched since the Jay Report was published and a number of high-profile figures have resigned including Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire's police and crime commissi... who had been a councillor in the town and responsible for children's services.

Roger Stone, the chief executive Martin Kimber and the council's director of children's services Joyce Thacker also quit.

"There were various meetings...they were saying if there was anyone found to be dead if would be me"

Mr Wright also refused to be interviewed for Ms Casey's report and sent a statement saying he had been unaware of the extent of the abuse.

The National Crime Agency has taken over the investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and is in the preliminary stage of its inquiry.

Last month, Ofsted admitted to the Communities and Local Government Committee that its inspections of children's services in the town had been "not good enough".

Inspectors from the regulator failed to spot the extent of child sexual exploitation in the town over several years, rating the council as adequate.

Meanwhile, police watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating 10 South Yorkshire Police officers over their handling of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

We aren't hearing anything about places like Bradford, Blackburn, Leicester or Birmingham because in those towns/cities the muslims have such control nothing is getting out.  Rotherham is being scape-goated because the people who are going to be resigning are not going to be muslims.  

Yes.  But there is still hope that an external body could be sent in to inspect, as happened to Herr Rahman in Tower Hamlets.

And what did the politically-correct Quislings say?  "It's nothing to do with islam".

Here's the list of names from the above Halifax report.

HEDAR ALI, 35, of Nantwich, Cheshire. He is charged with rape (x2) and trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation (x2)

FASIL MAHMOOD, 35, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 and supply of a class B Drug

ZAMEER ASIF, 24, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child

MOHAMMED RAMZAN, 34, of Bradford. He is charged with Conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16, rape and trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

KHALID ZAMAN, 37, of Bradford. He is charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16, rape (x2) and supply of a class B drug

ATAF ALI, 32, of Bradford. He is charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16 and voyeurism.

MOHAMMED FIAZ ASKAR, 32, of Bradford. He is charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16

AESAN PERVEZ, 26, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual assault (x3)

MANSOOR AKHTAR, 23, of Huddersfield. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 (x2) and the supply of a class B drug.

FURQAAN GHAFAR, 30, Derby. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16

AFTAB HUSSAIN, 35, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual grooming, sexual assault and sexual activity with a child under 16 (x2)

TALIB SADDIQ, 29, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 (x2)

AMAAR ALI DITTA, 25, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 (x2)

SIKANDER MALIK, 30, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16

AKBAR AZIZ HUSSAIN, 29, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 and supply of a class B drug

AZEEM SUBHANI, 23, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 (x2)

TAHIR MAHMOOD, 42, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 (x3) and sexual assault

MOHAMMED AHMED, 41, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16

HAARIS AHMED, 31, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 (x3) and supply of a class B drug (x3)

TAUKEER BUTT, 29, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16 (x4)

ARSHAD MAJID, 24, of Shipley. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16

CHRISTOPHER MULQUEEN-BENNETT, 36, of Newport (Gwent). He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16.

MUHAMMED ASIM JANJUHA, 33, of Bradford. He is charged with rape.

HAIDER ALI, 39, of Halifax. He is charged with rape, sexual activity with a child under 16 and causing a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity without consent

SIKANDER ISHAQ, 30, of Halifax. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16.

Another of the lies of the Quisling Left: "religious muslims don't groom children for sex"

Kilburn supporter of hate preacher Anjem Choudary admits grooming girl, 15, over Facebook

Mansoor Miah, of Hilgrove Road, Kilburn, invited the underage teenager to meet him for sex at a hotel in Kent, in November 2013.

The 21-year-old, who works as a sales assistant in Tesco in Brent Cross, also swapped lewd photos with the youngster and pleasured himself in front of the teen via webcam.

Southwark Crown Court heard the child’s mother was alerted after her daughter’s school reported online contact between the pupil and Miah.

Miah retweets several messages from Anjem Choudary including one just three days before his arrest on June 25 last year, which begins: ‘Which Muslim wouldn’t want to live in the Khilafah, ie Islamic ruling system...’

Today in court he admitted attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.

Misplaced political correctness by Rotherham’s Labour led council combined with a staggering culture of denial allowed more than 1,400 vulnerable girls to be routinely abused by gangs of Asian men, a withering report has concluded.

Children as young as nine were groomed, trafficked and raped by members of the town’s Pakistani community, but a desperation to avoid being labelled as racist meant councillors turned a blind eye to the appalling abuse for 16 years.

A damning report, written by former Victims’ Commissioner, Louise Casey, has laid bare the true extent of the council’s failings and accused those in charge of deliberately trying to cover up scandal and silence whistle-blowers.

"Misplaced"?  The entire point of PC is to stop people from thinking independent thoughts.


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